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Lee's Guide to Banning Murder Party Poopers
With the release of player management comes a number of player commands to ban and kick players. This is a list of different commands the host and clients can use. Pressing ` in game will bring up the console.

Client Commands

Bringing up the in-game menu (Esc by default) will give the Call a Vote option. Use this to start a vote to change map, change game mode and kick players.

Server Commands

If you have access to the dedicated server console or are hosting a Lan or Listen server, you can use the following commands:

  • Change_level <Level Name> : This command will changes the level.
    Example change_level Andrea_Doria will change the current map to Andrea Doria

  • Banid_ steamname <steamname> <time> : Bans the specific player for x amount of time.
    Example banid_steamname [BG] Lee 5 will ban me for 5 minutes (entering 0 will result in a permanent ban).

  • Banid_playerid <playerid> <time> : Same as above, only using the in game player idea (found using playerinfo command) instead of the steam name.

  • Listid : lists all the players currently banned on the server, their index location and how long they are banned for.

  • Removeid_index <index> : unbans the player using their location on the ban list (found using listid).
    Example removeid_index 5 will unban the player in the 6th slot of the listid (numbering starts at 0)

  • Removeid_all : clears the banlist, unbanning all players.

The following commands are extra commands to tweak the server settings without restarting the server:

  • Ship_kick_ban_minutes <time> : Changes the time players are automatically kicked for.
    Example: ship_kick_ban_minutes 5 will ban players who are automatically kicked for 5 minutes.

  • Ship_kick_cash_warning <amount> : Changes the bank balance when the player receives a warning message.
    Example: Ship_kick_cash_warning -5000 will warn the player when they reach -5000 in the bank they may be kicked if they continue

  • Ship_kick_cash <amount> : Bank balance when players are automatically kicked. Example: ship_kick_cash -7000 will kick players when they reach -7000 in the bank. Note: If this value is set lower than the warning value, players will only be kicked when they reach the warning value.

  • Ship_kick_innocent_kills_warning <amount> : Number of innocent kills before the player is warned they may be kicked if they continue.
    Example ship_kick_innocent_kills_warning 1 will warn the player after 1 innocent kill.

  • Ship_kick_innocent_kills <amount> : Number of innocent kills before the player is automatically kicked.
    Example: Ship_kick_innocent_kills 2 will kick a player after 2 innocent kills. Note: If this value is lower than the innocent kills warning then the server will only kick the player after they receive the warning.

  • Ship_kick_warning_time <amount> : amount of time in seconds between the player reaching their kick limit and actually being kicked. They will be placed in jail during this time.

  • Ship_kick_vote_ban_minutes <amount> : Length of time a player is banned for after being voted to kick from the server. (must be between 10 - 999)

  • Ship_vote_pause_time_seconds <amount> : Amount of time the vote lasts ship_kick_vote_ban_minutes 30 will set the vote to last for 30 seconds
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