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snlehton  [developer] Dec 10, 2018 @ 5:53am
Reporting bugs
When playing Hexters, you might run into various bugs and issues (we're in Early Access, after all).

We here at Draconus would appreciate it immensely if you would report any issues we might have missed. The most helpful way is to have a repro of the issue, either in the form of "do these steps", screenshots, logfiles or savegames. Unfortunately not all issues happen/persist after loading a savegame, so be sure to test the savegame before sending it. See steps below.

You can report bugs either on Steam forums, our Discord server[discord.gg] or email (support@draconus.com). When sending savegames, email is highly recommended!

The savegames and logfiles are located on Windows in [path_to_user]\AppData\LocalLow\Draconus Entertainment\Hexters. The individual saves are in Profile_0 directory, but you can just zip the whole directory so that logs will be included as well. Send the zip to support@draconus.com along with description of the problem and/or repro steps.

Steps to do when reporting

  1. Take a screenshot if needed
  2. Save the game (F5 for quick save, F8 for save menu)
  3. Quit the game
  4. Locate the game profile, and zip it up (savegames, logfile or just everything)
  5. Try loading the savegame, and see if the problem persists. Add this to your report as well, as it is important info
  6. Send the zip to support@draconus.com along with description of the problem, and together with screenshot(s) if needed.

Zipping/copying the logfiles after exiting when problems arise is important, as new logfiles are created everytime you start the game!

If there's anything unclear, just ask!

Sampsa / Draconus Entertainment
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Hexters > General Discussions > Topic Details