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Squarebit  [developer] Jul 29, 2015 @ 10:31am
0.20.0 - 0.43.2 Update notes
All update notes from version 0.20.0 to 0.43.2 will be put in this thread for reference.
The most recent ones will be put at the top.

Version 0.43.2
  • Items now only rolls elemental damage stats fitting your class (any skill tree), or if the item is locked to a class, anything fitting that class
  • In multiplayer, items roll any elemental damage fitting any class in play, however class restricted items still only roll fitting that particular class
  • Monsters with the <X resistance> affix now have slightly higher resistances
  • Added a "Shadow resistant" random affix (I missed to add this element earlier, oops)
  • Fixed Templar's Soul Replicas not being affected by Buff Duration stat
  • Fixed Sareks shop spawning debug items
  • Items which are incompatible or otherwise removed from the game in some way are now removed from saved characters inventories and stash, preventing errors and crashes as could previously happen
  • Fixed menu being incorrectly centered and scaled on 16:10 resolutions
  • Fixed scroll bar positionings in some menus and removed some that weren't needed
  • Fixed text going outside of box on difficulty screen
  • Fixed NPC speech bubbles and their name + text being drawn ontop of eachother
  • Fixed "A Sealed Chamber" door being incorrectly drawn
  • Fixed click-to-move being broken and weird with attacking

Version 0.43.1
  • Fixed random crashing to desktop without error. It was the <Explosive> monsters. Blew up the entire game.

