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abode of administrator
Is that map supposed to work?
If yes then can't be launch, "Could not start level - Exception while loading", normal or not?
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Dragst  [developer] Apr 26 @ 9:35am 
Yes, it should; seems like there's some kind of meltdown with the versioning right now. Will report back to you ASAP when it's fixed.
Dragst  [developer] Apr 26 @ 10:21am 
Wait, how did you manage to get through corruption caverns? Didn't your previous report state you can't proceed due not being able to build mausoleum?
Dragst  [developer] Apr 26 @ 12:23pm 
Rolled out another hotfix again. It should fix both the missing mausoleum issue and level adobe of admin not starting. Sorry for the trouble again and thanks for reporting these, it helps a lot.
Joretap0 Apr 26 @ 3:07pm 
Map loaded, thanks for the fix :)
Dragst  [developer] Apr 27 @ 2:22am 
Whew :-) No problem, thanks for letting us know!
Joretap0 Apr 27 @ 4:29am 
After building bridge, no ennemies attacks for 3 nights (revealed 2 hives), reloading game during 4th night, attacks starts

Edit : Got 2 cannon towers, but quest "Have one cannon tower" not completed.

Edit 2 : No more attacks for 3 nights, restarting game(~20% scanned, 6 hives and 1 mega blob revealed).
No attacks first night after resarting, waiting some night, but i think it's not normal.
After all, they say me to build good defence before bridge, but for the moment, just got one small attack on 8 days, and i not sure it's not a hexter that pass near a hive

Note that i only builld the center bridge.

will try to build something on the other island to see if that awake them.

Edit 3 : They start attacking after i build on the other island, not sure it's related

Edit 4 : Now i understand : The central bridge zone is bugged... If i build i front of it, there's no attack, if i build a little bit south(just node like in screen shot, attacks start... if the node that i build there i destroyed, attacks stop), but near central bridge, nothing happens.


Will close this bridge and move to another bridge, i need challenge, and souls ;)

Edit 5 : Not sure anymore of my conclusion, 3 nights with attack and nothing build on the other side, strange.
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Dragst  [developer] Apr 27 @ 9:14am 
Ok, thanks again for the reports; You've been busy :-) Enemies don't always spawn, the closer you build to enemy spawn points the more the _possibility_ of an attack is. In this level there's also random spawning which starts to punish you for not having enough power during night.. We'd like to convey this mechanic better to players in the future.

The quest thing sounds like a bug in scripts and we'll look into it.
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