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bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 24, 2016 @ 10:12am
1.2.2b Patch & Hotfixes [Edited November 28th]
Good day to you Survivors and Killers! Today we’re patching the game in preparation for the Halloween Chapter which is soon to be released. Along with paving the way to the DLC we’re also introducing some cool new features and fixes for everyone to enjoy.

See you in the Fog!

Art – Added a new visual FX to indicate the exit’s collision from the killer’s perspective
Audio - Added two new musics that play when in proximity of the killer or during a chase
Audio - Added four new songs from the soundtrack to the menu music sequence
Controls – Changed the killer break pallet interaction from Attack (M1) to Interact (Space)
Feature – Added a new in-game currency rewarded based on play time, for use in the Shrine of Secrets (Iridescent Shards) (refer to the dev message below for more details)
Feature – Added the Shrine of Secrets (refer to the dev message below for more details)
Misc – Added Thai Localization Support (to confirm)
UI – Added a new color scheme to perks in the HUD to indicate Buffs & Debuffs effects from other players
UI – Adjusted “Cheater Detected” error message to reflect the proper error and error code (will facilitate support for these issues)
UI – Revamped the Character Selection & Loadout UI

Added randomization of pallet spawning inside the Asylum
Adjusted generator interaction progress while multiple survivors are working simultaneously on one
Adjusted Matchmaking for Survive With Friends to be based on the average rank of the group (instead of the host’s rank)
Adjusted random Map selection to have an equal distribution of Maps instead of Locations
Adjusted skill check difficulty (zones have been reduced) and removed success bonus in “good” zone (only “great” skill checks will provide a progress bonus)
Adjusted the height of the survivor’s collision capsule (made smaller)
Adjusted the hook selection mechanism to be location based instead of killer based (hooks will now match the map location instead of the killer)
Adjusted the “Insidious” Perk Conditions to not trigger when the killer performs interactions
Adjusted the Wraith visuals to make him more difficult to see
Adjusted vault snapping speed and added angle cut-off for the different type of vaults
Changes to the Maze Tiles (aka “jungle gyms”) have been removed (from patch 1.1.2d)
Integrated a new vault animation for second floor (or off the ground) windows for killers (prevents them from dropping mid-way through the interaction)
Reduced the Wraith sound loudness while cloaked
The Wraith does not trigger crows anymore when cloaked
The Unrelenting Perk attack cooldown reduction has been increased for all tier

Fixed an issue causing a sync problem between the server and clients if a survivor would stun the killer while he pulls out a survivor out of a locker
Fixed an issue causing incorrect or no sounds to be played upon hitting various surfaces
Fixed an issue causing Nea to play an incorrect facial animation during Unlock Exit & Healing interaction
Fixed an issue causing players to use the wrong loadout when switching characters (it would be possible to use the loadout from the previous character)
Fixed an issue causing some daily rituals to appear as completed even though they are not
Fixed an issue causing survivors to appear as Level 0 in Kill Your Friends lobbies
Fixed an issue causing survivors to hear their own screams while in injured state with the “Iron Will” Perk equipped
Fixed an issue causing the bear trap to play the trapped sound effect when picked up
Fixed an issue causing the Commodious Toolbox repair to be the same speed as the Engineer’s Toolbox
Fixed an issue causing the progress for the “Way of Light” ritual to not apply if getting interrupted while opening the exit gate
Fixed an issue causing the survivor to visually detach from the killer’s shoulder while the killer hits a surface by attacking
Fixed an issue making it impossible for a survivor to get trap in a bear trap while another survivor would attempt to disarm it
Fixed an issue making it possible for a survivor bloodweb to contain killer content
Fixed an issue making it possible for a survivor to climb up a collision by crouching
Fixed an issue making it possible for objects (generators, hooks, etc) to spawn outside of the boundaries of levels in the Macmillan Estate
Fixed an issue making it possible for the Trapper to pick up traps through walls
Fixed an issue making it possible to use a killer’s power on the tally screen
Fixed an issue making it possible to use the flashlight through walls
Fixed an issue making it impossible to share The Last Breath Chapter through family sharing (both characters are unlocked by default)
Fixed an issue causing the killer’s attacks on Asylum wall to not cause the hit-fail reaction
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bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 24, 2016 @ 10:17am 
Shrine of Secret and Iridescent Shards
Even though it won’t activate until later this month, the Shrine of Secret and the Iridescent Shards are making their debut in this patch.