Update 0.43.0

New Features:
  • The character now speak (text) when entering certain zones, and the speech is depending on what class you are
  • New sound system! It should make larger fights feel more intense, and big explosions and skills that cause a lot of havoc generally feel more powerful :>
  • The minimap now draws unexplored tiles adjacent to explored ones as slightly transparent, so you can more easily tell where you haven't been
  • You can now hold ctrl to spend as many points as possible in a single skill when you click it. Less clicking :>
  • Berserker:
    • Added new passive skill: Frenzy. Makes Bloodlust also increase mana regeneration
    • Added new passive skill: Supercharged. Critical hits increase attack speed
    • Added new passive skill: Destructive Manoeuvres. Explosive Manoeuvres has a chance to spawn firebombs in addition to explosions
    • Added new passive skill: Prolonged Frostbite. Frostbite lasts longer
    • Bloodlust is now available at level 20 instead of 30
    • Recharge is now available at level 10 instead of 20
    • Embershield and War Cry has swapped places
    • Heat now requires Embershield instead of War Cry, and Flamewrath now requires War Cry instead of Embershield
    • Explosive Manouvers now requires Explosive Punch instead of Flamewrath
    • Explosive Manouvers now go up to rank 5, further increasing the chance to trigger, but the damage has been lowered somewhat
    • Frostbite damage increased, and description changed (now deals 20% of damage per second, instead of 40% of damage over 3 seconds)
        Frostborn Set 4 part bonus altered to fit new calculation of Frostbite (now causes it to deal +50% more damage per second, additively (so 70% of initial damage per second))
  • Templar:
    • Added new passive skill: Armorer. Increases physical resistance
    • Added new passive skill: Magnetic Overload. Orbs spawned from Static Overload now pulls enemies closer
    • Added new passive skill: Condemnation. Foes who die while under the effect of Burning Conviction explodes, dealing fire damage to nearby foes
    • Added new passive skill: Expulsion. Foes who die near the Templar has a chance to emit a holy nova, damaging other nearby foes
    • Updated description of Burning Conviction to show burn time
    • Burning Conviction is now available at level 20 instead of 30
    • Salvation is now optional and not required to finish the Conviction tree
    • Static Overload is now available at level 20 instead of 30
    • Shield Slam & Shield Throw has a new impact sound
    • Shield Throw & Holy Hammer has received a lowered "spin" sound volume
    • Holy Hammer has some slight improvement to the visuals
    • Blessing has a new icon
    • Avatar of Ayeela now requires Holy Light
    • Prayer has been moved and is now required for Divine Blade
    • Exorcism now requires consecration
    • Shield Maiden now increases non-physical resistances, and requires Armorer to use
    • Soul Replicas now ONLY use Lightning type skills and have Sparkstrike as their default attack
  • Warden:
    • Added new passive skill: Stagger. Grants Overdraw a chance to also make enemies stagger and briefly stop their movement
    • Added new passive skill: Gift of Gaia. Bloom also has a chance to cause health and mana pickups to drop when it triggers
    • Added new passive skill: Energize. Critical hits have a chance to restore mana
    • Added new passive skill: Torrent. Hail reduces the cooldown of Hailstorm
    • Winter Storm spell now summons twisters that will slowly change their course towards nearby foes rather than moving completely randomly
    • Vine Shot now benefits from Overdraw
    • Overdraw proc rate increased to 14/18/22/26/30% (up from 3/6/9/12/15%)
    • Hailstorm has received improved visuals and a new (and less noisy) sound effect
  • Warlock:
    • Added new passive skill: Eruption. Increases the critical strike chance and trigger chance of Combustion.
    • Added new passive skill: Alchemist. Increases the effectiveness of mana and healing potions
    • Added new passive skill: Frozen Core. Increases cooldown reduction of all spells
    • Added new passive skill: Unholy Flesh. Taking non-physical damage has a chance to restore mana to the Warlock
