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alarameth  [developer] Jun 23, 2015 @ 9:07am
Linux notes
The Linux version of Alarameth TD has been tested in a number of distros, and should generally work quite well. However, there are a few minor differences and quirks to be aware of:

Startup Screen Resolution
  • Linux editions will start in windowed mode at 800x600 on 1st run to avoid potential issues in certain Linux configurations. As this is quite small, you will likely want to change this to something suitable in the in-game video settings.
  • If using the SteamOS distro in “full screen” mode, the game will be pillar boxed on 1st run (center of the screen with 2 black bars). Changing the game’s resolution in the in-game video settings to be “full screen” will correct this issue.
  • Multi-monitor configurations can be problematic when adjusting the resolution. Enabling “full screen” will often only work correctly on one of the monitors (and not the other). If playing in windowed-mode, moving the game window to a different screen can cause graphical anomalies - in these cases, changing the in-game resolution back-and-forth will normally correct the issue.

  • The voice-over may periodically experience “blip/thunk” sounds (similar to the sound you hear when someone bumps a microphone, or 2 audio clips are abruptly cut together). This appears to be caused by the audio buffer running dry. I don’t yet have enough data to determine whether this affects all audio drivers or only some, but feel free to leave feedback with your system specs and current audio driver if you find yourself frequently experiencing this issue.
  • Technically, 1 less simultaneous sound effect will play on Linux compared to Mac OS X / Windows. Because nearly 30 simultaneous sound effects can play at once, you probably won’t notice, mind you.
  • In some cases, you may notice the music cutting in and out as certain “world” sound effects or audio clips play while a lot of other sound effects are playing. This should resolve once the offending clip finishes playing. If you find that music frequently cuts out, please leave feedback with your system specs.

nVidia-related crashes
These should no longer occur. Previously, the open source ”nouveau” driver would hard-crash the system at certain points during the game (most notably when loading level 2). Work has been done to identify and resolve these edge cases.

If using the open source ”nouveau” driver:
  • To resolve the level 2 crash, many of the trees in level 2 are disabled if the ”nouveau” driver is detected. Because most of these trees were visual indicators (they let you know where the creatures could enter/exit mazeable areas), those trees are automatically replaced by a set of wooden posts. If the driver somehow manages to still crash anyway when loading Level 2, the game will try to detect the previous game crash and if Level 3 hasn’t been reached yet, will give the option to unlock Level 3.
  • To resolve the Mage minion crash, their cape is immediately removed when the ”nouveau” driver is detected.

…those using nVidia’s binary closed-source drivers will not experience those changes, as that driver hasn’t been problematic. If using a non-nouveau driver, pressing the “G” key during level 2 will allow you to swap trees with the visual post indicators.

If you run into issues/crashes
Please send any details possible, including the level & wave the issue occurred on, your Linux distro, and any driver information you have available.

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alarameth  [developer] Jan 7 @ 5:59am 
Game crash on launch - AMD video cards (with AMDGPU-PRO driver)?
This has come up with Radeon RX-series cards using the AMDGPU-PRO drivers from the AMD website. I don't know whether it impacts other card/driver combinations, but regardless, if the game crashes on start, it's worth attempting the following.

The workaround for now is to disable the Steam overlay in game. To do this:
  1. Right-click Alarameth TD from your game list
  2. Choose "Properties"
  3. De-select "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game"

...try starting Alarameth TD again. Hopefully it should start and run. If it doesn't, please contact me at .

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