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Drathy  [developer] Nov 25, 2017 @ 8:01pm
Beta 2.5 Changelog (Part 2)
Started a new thread for this as it has got so big. New changelog for beta 2.5 is as follows. Again, this is unsorted for now (and is subject to change).

Some of these aren't quite live yet (we are still working on pushing an update tonight or tomorrow to the development branch).

  • Added a multiplayer mode with casual/hardcore difficulty settings and a PVP option.
  • Added a new option that will add a confirmation dialog when using an item that is about to break.
  • Added many new items including some rare items, lore-related items and added all types of mortars and pestles.
  • Added a new mohawk hairstyle.
  • Bonuses are now granted for exceptional and remarkable items for stoking fire.
  • You can now hold down shift (rebindable) to turn directions without moving.
  • Skill hovers now reveal which stats each skill can increase.
  • You can now milk tamed goats. Your taming skill will reduce the amount happiness your goat will lose when being milked.
  • Added a new loot group for high level monsters that contains better loot (for their level).
  • Add two new milestones, "Weathered", and "Seasoned".
  • Water stills will now show their container is full when gathering is available.
  • Added cooling lava and obsidian tiles (with a new resource and new functionality).
  • Added a new ore type, along with all the craftable tools, armors and weapons associated with it.
  • Added ability to copy text in opened messages dialog.
  • Controlled fires (campfires, furnaces, etc.) will now last longer as they will eventually reduce to embers that can be re-stoked for normal functionality.
  • Arrows are now crafted with arrow shafts (making them lighter overall).
  • There are now 20 saves slots.
  • Added a resistance/vulnerability output for creatures with accuracy based on anatomy skill.
  • Creatures will now take offerings from the ground and become tamed.
  • Added location-based damage from burning sources. Feet and hand armor will now be used exclusively for certain fire sources.
  • "Protected Crafting Items" will now work for dismantling as well, and will no longer display protected items within the listing.
  • Uploading save games will now automatically create thumbnails based on an automatic screenshot of the last in-game view.
  • Added the "slithersucker". What could it be?
  • Added a new menu that automatically saves previous characters you've used, to use again or create new characters from.
  • Added a menu for viewing Steam news in-game.
  • Added new buttons in Options for removing save games, highscores, milestones, characters, resetting unlocked crafting recipes, resetting all bindings to defaults, and resetting options to defaults.
  • The character creator now requires characters to have names (with random default era-accurate names). The characters' names now appear in the highscores list.
  • Added a "Quick Settings" menu for quickly accessing commonly changed gameplay settings.
  • Added new binds for moving towards the mouse, facing towards the mouse, facing directionals, toggling an item in a quickslot, clearing an item from its quickslot, moving an item, toggling an item as equipment, toggling screenshot mode, and showing more information in tooltips. Also added bind support for navigating around the game's menus.
  • Added a starter quest that teaches the mechanics of left/right hand use.
  • Added "quickmove" binds to replace dropping into containers. You may quickmove items into a container you are facing, or quickmove items into the open container dialog.
  • Added a pause Menu when in game which pauses the game when in real-time turn mode. From it you may continue the game, return to the main menu, view the game options, and view multiplayer options for your world. Viewing the menu now has a separate bind from closing all dialogs.