    • Perforation is now available at level 10 instead of 30
    • Cold Death now requires Perforation
    • Combustion now requires Flaming Hells, and is available at level 20 instead of 30
    • Combustion now has 5 ranks instead of 1, making it more powerful at max rank than before, but less powerful at rank 1
    • Imp now requires Inner Power, and is available at level 30 instead of 20
    • Inner Power is now available at level 10 instead of 20
    • Wraith now only have 5 ranks instead of 10, but same final values
  • Explosive monsters now deal much less damage, as it is no longer based on max health because with a recent update the elites and champions had their health severely boosted, making explosive monsters insta-kill melee characters (oops)
  • Explosive monsters also spawn more gibs when they explode, and now damage their friends
  • Reduced drop rates of potions from regular monsters by a little, and quite a lot for "minion" type monsters
  • Attacking a monster in a group now alerts most of his buddies
  • The High Priest now uses his abilities much more frequently
  • Stamm The Unbreakable will now summon his minions more frequently
Items and Enchants:
  • Weapon "Punisher's Gift" has a higher base attack speed
  • Crystals no longer despawn, but health and mana pickups still do
  • Added a new random enchant on items that increases the light emit from your character. This enchant can be rolled as a minor enchant on any item
  • Added a new random enchant on items that increases the effectiveness of your healing and mana potions! This enchant can be rolled as a minor enchant on any item
  • Some minor enchants have had their upper boundaries increased with higher quality items (eg higher maximum roll than before with higher quality)
Unstable Dimensions:
  • No longer spawns hordes of monsters with the Shadowclone affix
  • Much smaller in size, but more chests!
  • Now only spawn Elite monsters.. good luck!
  • Added error report logs with some misc info, in case you get the bug where dungeons aren't reset.. found in appdata/local/chronicon/error
  • The stat screen now display health and mana regeneration in decimals to be more accurate (especially on low levels)
  • The torches in the Chronicon no longer re-lits every time you visit it
  • NPC's now have a background on their nametags, making them more visible
  • Update notes and help section now has a darker background on the text
  • Updated the help index a little with new topics and fixed obsolete things
  • Menu buttons now look more clear in fullscreen and large resolutions (some letters could get smudged previously)
  • Menu options are now centered.. they were slightly to the right before and it drove me nuts
  • Fixed The Headmistress Spectacles quest item dropping duplicates (it will still drop duplicates if you don't pick it up and walk far away from it, so you're unlikely to miss it)
  • Fixed the secret rooms sometimes being unreachable
  • Fixed typo in quest description of "A Spectacular Quest"
  • Fixed some NPC talk typos
  • Fixed unique monsters losing some of their powers if you leave the area after thay had spawned
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in monster drop rates and exp rewards which would occur when saving/loading spawned monsters upon leaving/entering a visited zone
  • Potential fix for temp data not being removed. Errors logs will now be created if it fails, which might help
  • Potential fix for getting stuck in trees
  • Fixed Shield Throw getting stuck and spinning against walls rather than disappearing on impact
  • Fixed Multi Shot not properly benefiting from Overdraw
  • Fixed crashing when character save data was corrupted or missing - still working on finding why there are problems saving, but at least the game won't crash on you
  • Fixed some issues with the file handling system so if you previously experienced persistent dungeons or being unable to delete saves, please try this update and see if it fixes it for you!
  • Fixed spelling of "Explosive Manoeuvres" (who can spell manoeuvres anyway?)
  • Fixed crash on clicking just below a drop down menu
  • Fixed drop down menus being a bit unresponsive
  • Fixed some bosses speech bubbles appearing too low on their bodies

