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Dear dev team,

I'm really enjoying the game so far.

I have one thing that disappoints me though, and it may be me that doesn't understand the principle.
I find it very difficult to transport ressources from point A to point B with the beacon, storage and cargo.
Let's take a mine which is far away from my base for example, tons of bits mined that I would like to bring to my base, how on earth does the min/max logistic zones work?
It seems they transfer ressources randomly from one beacon/storage to the other beacon/storage .
The min/max system & beacon/storafe is utterly complicated in my opinion, I still don't understand the system today.

Wouldn't it be more easy to implement slave/master storages (You collect from point A everything, and you drop everything to point B). You know, no numbers no chit-chat, just pick up and drop there.

If you have a video that explains how this system works or if you could simplify this it would be marvelous.

Thank you.
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Dragst  [developer] Oct 31, 2018 @ 9:50pm 
Hey, thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear you enjoy despite the problem and we're aware of this.

The original idea was for the logistics to auto-balance themselves. It's definitely not random :-) But we do agree it's not ideal either and we've been internally discussing about changing it. I can't promise anything definite yet but this will most likely change to more classic "send x resources of type y out" -type setup.

Hope you keep enjoying the game and please do leave a review to help us get some coverage. Thank you :)
Thanks for the quick feedback, cheers
Dragst  [developer] Nov 1, 2018 @ 8:20am 
We're here for you guys, always.
snlehton  [developer] Nov 9, 2018 @ 6:16am 
Hi, I want to pitch in regarding the logistics as well.

As Dragst already mentioned, the original idea was indeed to have the beacon (zone) logistics to auto-balance the resources between logistics zones. The limits define how this balancing works.

Min limit = amount of resources to keep at minimum in the logistics zone. If amount goes below this number, no resources are sent out.

Max limit = amount of resources the zone can receive from other zones. Once this limit is hit, no more resources can be delivered into this zone. This also defines the max production limit for the zone (extractors, refineries)

Few examples:

Beacon with min = max = 0 -> the zone will send everything out if needed, and never receive anything

Beacon with min = max = 50 -> the zone will never send anything out (unless over 50), and will receive until max is reached

Beacon with min = 0, max = 50 -> the zone will send resources out, but can also receive from other zones

Three beacons (A <-> B <-> C):
Beacon A: min = max = 0 -> will send everything out
Beacon B: min = 0, max = 50 -> will receive resources from A and C (but C won't send)
Beacon C: min = 50, max = 50 -> will receive resources from B, and never send them out (unless over 50)

Balance between two beacons:
Beacon A: min = 0, max = 30, has 25 resources
Beacon B: min = 20, max = 50, has 25 resources

Beacon A has 25 excess resources (over min), but Beacon B has only 5 (over min). Sum of excess is 30.
The proportion between both beacons is 50%:50% (both have 30 units between min to max), so when the excess is divided between the two beacons, both get 15. End result is that Beacon A will have 15 resources and beacon B will have 35.

This system is quite flexible, and it works when configured properly. However, it has become blatantly obvious that it's not easy to understand. I'm biased, because I made the system, so I became blind to its complexity.

The reason I designed the system to work like this is that I wanted to avoid the infamous stuck transport ships/wagons in both Anno and the original Colonization. They had just offsets how much to load and unload at each station, and that will always lead to problems when stations or ships get full.

I'm not sure what would be the best alternative, but I'm sure we will come up with something that is easier to understand. Maybe single production threshold and ability to create temporal demands in zones ("send 50 bits here")
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