  • Updated the controls system to allow multiple binds on the same bindable action, more press types (mouse left, right, middle, scroll up and down, etc), and ctrl, alt, shift modifiers along with any press.
  • Redesigned all menus, ranging from the save game screen, to the options screen, to interrupting screens such as loading, confirm, or input screens.
  • Action and item menus are now hidden when going into options/help/rename/confirmation screens.
  • When digging cave entrances, tiles and flooring on the other side now get dropped as items (instead of disappearing). (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed a white box that appeared briefly when loading Wayward.
  • Lighting fires with a torch no longer uses decay.
  • Animal skulls can now be dismantled into bone fragments.
  • Aberrant slimes will now split into other aberrant slimes 100% of the time. (Thanks Megan!)
  • You no longer require a set amount of food or water when travelling; however, you will use them as needed and may begin to starve and dehydrate if you do not have enough.
  • Fire elemental corpses are now animated.
  • Plants now have a chance to spread their quality on to their children plants.
  • Ranged attacks on to doodads will now damage them.
  • Walls will now count as obstacles for ranged attacks.
  • Fire elementals now have their own loot group of items.
  • Creatures will now pathfind further distances.
  • Added some missing tools to loot groups and potential starting items.
  • Aberrants no longer scale based on tactics/parrying bonuses from legendary items. (Thanks holyshield!)
  • Particle speed and decay is no longer based on framerate, which caused variability of speed on some machines.
  • You can now gather from growing (normal) grass.
  • Increased the spreading factor of normal grass by large amount. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • The mortar and pestle you must create in the Starter Quest can now be either stone, sandstone or wood.
  • Legendary items will no longer prevent skill gain (or effect skill gain chances) if your skill goes over 100%.
  • Added plant roots to wheat gathering to be consistent with other plants. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Modified creature health messages to refrain from using words like "healthy" to prevent things like "healthy zombies".
  • Anatomy revealed health messages for creatures now uses different language for low and moderate accuracy with verbiage such as "appears" and "seems".
  • Chives can now be harvested for seeds during the ripening stage and gathered during the budding stage.
  • Lava can now randomly turn to cooled lava (instead of ash previously). You will also now receive obsidian instead of ash on gather.
  • You can now pour out liquids into lava to cool or harden it.
  • Message in a bottles now have a chance to drop paper (and less of a chance to drop refined sand).
  • Added a binding for displaying more information within item tooltips, defaulting to Shift.
  • Tamed or named creatures no longer despawn. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Additional requirements are now specified in the item tooltips for disassembly.
  • Condensed messages when picking up all items in a stack.
  • Corpse tooltips are now condensed by grouping and count.
  • Plants will now produce damaged gatherables when being damaged (through trample/fire/throwing).
  • A confirmation screen will now appear when walking over traps if the warn on dangerous action is enabled.
  • Skullcaps now require a hammer to craft (instead of a rock).
  • Gathering and harvesting from damaged plants will now produce damaged items.
  • The "offer" action is no longer context sensitive and can be assigned without a facing a creature.
  • Delays of actions and quickslot usages are now consistent, speeding up many quickslot actions.
  • You will no longer receive a fire warning when moving into a doodad that is on fire if auto gather is disabled.
  • You will no longer receive hand damage when using hand armor/protection when gathering, digging, etc.
  • When being damaged by a creature while sleeping/resting, it is no longer considered persisting pain. (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Protected items using the "Protected Crafting Items" option will now be displayed within the item tooltip.
  • Items will now be checked that their disassembly items match a known recipe (so old items will transfer over to updated/new recipes from old saves).
  • Creatures will now try to move out of open fires.
  • Tilling or digging grass will now raise gardening instead of mining. (Thanks Aurion!)
  • Creatures that can spawn after the decay or durability has reached 0 on some items will now attempt to find any adjacent tile, instead of just a random one.
  • You are no longer able to water route directly from grass or other flooring tiles. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Improved the look of wooden doors and tilemapping on all walls.
  • The resource gathering hint will now only show for mature trees and rocks/sandstone.
  • Fixed up some confusing wording in the Starter Quest concerning building doodads, clicking items, and skewer use.
  • Blood will no longer be able to be placed on the same tile as other blood and will attempt to be placed at an adjacent tile.
  • Inksticks now use carbon powder for their recipe.
  • You can now "win" or complete the game multiple times and record the highscore, it will no longer simply return you to the main menu.
  • Added tabs to the options menu and reorganized the options.
  • Added sort options for mods.
  • Added messages for enabling/disabling hand usage.
  • Added binds for toggling developer mode, reloading the game, and toggling developer tools.
  • Changed interface scaling to be at specific multipliers, and locked the upscaling maximum to what can fit on the screen.
  • Added a randomize button to the character creation menu.
  • Added highscore places to highscores menu.
  • Added team artwork to the about menu.
  • Added support for enabling/disabling different types of tooltips. Added an option to show tooltips for terrain.
  • Daily challenge highscores now list the daily challenge date in their name.
  • You can now use a custom character in the daily challenge.
  • Saves by default now export with their name in the filename.
  • Added sort options for save slots.
  • Moved game options to a new menu with all the different game modes present when starting a new game, including a new turn-based/real-time options.
  • Added sort options for highscores.
  • Added new binds for zooming in and out.
  • The Starter Quest now asks for either stone or sandstone campfires and water still resources and crafting (instead of forcing stone).
  • Dropping an item now always drops the item. There are three settings for drop location: "Drop on Facing Tile", "Drop At Feet", and "Drop At Feet When Facing Tile is Blocked".

