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Carpe 2013年7月10日下午10:12
All the achievements done! Thought they were failrly well done. Achievo Post-Mortem.
I liked some of the oddball achievements in there. It got me to seek out dialogue I would've otherwise missed. I really enjoyed the ghost story one. Finding the figments here and there got frustrating, but with the help of some guides it finally clicked and was easy.

I have recently gotten a knack for trying to complete achievements. I feel like I'm getting 100% out of the game when/if I complete them, and I can at least say I tried. But there are a lot of things packed into these games. I figure developers take some time to create achievements that motivate players to experience every nook and cranny, and I can appreciate that.

Just wondering what your thoughts were on these achievos. Are you going to do them all?
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Leonard 2013年7月11日上午2:10 
I have them all unlocked since a few days and thought it was challenging but possible.Also,did you get the secret achievment? :P
A Pimp Named Jeb 2013年7月11日上午8:17 
theres a secret achiev?
Leonard 2013年7月11日上午10:38 
buy something at the 25th of december
NotTheBees 2013年7月11日上午10:40 
I never would have thought to do anything with Mr. Pokeylope if it had not been for the achievement.
Leonard 2013年7月11日上午10:44 
me too had to do the whole game again(but i also wanted to get the other achievment
Carpe 2013年7月11日上午11:07 
Yea I changed my computer's date for the Christmas one.
bran_19 2013年7月11日下午2:05 
So you buy something from Ford's store or somewhere else? Also, any tips for the punchy game?
Leonard 2013年7月11日下午2:44 
fom ford's store at the main lodge
Carpe 2013年7月11日下午2:46 
引用自 Albstockbran_19
So you buy something from Ford's store or somewhere else? Also, any tips for the punchy game?

For the game; don't move the camera. The green baby signs you can see the color if you pay attention from any angle. Also there's sections in the later levels of it where you shouldn't be pausing between punches, it's gotta' flow!
crazyaaryn 2013年7月11日下午4:22 
Definitely one of the better games for achievements. Most enjoyable ones I've done in the past year.
Grok 2013年7月11日下午5:14 
Approximately how many hours did it take?
Carpe 2013年7月11日下午5:15 
引用自 Gargory
Approximately how many hours did it take?

~20 hours. One play through if you put priority onto the achievements that are missable.
Grok 2013年7月11日下午5:17 
To get 100%? Wow, you're much faster than I.
Carpe 2013年7月11日下午5:18 
I used some guides to find missing figments, vaults, and cobwebs. I could imagine without much guide help, you could easily get 30-50 hrs.
unclghost 2013年7月11日下午6:30 
Can you return to the punching minigame in basic braining? I've gone back to it but it's all just empty and there's no button to start it. Does that mean I beat everything in it already or do you have to get it all during the first go-through? (I haven't looked at my game in several months so it's possible I already fully beat the minigame, but I don't remember.)
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