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not_Queen_bhvr  [developer] Sep 6, 2017 @ 12:08pm
Game ban rules and how to report players - New softban system
Hello, good people of the fog!

We have a squad of heavily armed Community Moderators, as well as an updated in-game report system ready to get rid of those, who make the gaming experience in Dead by Daylight miserable for everyone.

And with your help and reports, we will be able to punish them.
Here’s all you need to know about ban reasons and how to efficiently file a report.
Use the in-game report system only.

List of bannable offenses - Permanent ban

  1. Achievement hacks
    Using 3rd party software to tamper with Dead by Daylight achievements in any way. Unlocking, locking, clearing them off – all of this is prohibited.

  2. Hacking in-game exclusives/Legacy skins
    Acquiring any kind of in-game skin a player isn’t supposed to have.
    Legacy cutoff happened on November 24th, 2016. If player has received Legacy skins anytime after that, it is considered hacking (3rd party software/expanding Legacy cutoff time/loading up a savefile, etc.)
    Video of this person in a hacked skin (and you opening the profile to ensure it’s theirs) is mandatory.

  3. Botting
    Killer spawns and stays at one place, hitting air the whole time. He doesn’t move or change the hit pattern even if gates are opened and some of the Survivors are already gone. Video of the match (showing the tally screen is crucial) is mandatory.

  4. Hacked progress
    Using 3rd party software or any other way to hack amount of BP in the game. Or loading up any savefile except from your own backup (any savefile – from previously banned account, from a friend, your savefile from BETA, etc.)

  5. Threats
    Excessive threats (DOX threats, life threats, disclosing private information, etc.)

  6. Other hacks
    Using 3rd party software or other tools to gain any kind of unfair advantage wasn’t intended by the game, except if they have been whitelisted by us. Heavy proof and a video recording is mandatory.

    If you wish to appeal your permanent ban, please contact the support team at

List of bannable offenses | Temporary ban

  1. Harassment: Communication Abuse
    • Insults, intimidation, hateful speech, repeated harassment
    • Multiplatform harassment (Steam/Twitter/Facebook, Twitch etc.) – These are exceptional cases, if you go all the way to do this, you will be banned for 48 hours right away, skipping the 24 hours ban.

  2. Greifing: Intentional gameplay abuse
    • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates
    • Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
    • Holding the game hostage

  3. Exploits: Abusing bugs or errors in design to gain a competitive advantage
    • Showing exploits on stream / advertising exploits in any form
    • Exploit bugs, errors in design or undocumented features to gain access to what would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage

  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Disconnects and/or Rage quitting – no report needed. We’re using our backend analytics to flag and ban players who are constantly disconnecting/leaving the game.
    • Lag switching

Temporary bans escalation
  • 24 hours for the first ban;
  • 48 hours for the second ban;
  • 1 week for the third ban;
  • After that, you will be banned permanently.
If you go way out of the line, you may receive a 48 hours or a 1 week ban straight away,
if the team decides that the offense was really harmful.

There will be no ban appeal option available for temporary bans.
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