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Do you work on an Multiplayer, you can join via steam ?
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Planet Centauri  [developer] Jan 4 @ 12:01am 

It's work yes but not via steam yet.

You have a tutorial here :

For the player who want host the game :
1. Do a portforwarding on your modem (the one you want)
2. Check your ip and share it to the others players (give also the number of the port you have open, 7777 or wathever)

If you want more information about how open port of your modem, check on google/youtube at "port forwarding" + (the model/brand of your modem)

You can also use the software Evolve (and don't have anymore to open port of your modem)

if you still have troubles, tell me where and send me also your brand name/version of your modem because somes modems who use LTE routers probably won't let you do a port forward.

Have a good day
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