Update 0.42.1

  • Lowered amount of champions spawning in Chamber of Meditation
  • Nerfed Beholder damage
  • Fixed crash on spawning on entry in certain locations such as the Chamber of Meditation
  • Fixed entrance to Hall of Learning and Chamber of Meditation sometimes spawning in a weird location
  • Fixed final waypoint of Act1 not saving

Update 0.42.0
  • The Fallen Temple (first area) layout slightly changed so you find the quest before the Barracks
  • The Servant Dormitory made slightly smaller and changed generation layout a bit
  • The Upper Temple Halls now has more varied rooms and a rounder feel to it
  • The Upper Temple Halls waypoint now spawn near the entrance
  • The Lower Temple Halls is now smaller and leads to the new area: Temple Hallways
  • Increased chance of Champions and Elite spawning in most small and/or optional areas
  • Changed layout of the Champions Domain challenge area
  • The following areas have been added to the first chapter:
    • Temple Hallways
    • Offering Chamber
    • Hall of Learning
    • The Lyceum
    • Chamber of Meditation
    • Chamber of Healing
  • The following areas have been added to the second chapter:
    • Thundering Cave
    • A Small Cave
  • Slightly changed intros of bosses in Act 1 and added closing doors rather than making walls appear to lock you in
  • Added a new boss to the main story of the game in Act 1 - Mundus the Fetid
  • Captain Moore is a little faster now
  • Bosses now drop crystals
  • Bosses no longer have elemental weaknesses or resistances for a more fair challenge for all types of builds (previously Fire-based builds had a big advantage in many cases)
  • Act 1 quest flow updated somewhat
  • Act 1 quest descriptions and names updated
  • Added three new optional quests
  • Bosses now have much higher chances of high quality loot on Heroic and Legendary, and slightly lower on Normal and Casual
  • Higher difficulty now adds even more magic find
  • Increased amount of Elite packs spawned on Heroic and Legendary
  • Increased the boundary of which skills are removed from screen - they can now be active just off screen for a while before disappearing (previously they'd disappear upon touching the edge of the screen)
  • Berserker:
    • Lightning Jabs and Blazing Fists:
      • Updated visuals
    • Fists of Fury:
      • Now attacks with double attack speed, but for less damage (max 100% [technically 200% because double attack speed], down from max 170%)
  • Templar:
    • Sear, Smite, and Sparkstrike:
      • Updated visuals
    • Holy Hammer:
      • Updated sound and visuals
    • Divine Blade:
      • Now lands at cursor
    • Blessing:
      • Updated description, now heals 47/54/61/68/75% of damage (up from 10/15/20/25/30%) to make it more worthwhile
    • Holy Fire:
      • Now properly lights up
    • Starfall:
      • Reduced maximum damage to 250% (down from 400%)
  • Warden:
    • Chain Lightning:
      • Now hits more targets on an earlier skill level, but same at max
  • Warlock:
    • Warp:
      • Improved visuals a bit
    • Hellfire:
      • Damage nerfed, now deals 100% + 4% per rank (down from 120% + 5% per rank)
      • Amount of fireballs reduced to 10 (down from 14)
      • Description updated to show how many fireballs are created
  • Epics are no longer called epics, as it was pointed out that they aren't very epic! They are now called "rare" instead and as such, the drop rate is slightly lower, for balancing
  • Most accessories that had special texts on tham have been upgraded to Unique quality, some old Uniques have been made Legendary with improvements
  • Ring of the Three Suns now always roll fire damage
  • Molten Orb now rolls slightly less fire damage (but still more than a random item may)
  • Light's Blessing now increases all damage by 10% for 5 seconds
  • Skyshard now strikes thunder on all enemies around you
  • Smoldering Gemstone now releases a nova of Firebombs!
  • Added new accessories:
  • Ring, Loop, Iron Band, and Circlet - random rings that may drop with fully randomized stats of Enchanted quality or higher
  • Amulet, Necklace, and Medallion - random necklaces that may drop with fully randomized stats of Enchanted quality or higher
  • Added the following Unique and Legendary accessories:
    • Frostband - Unique, Frost damage
    • Static Loop - Unique, Lightning damage
    • Miasmic Band - Unique, Poison damage
    • Enforcer's Ring - Unique, Physical damage
    • Righteous Circlet - Unique, Holy damage
    • Blasphemy - Unique, Shadow damage
    • Hoarfrost - Legendary, Frost damage
    • Ring of Thunder - Legendary, Lightning damage
    • Gaia's Binding - Legendary, Poison damage
    • Kingsrock - Legendary, Physical damage
    • Divine Link - Legendary, Holy damage
    • Death's Bond - Legendary, Shadow damage
    • Note: there are already existing ones for Fire damage
  • Firelord's Regaila:
    • 4 set bonus now instead increases the duration of Infernal Demon by 100%
  • Corruptor's Plague:
    • 4 set bonus now makes Pool of Corruption cast Poison Skulls randomly while it lasts
  • Changed how monster spawns work, you will see some changes in monster pack sizes and special monster health levels
  • Increased health levels of Elites and Champions, but reduced the effectiveness of affixes like "super health"
  • Champions names are now in gold colour, as the orange was hard to read over the healthbars, and Unique monsters have green names
  • The champions of Champions Domain have new skills!
  • Added some new variations of monsters to the new areas in Act 1
  • Experience values of tougher monsters have been increased
  • Explosive monsters now deal a percentage of their maximum health (instead of maximum damage) upon exploding. The damage is reduced the further away you are from them
