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CosmicD Jun 17, 2015 @ 4:41am
Trackmania Turbo information
I'd like to make a little summary on what you can expect in the new Trackmania Turbo game

Trackmania Turbo is the first game in the franchise which will arrive on a playstation console, more specificly on the PS4. It has it's own identity. It has 3 trackmania² existing environments plus a new environment especially geared for arcade style play. The new environment is called Rollercoaster Lagoon and is designed in such a way that you can keep racing and drive spectacular magnetized roads in the sky thet ensure that you can keep racing while enjoying mindbending disorienting changes of view and orientation.

The editor will also have a new behavior that is suitable for "living room track creation" with the controller. From the information we can gather from a ubisoft twitch stream, you'll be able to intuitively create structures by "connection" system.

But you can also take a swing at the random track generator which will create tracks in 3 streamlined phases.

Perhaps you can use this track as a base and an inspiration to finish your own dream design.

We're used to having a lateral start and a finish, but for Trackmania Turbo, a new way of starting a round is proposed, namely a helicopter that will vertically drop you.

There will be also a Double driver mode. This enables you and a friend to drive one car on a track, with 2 controllers. It will interpolate your actions with those of your friend and thus behave like 2 minds that control a percentage of the steering otherwise reserved for 1 person only.

There'll also be local 4 player modes where 4 people can race with a 4 splitscreen mode.

Another neat thing is: Trackmaster (nadeo medal evolved)
The Track master is the fastest time on any given track. We used to have nadeo medals which was static and built into the track. That medal was earned when you would beat the time that the team validated their tracks with. In trackmania turbo: when you get a faster time than the trackmaster, this will be uploaded to the ranking system and this new time will be the global trackmaster time from now on.

You'll even hear a special sound as you drive faster than the trackmaster through a checkpoint.

The game is really made to give you an arcade atmosphere both in driving experience and side mechanics. You'll be able to "insert a coin" and try a track several times before you have to restart. It's visually represented on the bottom of the screen. Either this is purely cosmetic or it will be an actual feature. This is speculation at this point.

For the rest there's some neat audio enhancements:
Adaptive music will respond on your speed and location on the track. The system will update the music track on each checkpoint depending on your performance, and if you have a certain speed you'll hear the music becoming more dense.

You'll even hear that the music will represent your drifting on roads or grass. Finishing a track will provide a nice outtro filler:

Take a look here fore more info:

If you want to see more information, watch the following stream from minute 47. There'll be lots of little info there.

More Media:

FAQ summary:
Q: When will Trackmania Turbo be released ?
A: Trackmania Turbo will be released during Q1 2016

Q: On which Platforms Will trackmania turbo be released ?
A: PS4, Xbox 1 and PC

Q: Will the new Lagoon Rollercoaster environment be released for maniaplanet
A: Rollercoaster lagoon will be released for MP as a stand alone environment during next year

Q: If you buy Trackmania Turbo on PC, Will you get Lagoon (or another environment for free on Mania planet ?)
A: This is undecided. Nadeo plays with the idea to do so but that's not set in stone yet.

Q: Is trackmania Turbo multiplayer cross platform ?
A: No, PC clients can't connect to console servers and vice versa. As TMT uses a different framework for hosting multiplayer games, and as you can't run dedicated servers on consoles, Nadeo/ubisoft will provide a hassle free way of connecting console users to eachother.

Q: Will there be player hosted dedicated server tools in Trackmania Turbo ?
A: No, Players who want to play multiplayer will connect to nadeo hosted session servers for this version of trackmania. It will be possible for players to make a multiplayer session with their own track playlist!

Q: Will there be dedicated server software for the pc version ?
A: The same functionality described above will also be mirrored on the PC version. (so No dedicated server daemons/ user managed plugins on Consoles and PC for trackmania Turbo.

Q: will the gameplay of the existing environments (canyon, valley) be the same as their maniaplanet counterparts ?
A: Yes

Q: Other environmental differences ?
A: Some cosmetic differences in blocks that have certain enhancements, billboards and textures to fit the "arcade" fantasy of Trackmania Turbo.

Q: What can I customize in Trackmania Turbo:
A: You'll be able to customize your car skin and also your helmet will be customizable.

Wrapping up::
Whether the PC version will connect to shard servers as opposed to dedicated servers is not known yet.

Topic will be updated with more info as I receive it.

For those who crave information from first hand, Behold the Hylis tracker[]

Hylis is the creative director of Nadeo and is active on the maniaplanet forums. If you want to know about the progress or aspects of Trackmania (turbo, maniamplanet etc), Just read through his posts where he answers questions regularly.