In the Shrine of Secrets, you are able to purchase Teachable perks using a new currency named Iridescent Shards. Each week, 4 teachable perks will be available to purchase. Every 7 days, a new rotation of teachable perks will be chosen at random from the pool of all the unique perks in the game. Act fast if you want to collect them as no one knows how much time it’ll take before they reappear. Here is a bit more information on how the system works:
  • Shrine of Secret perks are purchased with Iridescent Shards only.
  • Iridescent Shards are earned by playing Ranked matches, shards are not earned in the Kill Your Friends mode.
  • When a perk is purchased from the Shrine of Secrets, it is removed from the market, but not replaced until the end of the rotation.
  • All perks in the market are “Teachable”. This means that purchasing it unlocks it for the Bloodweb of every Survivor or Killer.
  • If a player already has unlocked one of the perks available for purchase, buying this perk again from the Shrine of Secrets will instead grant 25k Bloodpoints.
  • All players/characters have the same perk rotation.
We’re excited about the Shrine of Secrets and are looking forward to reading your comments about it.

See you in the Fog!
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 25, 2016 @ 9:02am 
1.2.1 Patch Notes
Survivors and killers, we are happy to introduce exciting new content in this patch. The new location and the obsession mechanic changes the dynamic of how we’re used to play the game. Note that following content is accessible and free to everyone.

Content – Added a new location (Haddonfield)
Content – Added a new map for Haddonfield (Lampkin Lane)
Content – Added a new offering that allows to play as Michael Myers (appears on killers’ bloodwebs if you do not own the associated DLC) (refer to the dev message below for more details)
Feature – Added the new Obsession Mechanic (refer to the dev message below for more details)

Fixed an issue causing map calling tremendous offerings to have no effect
Fixed an issue making it possible for a killer to hook a survivor instantly from the ground if picked up under a hook
Fixed missing text for the Enduring Perk ("Recovery from physical stun condition caused by perks is increased by 20%" added)
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 25, 2016 @ 9:03am 
Obsession Gameplay
In 1.2.1 we’re introducing game mechanics built around what most homicidal maniacs have: an Obsession. When a survivor or a killer plays an item, add-on, perk or offering that triggers this rule, one survivor is tagged as the killer obsession for the match. Here is more information on how the Obsession is assigned and how it is shown in game:
  • When a killer or a survivor equip an Obsession item, add-on, perk or offering an Obsession is assigned for that match.
  • If no Obsession item, add-on, perk or offering is present in the match there is no Obsession.
  • If a killer has an Obsession perk or addon and no survivors have an Obsession perk equipped the Obsession is assigned randomly.
  • If a survivor has an Obsession perk they will have priority on being the Obsession.
  • If multiple survivors have Obsession perks the Obsession will be randomly assigned between those with Obsession perks.
  • The Obsession and the Killer have the Obsession highlighted in the survivor status HUD. The other survivors do not have an indication of who the Obsession is.
  • The Obsession gameplay is dependent on which perks are being used in that match. Check out the new Myers and Laurie perks to see the different Obsession gameplays.

The Obsession is basically a condition which triggers various situational effects. Will you kill your Obsession first or will you keep the best for last? Will you make the ultimate sacrifice and choose to be the obsession?

See you in the Fog!

The Black Splinter
The black splinter is a new type of black offering that allows you to try out the paid Content. Here is more info on the black splinter:
  • There is a new offering that can be found on all Killers’ Bloodwebs if you do not own the Halloween DLC.
  • The Black Splinter gives you the opportunity to play Michael Myers in Ranked play.
  • You cannot use the Black Splinter in the mode Kill Your Friends.
  • Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards earned during the use of the Black Splinter are awarded as usual.

"He came home!" - Dr. Sam Loomis
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 26, 2016 @ 8:12am 
1.2.1a Patch Notes

Fixed an issue making it impossible to successfully stalk a survivor with The Shape at certain resolutions
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Oct 27, 2016 @ 12:07pm 
1.2.1b Patch Notes

Added a new Halloween themed head customization item for Trapper, Wraith, and Hillbilly

Added an effect to the “Object of Obsession” Perk if the wielder of the perk is not the obsession (similar effect, shorter range)

Added a forced save of the game after a perk has been bought in the Shrine of Secret
Adjusted Chase & Proximity music levels
Fixed an issue making it impossible to jump down from a roof through fence gaps in Haddonfield
Fixed an issue making it impossible to navigate behind a specific bench in Haddonfield because of a rock too close to an hedge
Fixed an issue making it possible for The Shape to stalk survivors inside closets
Fixed an issue making it possible to jump on top of the Cabin building in Haddonfield
Fixed an issue that caused a barrel to spawn underneath a hook in MacMillan Estate
Fixed an issue that caused chases to end when entering Stalking mode with The Shape
Fixed an issue that caused Laurie Strode’s voice to be Meg’s
Fixed an issue that caused some Med-Kit Add-Ons to affect Self-Care and other interactions
Fixed an issue that caused The Shape tier 3 kill action to consume a Memento Mori kill
Readjusted game audio balance (this will cause a reduction in general volume)
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bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 7, 2016 @ 8:37am 
1.2.1c Patch Notes