  • Wraiths now cast blood bolts instead of the purple magic projectile
  • Evasive monsters are now less... evasive, making it less painful for the melee characters in Act 2
  • Ranged warping monsters are less likely to warp and have a longer cooldown on the warp. Melee enemies are the oposite
  • Elven rangers of all kinds are moving a little slower
  • Some unique monsters now have light around them
  • Reduced damage of Spellbinders
  • Reduced damage of all types of Stags
  • Some new sound effects for some monster and player skills
  • Added sounds to the skill trees, one for spending a point and one for reaching max rank, as well as swapping tree
  • Added new achievement to beat Mundus
  • Added new achievement to complete quest "Vault Hunter"
  • Updated icon of "Restless Sleep" achievement
Quality of life:
  • Movement should feel a bit more responsive now (faster acceleration)
  • You can now use the left analog stick on gamepads to navigate menus, the inventory, etc
  • Waypoints now automatically activate when you get close to them
  • Opened chests and used shrines no longer light up when you hover the cursor over them
  • Gambling and getting an Unique or better item now plays the Unique/Legendary drop sound
  • The Deepwood Shrine should now have a floating exclamation ("!") mark on it whenever you have acquired all keys
  • Reduced experience needed from levels 1 to 5 by a lot, so you get to the next skill tier faster
  • New characters start at level 0 now and are levelled up to 1 when first played, to emphasize on the first skill point being available
  • Added option to reset progress of a character, deleting obtained waypoints and all quest progress, so you can play fresh with an existing character
  • Added stat tracking for amount of Elite (blue name) monsters killed
  • Added stat tracking for amount of items dropped overall (this one was actually tracked per-character but wasn't visible until now)
  • Sgt. Jorgen now drops you a key for his chest
  • Increased price of gambling a little
  • You can no longer push enemies by walking into them, instead you slowly walk past them
  • Updated class info texts when making a new character
  • Announcements / on screen promts are now drawn higher on the screen to be less obstructing
  • The number of zombies left to kill for the quest "Trapped Refugees" are now displayed on screen when killing one
  • Improved text readability of some menu options
  • Player level is now displayed on the HUD
  • Added an option to the gameplay menu to automatically inspect stuff that the mouse hovers
  • The "Normal" difficulty is now highlighted and displays info when going to the difficulty screen, instead of casual
  • Fixed tabbing out of the game causing the mouse to stop working in-game
  • Fixed inventory instantly closing when binding it to open on gamepad (B) button (as B is cancel button by default)
  • Fixed gamepads being a little unresponsive in the interface/inventory while playing multiplayer
  • Fixed crash on levelling up during a boss fight
  • Fixed cave entry and exit being difficult to click
  • Fixed the High Priest having too wide collision box, getting him stuck on corners
  • Fixed issue with gambling where the item is rolled whether or not you have space for it
  • Fixed magic find achievement triggering from difficulty bonuses
  • Fixed Ragnarok Guard granting 500% attack speed
  • Fixed Firelord's Amulet not having an icon sometimes
  • Fixed gambling a legendary item not adding to legendary items found statistic
  • Fixed dropping legendary items from inventory counting towards legendary items found stat
  • Fixed experience on that stat screen being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed typo in Barkskin passive skill
  • Fixed typo in general quest reward description
  • Fixed companions being instantly resummoned when gaining a buff from for example your base skill
  • Fixed the coin icon being shifted to the right
  • Fixed minimap icons disappearing when you left the zone
  • Fixed stat achivements not being triggered by shadow damage and shadow resistance
  • Fixed accessory "Light's Blessing" special effect
  • Fixed stash not saving if items had been moved
  • Fixed possibilty to withdraw item stacks from stash into nearly full stacks to make stacks beyond the limit
  • Fixed being locked out of the boss fight in The Stampede if etnering form the north
  • Fixed Light's Blessing proc being overridden and deleted by pretty much everything
  • Fixed the shared stash not being refreshed for all players on screen if several managing it at the same time
  • Fixed monster spell "screaming skull" just going in a straight line where it was supposed to circle them
  • Fixed some magic projectiles sticking to walls like arrows instead of disappearing
  • Fixed stashing items bound to belt allowing to bind for example equipment to belt
  • Fixed error in generating the Upper Temple Halls which causes unreachable areas
  • Fixed problem with movement stopping seemingly randomly (was related to picking up items / certain keystrokes clearing keyboard input - very common in multiplayer)
  • Fixed issue where some ranged enemies would lose their ranged status if the player left and then returned to the zone
  • Fixed unique item "Qu'ayles Wisdom" not rolling any enchants
  • Fixed Elite and Champion monsters sometimes getting duplicate affixes
  • Fixed skills that only had points from item/set unbinding when entering a new zone
  • Fixed Cael'is not playing all his sound effects (hurt groans)
  • Fixed Cael'is explosive arrows creating a single floating arrow after exploding
  • Fixed sale price of stacked items listing as 0 when selling an item from a stack
  • Fixed rare crash on Oakstorm the Archdruid fight

