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The Ship: Remasted

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[BG] Ewan  [developer] Feb 15, 2016 @ 6:36am
How to Report a Bug: Technical
Please follow these guidelines when reporting a new issue, to ensure it can be addressed properly by the team. A new topic should be created for each individual bug - this will help us close duplicate threads and reply appropriately when your issue has been fixed.

Your topic title should include different information, depending on what problem you are experiencing. Please include your Output Log (for these issues as it may not be possible for us to track down the cause of the issue without the information provided in this file:

1. Close the game immediately
2. Open your Output Log* (see below for location)
3. Copy all the text in the file
4. Paste into Pastebin -
5. Copy the link provided after clicking the Create New Paste button
6. Include the link in your post

* Located at:
Windows: ...steamapps\common\The Ship Remasted\TheShipRemasted_Data\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Blazing Griffin/The Ship Remasted/Player.log

We also would like your System Information, which can be located in the Steam Client > Help > System Information.

See also:
How to Report a Bug: Gameplay
How to Report a Bug: Visual

Game Setup
If you cannot start or join a new game the tag [Game Setup] should be used. Example:
  • [Game Setup] Cannot start a server

You’re playing the game and suddenly it just closes! Include the tag [Crash] and what you were doing at the time. Please mention whether this only happened once or multiple times. Examples:
  • [Crash] Attempted to kill my quarry and the app closed
  • [Crash] Using showers causes the app to close

During multiplayer games, you may be booted/kicked to the main menu without explanation. If this happens please close the game and copy your Output Log immediately. Topics should be tagged with [Disconnect] and include information about what you were doing. Examples:
  • [Disconnect] Kicked during a game of Hunt when a new round started
  • [Disconnect] Kicked after being killed by quarry

Please use the tag [Performance] for general performance issues or low FPS not caused by a specific map. These should be placed in the General Feedback sub-forum. You should include your system information (accessible from Steam > Help > System Information) with performance related reports. Examples:
  • [Performance] Frame rate drops from 60 to 30 when more than 10 people are in game
  • [Performance] Big drop in performance when players leave the game

Include the tag [Options] for anyhthing that is not updating correctly when chosen through the Video, Audio, Keyboard and Mouse Settings. Examples:
  • [Options] Cannot run game in windowed mode
  • [Options] Audio settings do not update
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