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[BG] Keliber 2016年3月29日上午5:50
FAQs - The Ship: Remasted
What engine does it use?
We’re using Unity.

Will there be Steam Workshop integration?
We’re really excited about the prospect of player-created content for The Ship! This is something else we’d like to do, but won’t be able to do for launch. As we work through this project we will be adding the hooks to possibly enable Workshop integration at a later date, but whether or not we’re able to do that will depend on how the game is initially received by players. Several players have already been working on new content for the existing game and there’s an ongoing discussion on the Steam Community about modding.

What changes other than graphical improvements?
One of the areas that will be notably different is the UI. We won’t got into too much detail right now (more to follow later in the year), but our team have been busy. Our Design team has read through all the reviews for The Ship on Steam (all 4k+ of them!) and a few ongoing feedback discussion threads and based on this we’ve reworked the UI into something a bit cleaner and simpler to use. And pretty, very pretty.

Will you take on player suggestions for content and features?
We certainly pay attention to anything that’s said in reviews and on the forums and also have an internal procedure in place to filter that feedback into the system. Obviously not everything can make its way into the final game, but we do like to be flexible and have a degree of transparency with these things. If you have something to say, then please do so!

What's the price?
$20. There will be a 25% discount for owners of the original game.

Will there be a single player mode?
There are no plans to recreate the original single player game with The Ship: Remasted – the project is focused on the multiplayer game. If it looks like there’s a significant demand from players here, then we’ll certainly take that on board for future project planning.

However, there is an Arcade Mode (single player v bots).

Will there be DLC in the future?
There’s nothing specific planned right now, but it’s certainly likely if the game does as well as we hope it will.

Will you support the game after launch?
Absolutely! We have been limited to what we can do to support the old Ship (we don’t have a technical licence to make changes), but The Ship: Remasted will be fully supported.

Will there be trading cards and achievements?
Yes, at some point. More details on this when we have them.

What happened to The Ship: Full Steam Ahead?
Well, after the Kickstarter was unsuccessful, the project was essentially shelved and our attentions eventually turned to The Ship: Remasted. However, the concept isn’t dead and has evolved somewhat over the years. Stay tuned.

What’s been done to retain the atmosphere of the original game?
Well pretty much everything is ported across, so it will be very familiar. All the artwork has had a makeover and in a few situations we've changed things where we thought it would fit in the era a bit better. Cash machines for example - didn't exist in the 1920's! So we've revamped that model into something more fitting with the rest of the decor.

Our art team have made a point doing a lot of research into era specific styles before work began on the project - it's important that it's all still "ship" but also retains the atmosphere of the period.

A couple of examples of this:

Bots have been rebuilt from scratch and are currently live, albeit in an early iteration. We're currently taking feedback from players and looking at ways to improve on these.

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The Ship: Remasted > Welcome! > 主题详情
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