Update 0.41.0
  • Added 19 new Unique and Legendary weapons with high elemental properties!
  • These all drop from level 5 and upwards, granting some much needed weapon variations to the early game.
    • Icewind
    • Bolt
    • Cael'is' Aim
    • Hailstorm
    • Thunderstorm
    • Marruu's Rose
    • Flamers (old Flamers renamed to Arsonists)
    • Floes
    • Thunder Claps
    • Icebergs
    • Shatterfrost
    • Firebug's Rod
    • Hellstaff
    • Kennerth
    • Bile Rod
    • Atlas (old Atlas renamed to Iapetus)
    • Helios
    • Jupiter
    • Hallowed Blade
  • Updated sprites of 30+ unique and legendary items
  • Moved the closing walls in Altar of Ayeela down a little
  • Bosses now drop holiday gifts, too! (and lots of them)
  • Medella will now occasionally pull you closer
  • Healer monsters only heal other monsters in their line of sight and within 10 meters now, rather than all on the screen
  • The random heal effect from shrines now have a visual effect and heals companions as well
  • The Treasury no longer consumes the key as you open it
  • The player now gives a hint when interacting with the Altar in Upper Temple Halls
  • Fixed character sometimes getting stuck after a cutscene
  • Fixed Medella not spawning if you hugged the walls in her chamber
  • Fixed companions being locked out from the large boss fights
  • Fixed some skills not destroying breakable objects
  • Fixed Medella targeting herself and casting spells to the right when you had companions
  • Fixed Medella aiming bad with her blood bolts
  • Fixed weird things happening with click to move sometimes when a cutscene starts
  • Fixed shrines spawning monsters inside walls