  • Changed callback functions around the codebase to promise functions.
  • Updated Wayward to use TypeScript 2.6.
  • Added support for corpse animations.
  • Wayward will now automatically restore WebGL context when lost (due to crash).
  • Fixed slowed performance of tamed creature pathing to enemies.
  • Changed "Developer Logging" to "Developer Mode", and added "Original Version" to save tooltips when in developer mode.
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Drathy  [developer] Nov 25, 2017 @ 8:01pm 
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the message dialog (when expanded) could freeze item moving, causing item ghosting/duping.
  • Fixed the raft not producing any particles when paddling.
  • Fixed an oversight that set the Lava Beetle Helmet as 0.1 weight. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed the message text being red when healing tamed creatures. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed several cases on incorrect character cases in messages.
  • Fixed boglings becoming untamed instantly after offering them accepted items. (Thanks Megan!)
  • The stone anvil now uses stonecrafting and the iron anvil now uses blacksmithing. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed multiple "The fire around you is warm and comforting." messages from appearing when sleeping next to multiple fire sources. (Thanks tim!)
  • Fixed an old bug that prevented flying creatures from spawning on top of doodads that blocked normal movement. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed an issue where extinguishing a fire on top of a lit doodad that contained items on the tile would not actually extinguish it. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed an issue where weight was not being saved when picking up doodads that were built/placed. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed an incorrect message appearing when attempting to pack dirt. (Thanks tim!)
  • Fixed an issue where cods and blindfish would attempt to attack other creatures when tamed without any result. They not longer try to defend you. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed a bug that would produce a randomized legendary property on torches when picking them up from being built. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed an issue where players would appear to be walking on water when spawning on top of water (in casual mode).
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the dreads hairstyle while swimming.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused trees not to count as obstacles for ranged attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures would prefer going either left or right all the time.
  • Fixed flying creatures not appearing above trees when flying over them.
  • Fixed doodad disassembly data not getting saved when building/picking them back up. (Thanks RawCode!)
  • Fixed a bug that revealed trapdoor spiders via tooltips when they were on top of a doodad or item. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed an incorrect particle color that was set for grass.
  • Fixed many grammatical issues.
  • Fixed a bug that was not giving the correct chance for giving quality items from harvesting/gathering.
  • Fixed the "Navigator" and "Seafarer" milestones from not triggering. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Prevented the "Talented" milestone from showing with more than 1 decimal place.
  • Fixed an issue where drawn maps (that dropped as loot or created internally) were not being created with map information. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed the honey fungus description from being uncapitalized in the tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where destroying a plant while it was fire would not burn you.
  • Fixed an issue where using a quickslot hotkey would not trigger gathering confirmation dialogs (for gathering while on fire/destroying the plant).
  • Fixed a bug that granted full parry defense even when not duel wielding.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed you to gather water underneath a creature or a pile of items. (Thanks Megan!)
  • Fixed a bug where the trapping creature chance worked in reverse of skill gain. Yikes. (Thanks holyshield!)
  • Fixed a bug that did not update the game properly when extinguishing fires on top of fully grown plants or full water stills.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from lighting a pile of 12 items on fire. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue where the selected quick slot action did not keep a checkmark beside it when re-opening the item's menu. (Thanks Brad!)
  • Rabbits will now accept carrots, apples, lettuce and pineapples. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue where world tooltips were not refreshing when idling. (Thanks Lyceq!)
  • Added a fix that will verify item orders to prevent item corruption/duplication. (Thanks Onkel Herrmann!)
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting and gathering did not reveal hidden creatures.
  • Respawning will now reset trapped status so one movement is no longer cancelled after dying from a trap.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling left or right hands with the keybinds would not effect your hand usage when the equipment window was closed.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the gathering while on fire message when moving into a tree that was not grown yet and other edge cases.
  • Fixed another issue regarding milestones not updating when transmogrifying while equipped. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed a bug that was using mining skill to dictate tilling chance of success.
  • Fixed a bug that was not applying bonus decay based on skill and quality to crafted items with decay.
  • Fixed errors occurring when dying after consuming an item.
  • Dead trees can no longer be fertile. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Added in a fix and possible prevention for a bug that would corrupt the inventory of a player in rare instances. (Thanks Aurion!)
  • Fixed a bug where tamed creatures could attack you and be unreleasable when reloading a game. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue where dialog windows would clamp to your resolution incorrectly on the height axis. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed a bug that caused gathering at map edges to not damage the terrain.
  • Fixed a bug that did not produce particles or sound effects across world borders. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed the over-eating/hydration messages not showing the correct values. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow ponds or desert templates from spawning on world generation.
  • Fixed another issue where lit/animated doodads would sometimes show incorrect graphics (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue where old maps could be used in new worlds.
  • Disassemble recipes broken on some things? (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed mod customizations changing when exporting/importing characters or saves between installations where customization mods were installed in a different order.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed aberrant creatures to drop "Unknown" items. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed a bug where your crafts were not updated when breaking an item from attacking.