Fixed a few in-game crashes
Fixed an issue causing the camera to clip through survivor’s heads while opening the exit gates
Fixed an issue making it possible for players to be able to randomly go through one another (temporarily having no collisions between specific players)
Fixed an issue making it possible to push survivors away from hooks
Fixed an issue making it possible to stalk survivors after they have escaped the level
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 14, 2016 @ 6:27am 
1.2.1d Patch Notes

Added a cooldown period (after losing or gaining a charge) before a killer can gain an additional charge for the “Play With Your Food” Perk
Added an additional modifier to the “Vanity Mirror” The Shape Add-On that slightly decreases the movement speed
Reduced the maximum recovery percentage to 85% (down from 95%)
The “Play With Your Food” speed increase bonus was adjusted to 3%/4%/5% (down from 5%/6%/7%)
The “Tinkerer” Perk now affects 3 additional Add-Ons for The Shape (“Judith’s Journal”, “Memorial Flower”, “J. Myers Memorial”)
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 17, 2016 @ 8:35am 
1.2.1e Patch Notes
Added support for fixed duration blood points bonus events

Adjusted accumulation of stalking points to be the same for any number of stalked survivors (simultaneously stalking multiple survivors does not increase the speed at which stalking points increase)
Adjusted the minimum distance between bear traps to 1.5 meters (up from 0.6 meters)

Fixed an issue causing blood points to sometimes start counting from a negative value in the Tally screen
Modified the process of joining lobbies which results in reduced time to join a lobby after a game has been found

Welcome to the Blood Hunt!
During the Blood Hunt the Entity rewards you with double Bloodpoints!
The Blood Hunt starts on Friday the 18th at Midnight (00:00 UTC) and ends on Tuesday the 22nd at Midnight (00:00 UTC).

Don’t miss this opportunity, especially since it’s your last chance to get the special prestige outfits (see below for more info).

See you in the fog.

Updated Progression & Legacy Prestige
Something is changing in the Bloodweb.

People of the fog,
On November 24th, changes to the progression will be integrated and available to you. This revised progression is put in place to speed up the progression of your characters dramatically.

  • Reduced amount of nodes in the Bloodweb for faster leveling up.
  • Revised perk appearances to allow multiple perks on one Bloodweb.
  • On a Bloodweb with multiple perks, carefully choose which perk you want as the Entity will always eat the other one.
  • Other balances such as odds of appearance and content distribution.

Note that you won’t lose any progress on your current Bloodwebs. You’ll see the changes only once you level up and a new Bloodweb is generated.

As promised, here is your one week last call to get your character prestiged to unlock this special prize. The Deadline is on November 24th 0:00 UTC. Here is how it’s going to work:
  • For each prestige unlocked on a character, receive one Entity Touched prestige.
  • The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly and The Nurse are eligible for the Entity Touched prestige.
  • Dwight, Claudette, Meg, Jake and Nea are eligible for the Entity Touched prestige.

Have fun and take full advantage of the Blood Hunt to get these unique customization pieces!
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bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 21, 2016 @ 5:31am 
1.2.1f Patch Notes
Fixed a crash that could happen when transitioning into a game.
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 25, 2016 @ 7:53am 
1.2.2 Patch Notes
Added Legacy Prestige Outfits in Customization View (currently locked until they are available)

Adjusted the Bloodweb generation to allow multiple perks on a single Bloodweb (the entity will always eat the remaining perk after the player selects one)
Reduced the amount of nodes per Bloodweb for faster leveling up of characters
Various other adjustments on Bloodweb generation (changing odds of appearance and content distribution)
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 25, 2016 @ 11:55am 
1.2.2a Patch Notes
Fixed an issue causing Legacy Prestige outfits to not be displayed in character customization
Fixed an issue causing the CGVA Mask to be available in the character customization
bhvr_sbdaniel  [developer] Nov 28, 2016 @ 10:07am 
1.2.2b Patch Notes
Adjusted the starting round of the entity on the bloodweb to round 5 for levels 25+ (up from 4)

Fixed decisive strike having no effect

Note: We are still investigating the issue where decisive strike is lost if used while getting drop. This simply reverts back to the state the perk was starting with patch 1.2.1)
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