Update 0.40.1

  • Added holiday gifts! Monsters will drop these randomly, open them for loot!
  • Tome of Knowledge now rolls a powerful bonus experience enchant
  • Fixed Warden's area-of-effect arrow skills striking twice
  • Those skills now also work properly with the Overdraw passive ability
  • Fixed rare crash when gambling on a low level character
  • Fixed some item minimum drop levels being way too high, and a few class set ones being too low, but lower level characters should see more variation in unique and legendary drops than before

Version 0.40.0

Loot & Equipment:
  • Added new element: Shadow
  • Added new stats: Shadow Damage, Shadow Resistance, Cooldown Reduction, Mana Cost Reduction, Critical Strike Damage, Companion Health, Companion Damage
  • Added new enchants/affixes for all new stats (7 total)
  • Added possibility to click on the item name tags to pick them up when using the "inspect all" feature. With click to move your character will walk towards it, otherwise you still have to be pretty close to it on the ground.
  • Added options for the "inspect all" feature, can now toggle the minimum quality to find and if it should ignore items locked to other classes (gameplay options menu)
  • Many legendary and unique items have had their class restrictions removed
  • Some base helmets such as hoods have had their class restrictions removed
  • Potions drop much less frequently from regular monsters
  • Class restricted items no longer roll elemental damage to unused elements of that class
  • Reduced drop rate of Unique and Legendary items from regular monsters by a lot, but increased the bonus rate granted from champion and elite kills by a lot, too
  • Bosses and chests have a much higher rate of dropping high quality items now
  • The most rare chests no longer require keys to open
  • Reduced mana gained from mana potions
  • Some Unique & Legendary (and set) items have been redesigned to fit the new skills. More to come!
  • Some Unique & Legendary items have had their effects temporarily removed as they have become obsolete, and will have new ones added later
  • Burn/Poison/Bleed enchant texts clarified
  • The goblin companion from Mollug's Ring has had his health nerfed... a lot
  • Added 32 new legendary items fitted in 8 new item sets!
    Berserker sets:
    • Punisher's Tools (lightning - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    • Power of the Frostborn (frost - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    Templar sets:
    • Cain's Battlegear (fire - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    • Titan's Armor (physical - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    Warden sets:
    • Nature's Vengeance (poison - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    • Winter's Touch (frost - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    Warlock sets:
    • Corruptor's Plague (poison - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
    • Death's Embrace (shadow - helm, armor, weapon, accessory)
  • Attack speed no longer reduces cooldowns of skills
  • Mana and Health steal effects have been nerfed
  • Mana and Health regeneration has been lowered
  • Removed Stamina stat, and removed it from items and affixes (old items may still show it, but it will do nothing)
  • Increased the bonus magic and crystal finding rates on high difficulties
  • Reduced the mana stat rolled on items
  • Electric element is now called Lightning element
  • Elemental Power is now called Elemental Damage
  • Removed and/or redesigned old skills, and added over 150 new, totaling just over 200 unique skills available, around 50 for each class! (previously there were 60 in total, 15 per class)
  • Added a 6th skill slot! Default keybinding is [4] for keyboard, and (X) for gamepad
  • Skills are now available at levels 1/5/10/20/30/40
  • Poison damage over time effect and bleed effect now ticks 4 times per second
  • Burn damage over time effects now ticks 6 times per second
  • Made it possible for effects to be triggered from critical hits (eg "chance on crit to do X")
  • Non triggering effects (eg damage over time or very rapid effects that does not trigger "on hit" skills/enchants) no longer cause hurt sounds and hit sounds to be played
  • Damage over time effects, thorns, and some other effects no longer cause gibbing
  • Damage over time effects no longer cause screen shakes when critting
  • Skill information will now consider stats such as cooldown reduction and mana cost reduction when presenting values in the skill tree information
  • Skills now display exact damage numbers in addition to a damage percentage. This can be turned off from the Video & Interface options menu if you prefer
    Added new sound effects:
    • Entering/exiting forest areas, unstable dimensions, and challenges
    • Spike traps
    • Gibbing flesh monsters (eg no skeleton or treant gib sounds yet)
    • Shrines
    • The new skills
  • Damage number colors are now based on the element of the attack. Players getting hurt is still in red for clarity (may change)
  • "Inspect all" tags now highlights on mouseover, and the lines are a bit more clear
  • Updated difficulty screen information with detailed information
  • The skill slots on the HUD no longer draw the associated button for skills that cannot be activated, such as companions and auras
  • Updated some fonts for readability
  • Changed color of Physical damage "element" text and skill outline
  • Updated keybindings menu text to reflect how skills now can be bound to any slot
  • Put new experience bar where Stamina bar was
  • Passive skills are now circular, and buff/aura/companion active skills are octagons
  • Keyboard keys that are either letters or digits are now presented in brackets to be more clear (especially in the skill tree where the skill ranks were also present)
  • Added new interface options to disable damage over time numbers and/or only show critical hits
  • Removed the extra elemental resistances granted on high difficulties for enemies, but instead increased their health by a lot!
