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Devdan  [developer] May 8, 2016 @ 4:05pm
Action Alien - Changelog & Updates
There have been a lot of improvements and fixes since the initial release of the game and more updates may still come in the future. While I couldn't list all of them, I am summing up here the main ones.

10 December 2016
- Fixed a bug where pick-able objects would sometimes fly over a long distance when bumped by aliens.
- Fixed a bug when an alien which failed to spawn would sometimes be counted as spawned.
- Improved AI path finding on the petrol station map due to aliens sometimes being stuck when passing around cliffs.
- Added head bobbing to improve immersion.
- Updated some informations in the menu of the game.
- Updated the splash screen and intro video.

03 October 2016
- Fixed the achievement "Wasteland Tycoons" where the credits count was sometimes not updated.

08 May 2016
- Fixed the credits not earned when completing a map to the end due to the 7 May 2016 update.

07 May 2016
- Fixed the credits points not earned when skipping the score counting.
- Fixed some animations issues when throwing grenades.
- Fixed the damages particles of the wood props on the tropical survival map.
- Improved some textures.

01 May 2016
- Added 2 maps with the new survival game mode.
- Fixed a graphic issue with translucent textures.
- Added small ammo boxes for the grenade launcher on the survival maps.
- Added support for xbox-like controller.
- Changed the title from "The Alien Wasteland" to "Action Alien" due to a trademark issue.

09 April 2016
- Added credits earned when defeating aliens.
- Added the perks system.
- Added the upgraded and golden weapons.
- Added Steam achievements
- Added Steam trading cards
- Added support for the Steam cloud

26 November 2015
- Graphics improvements and optimisations for the "Tropical Islands" and "The Wasteland" maps.
- Completely redesigned graphics and gameplay of the "Petrol Station" map with destructible environments.
- Redesigned the alien horde AI.
- Removed the petrol can as a weapon.
- Added an optimised collision system for the foliages.
- Added more weapons on the maps.
- Improved AI path nodes.
- Added more effects and sounds for the destructible environments.
- Added a lot of tweaks and settings in the menu.

21 October 2015
- Added a complete new map "The Wasteland".
- Improved the graphics.
- Improved and added more destructible environments.
- Improved the AI of the aliens and their path finding to make them more unpredictables.
- Aliens can now jump higher and break walls and roofs to reach the player.
- Added more musics.

24 September 2015
- Added a complete new map "Tropical Islands".
- Added the destructible environments.
- Added the foot kick.
- Added the ability to display the current objectives and screen indicators by pressing Tab.
- Weapons and items are now laying on the ground instead of floating.
- Weapons laying on the ground are now blinking to be more easily found.
- Replaced the various ammo boxes by big crates full of ammo to replenish the ammo stock of all weapons.
- Improved the AI of the aliens and added more behaviours like roaming, hunting, rushing ,etc ...
- Rewrote the aliens waves system.
- Added more musics.

04 July 2015
- Lowered the mouse sensitivity (will later add ability to tweak it in-game)
- Added support for arrow keys controls, you can now use arrow keys to move, right Maj for sprinting and right Ctrl for jumping.
- Lowered the health of the first alien boss.
- Added more health to the third alien boss.
- Changed the configuration of the waves so now aliens will always be coming from all sides of the map excepted when there is a boss.

30 June 2015
- Fixed the aliens' AI who had sometime troubles getting on roofs.
- Fixed the bug where aliens were still growling after being killed.
- Fixed the high rate of footsteps sounds when running unarmed or with the baseball bat.
- Added stamina to the baseball bat to prevent infinite smashing.
- Lowered the damage range of the baseball bat.
- Added wood crates under spawned weapons to make them more distinguishable.
- Tweaked the waves so that the aliens will come from all sides of the map during the first 3 waves.
- Lowered the friendly damages inflicted by grenades.
- Added more in-game tips.

29 June 2015
- Fixed the weapons and items which could be duplicated and stuck in the inventory if thrown very quickly or with the wrong button.
- Fixed the event who wasn't called when the player dies, resulting in not displaying the scores and preventing to get back to the menu.
- Made possible to skip the intro scene using space bar so when you play the game again, you don't have to bother with the intro.
- Added a lot of tips to be displayed in-game to understand the gameplay mechanics.
- Aliens' ragdolls physics has been fixed, however it does still need to be improved.
- Enlarged the collision behind the car.
- Changed the controls so to drop you current weapon use RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON instead of "T", and petrol cans can be dropped using both buttons of the mouse
- You can now carry only one rifle or machine gun in your inventory, in addition of the pistol and the baseball bat.
Edited the tutorial screen displayed at the beginning of the game

26 June 2015
- Initial release
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