CosmicD (TM Screen name: BLaHiTiS)
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ddzev Jun 18, 2015 @ 4:10am 
Thanks for this.
I'm happy to see a new Trackmania but i hope they'll change their mind about UPlay...
CosmicD Jun 18, 2015 @ 4:24am 
that is not Nadeo's call. If you're in a business with a publisher like that you need to do some things their way.

There's so many platforms nowadays that it shouldn't pose a real problem, I mean if you're playing any blizzard or indie game chances are that people have more than steam installed.

Origin has some EA exclusives, and that's just how it is nowadays.

I remember being upset about that as well, but ironincly all these other platforms have been good for steam as well, as we finally have steam streaming and refunds and all that stuff.

It would be cool though that they'd start working together to do an open account migration policy where your steam account could be as much an authentication for games you buy on steam and need uplay.

That way, Uplay only needs to be started once.
Lucien Dark Jun 19, 2015 @ 4:51pm 
Has there ever been a multiplayer game that's benefited from not having dedicated servers? It seems a very odd choice, especially given the community nature of Trackmania. I suppose that the move to consoles has prompted this, but it's a shame that PC players will have it taken away after all this time.
CosmicD Jun 19, 2015 @ 11:04pm 
Dota 2 , well i can name any important moba comes to mind. Ofcourse you can't "customize" these games, but trackmania has enough p2p architecture to integrate that dedicated server behavior into the session based shards that they build for ubisoft.

I can only speculate from what Hylis told, but everything that will be customizable with skins, car horns or personal touches, even tracks will transmit to servers and shared with players who join the same game.

You can understand that on consoles it's not possible to move around files and start playing with server managing plugins "out of jail". So these functions aren't going to be in Turbo.

In terms of signage I believe you'll be able to choose between the existing textures, as the same with car skins, which will (and that's rumored) be changing according to the avatar and country you use.

The thing about trackmania turbo will not be to customize your own game and environment like with maniaplanet. Console users can't do that. And it's kinda weird if Nadeo would have to make 2 different flavors of the same game, one for pc and one for consoles.
Chizu Jun 21, 2015 @ 8:32am 
So is there any real reason to buy this if I already own the environments on maniaplanet, I mean besides getting lagoon early (ad subsequently at quite a mark up)?
CosmicD Jun 21, 2015 @ 9:16am 
If you just want it to be in maniaplanet it's better that you have to wait till next year. This is more like a console version that isn't so much suitable for modding as maniaplanet. It's for these group of people who want to race and build tracks I think.

As the servers will not be dedicated but ran by ubisoft.
MooX Jun 26, 2015 @ 4:53am 
No dedicated servers and managers on Consoles and PC for trackmania Turbo. Ok, for console I understand, but the community servers are what made TM what it is, in my humble opinion this is a huge mistake... I want my fullspeed server with 100 people challenging each others :sad_creep:
CosmicD Jun 26, 2015 @ 5:45am 
The thing is that the pc version will be a mirror copy for pc users, because nadeo has a heart for pc, becaus trackmania is foremost a PC version. But to split development branches up for one product between PC and consoles, while the intended product (maniaplanet) exists, that'll give them too much confusing workload.

It's just a matter of the lagoon environment I guess. Which will make it to maniaplanet next year anyway.
MooX Jun 27, 2015 @ 9:53pm 
Sure, I understand that. But trackmania turbo seem to have a new game engine with pretty graphics, I would have loved to see the multiplayer as we know it included in it. I'm afraid that the multiplayer of this version will be as boring as it is in a game like trials fusion, which is a great game, but with too less mp competiton, so it's deserted.
RiLL-SV Jun 28, 2015 @ 6:39am 
I think there is the only reson to play TM - it`s ONLINE ! look at TM Canyon or else tm games
DarkHell Jun 29, 2015 @ 11:11am 
no dedicated servers.. im thinking about skipping this one ;)
DjBasA Jul 3, 2015 @ 4:50am 
Originally posted by CosmicD:
I'd like to make a little summary on what you can expect in the new Trackmania Turbo game

If you want to see more information, watch the following stream from minute 47. There'll be lots of little info there.

there is no sound?
i hear the ad at the beginning just fine, but when it starts playing the trackmania ''trailer'' then i don't hear anything.

EDIT: nevermind, it was a problem in Firefox, in Internet Explorer i have sound.
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RiLL-SV Jul 6, 2015 @ 4:39am 
can someone explane why there will not be dedicated servers ???
CosmicD Jul 6, 2015 @ 6:05am 
because it's a game specificly made for consoles, and thus the game will connect to publisher hosted sessions. To change it for pc would be too drastic and they end up with multiple version and branches of the same game
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RiLL-SV Jul 6, 2015 @ 10:47am 
ty for answer, but my english isn`t so good)
So, finally, will PC version get dedi servers like it is in Canyon or Stadium ??
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