  • When using lava/cooling lava, it now has a chance to cool down or spread fire around.
  • Raspberries now quench 1 thirst.
  • Cods and blindfish now accept insect items as offering, but are harder to tame naturally.
  • Arrows now use cordage (instead of a full string), reducing their maximum weight.
  • Slings and bows now require two hands to fire/shoot.
  • The sand cast flask (and talcum) is now used specifically for metal items that would typically require a cast to create them. This also applies to wrought iron items now.
  • Increased base gathering success chances moderately.
  • Reduced the amount of iron per tile slightly.
  • Reduced the maximum fuel that can be placed on to torches.
  • Reduced aberrant damage slightly.
  • Trees will no longer alter their gathering drops based on quality. Other quality benefits will still apply.
  • Added a rare chance for quality of gathered/harvested resources to be one quality above what the plant was.
  • Destroying a plant when gathering with a tool will now damage the tool.
  • Player armor resistances are now scaled with increased aberrant damage, meaning less damage will be taken with resistant armors. The same is also applied for vulnerabilities in reverse.
  • Equipping two held items will now always add at least one defense from parrying.
  • You will no longer receive parrying skill bonuses while not dual wielding.
  • Increased minimum stone arrowhead weight (to be more inline with iron/wrought iron arrowhead weights).
  • More limestone will drop from each tile (up from 2 to 4).
  • Reduced chance of getting plant roots from grass tiles, and increased chance for grass to turn to dirt when gathering seeds.
  • Trap damage can now be negated by base/blunt defense. The skill damage reduction has been slightly lowered due to this.
  • Hobgoblin traps now do significantly more damage.
  • Offering items to aberrant creatures can now fail (based on skill).
  • Slightly decreased damage benefit from tactics.
  • Reduced the damage of all pickaxes and hoes.
  • Reduced the damage of all arrows and bullets due to new skill damage increase.
  • Increased damage benefit from archery/throwing skills (on top of tactics).
  • Increased the health of bears, sharks, grey wolves and sandcats slightly.
  • Increased the damage of most melee weapons.
  • Increased lava spawns within caves.
  • You can no longer gather wheat fully while it is flowering. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Reduced the weight of branches, wooden poles and wooden dowels.
  • The chance of claw worm spawning is now based on player's reputation and has been decreased near the 0 reputation mark as a result.

  • Added a new hook "OnUninitialized" to be called after a mod has completely unloaded.
  • Cache busting is now disabled when running Wayward in Electron (so Chromium Developer Tools changes are kept). (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed some improper/outdated documentation for functions in the modding guide. (Thanks Amax!) (Thanks tim!)
  • Added PreExecuteAction and PostExecuteAction hooks.
  • Added method of loading additional mods when playing in browser mode through a "wayward.mods" localStorage property. Specify a comma delimited list of mods to load.
  • Added CanDoodadSpawn and OnDoodadSpawn hooks.
  • Added CanPickupDoodad and OnPickupDoodad hooks.
  • Added an OnMoveComplete hook.
  • Mod references will now be automatically published each night for the development branch via Github.
  • mod.json is no longer updated if the publish file id is already correct.
  • Added hooks for getWeightStatus and getWeightMovementPenalty.
  • Modification of weightBonus is now available via localPlayer.weightBonus.
  • Added OnPlayerJoin and OnPlayerLeave hooks.
  • Added a "multiplayerClientside" property for allowing mods to load in multiplayer that only effect client.
  • Added "CommandManager", allowing mods to create custom chat commands.
  • Added a PreExecuteCommand hook.
  • Added an OnTileUpdate hook.
  • Added a Wayward++ navigation class to take advantage of near native speed for path-finding.
  • Added a mod options button that appears for enabled mods, when that mod provides options.
  • Mods can now only be enabled/disabled if all dependencies/dependents are also enabled/disabled. The game now prompts for if you want to enable/disable them automatically.
  • Fixed the character creation menu not respecting imageOverrides.
  • The game version is now translatable.
  • Item quality, resistances, and vulnerabilities are now translatable.

  • Players can no longer reincarnate into water or deep water.
  • Skills and stats are now randomized a bit on reincarnation.

Developer Tools
  • Converted all tools to use the action system (for multiplayer compatibility).
  • Tiles that cannot normally tilled will no longer receive a tilled status (causing graphical issues).
  • Added a teleport to host button (for multiplayer).
  • Added a tame creature button.
  • Added a reputation slider.
  • Added a /refresh chat command to refresh stats.
  • Added a particle spawner.
  • Removed the invalid "None" item.

Hello World
  • Added a simple demonstration of a Mod Options section.
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!Yoodiv (LJC) Dec 5, 2017 @ 10:17pm 
Do you have an estimate on when the multiplayer will be out of beta? This game looks great and I want to get playing it, but I've been waiting for the multiplayer to be completed :)
Drathy  [developer] Dec 6, 2017 @ 4:47am 
Originally posted by !Yoodiv:
Do you have an estimate on when the multiplayer will be out of beta? This game looks great and I want to get playing it, but I've been waiting for the multiplayer to be completed :)

Sometime before Christmas is what we are planning on currently.
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