  • Monster multiplayer health bonus increased to 50% per player, up from 30% per player
  • Changed some bosses attacks to be more interesting and fitting
  • Updated burn and poison particles
  • Improved visuals of ground burning effects such as the effect left from Molten Shield
  • Spiders and Beholders now have different colored blood and gibs
  • Players can now become gibbed like monsters
  • Blood bolts and similar monster skills have had their visuals updated
  • Various monster & champion skills have had their visual effects improved
  • New aura visuals
  • New chill & poison visual effect
  • Added a basic system for "hit effects", eg an enemy taking lightning damage will appear electrocuted for a short duration. Only works for electric damage currently
  • Lightning orb colors updated
  • New portal colors for challenge areas and unstable dimensions
  • Damage over time effects like poisons now cause much smaller vibrations on gamepads
    Added a new sub menu in the controls menu with the following options for each player:
    • Vibration strength
    • Left stick sensitivity
    • Right stick sensitivity
    • Aim in walking direction (single stick usage)
    • Smooth walking (walking speed depending on how far you pull stick)
  • Added new killstreak effects to 500, 1000, and 1500 streaks. Changed old ones a bit
  • Added a key binding for forced attacks when using click to move (eg hold this key [default Shift] to force attacks when clicking)
  • Added experimental support for odd aspect ratios and ultra-wide screens
  • Can now change names of characters from the Load screen
  • Updated the requirements for some stat-based achievements (eg +magic find achievement ignores the difficulty bonus)
  • Improved pathfinding for companions when they follow you
  • The Waypoint in The Lower Temple halls now spawns near the entrance
  • Fixed "inspect all" tags overlapping or having extra space around them depending on settings
  • Fixed using gamepad and summoning/casting spells outside of the view, they should now land just on the edge of it
  • Fixed chests spawning in front of entrances in forest areas
  • Fixed Spider Cavern potentially generating unreachable areas
  • Fixed bug where belts weren't properly updated and would sometimes bind non-bindable items such as equipment to belt slots
  • Possible fix for people experiencing a fully persistent game world across saves
  • Fixed HUD not being updated after swapping gamepad / keyboard controls in-game
  • Fixed HUD sometimes not being updated after performing changes to belt slots in the inventory
  • Fixed companions and enemies sometimes locking their aim to the right
  • Fixed companions' and enemies' spells sometimes dealing physical damage instead of the correct element
  • Fixed the default death sound being played over monsters actually having their own death sounds
  • Fixed many fire skills having the wrong color on their light effects (was red, should now be more fiery)
  • Fixed issue with some buffs and effects not having the intended effect due to the order in which they were calculated
  • Fixed item-granted skills unbinding after loading a new zone if said skill had 0 points spent in it
  • Fixed Spiderlings having massive hitboxes
  • Fixed Pixies having too small hitboxes
  • Fixed transparency issues with inventory and skill tree menus
  • Fixed some timing issues with very high attack speeds
  • Fixed numbers being presented with decimals where unnecessary (eg 10.0 is now just 10)
  • Fixed most damage over time time effects dealing too much damage, they were doing the intended total damage each second instead for the entire duration
  • Fixed issue with targeting not finding the correct position to place spells
  • Fixed buffs and debuffs being removed before performing their last planned "tick"
  • Fixed notices like "immune" not popping up
  • Fixed issue with immobilize effects not fully immobilizing foes
  • Fixed skills not being properly performed even if animation plays when having very fast attack speed
  • Fixed stat comparison values sometimes being drawn without parentheses or without + and - signs
  • Critical hits are now properly calculated BEFORE applying effects like burns and such, making the damage scale correctly
  • Skill reset elixir now properly plays potion drinking sound when used
  • Fixed killstreak "Carnage" effect fireballs not moving
  • Fixed some general "chance to cast X" legendary items casting incorrect spells or just doing plain weird stuff
  • Fixed achievement "Perfect Score" not always triggering
  • Fixed killcount timer increasing when friendly non-player characters died (summons, companions, etc)
  • Fixed some typos in advanced stats screen
  • Fixed unbinding/binding skills not triggering correct stat/effect checks/updates
  • Fixed crash when gambling for items that are of a different class
  • Fixed an exploit allowing duplication and unlimited stacking of items
  • Fixed slowing animation appearing from Shield Throw skill
  • Fixed getting stuck in wall when spawning the boss in Shrine of Ayeela
  • Fixed boss not correctly spawning when using Waypoint to access Shrine of Ayeela
  • Fixed item "Ayeela's Guard" (a shield) looking like a helmet
  • Fixed attack speed being incorrect when not having a weapon equipped
  • Fixed the skill bar sometimes going transparent
  • Fixed there being holes under the large trees of Act 2
  • Fixed Elven Rangers using Vineshot to get you stuck behind trees in Act 2
  • Fixed delay on death voice for High Priest
  • Fixed some monsters commanding others to attack nothing, sometimes causing a crash

Version 0.33.2

  • Fixed crash on entering areas that only happened if an unique monster was nearby
  • Fixed unique monsters listing their affixes if you re-visit a zone in which you've encountered one

Version 0.33.1

  • Elven Arrow Traps are now shorter and behave differently
  • Fixed being able to Tumble / Dodge Roll through walls when the ability was used to interrupt an attack
  • Fixed Warden and monsters being able to lay an infinite number of traps (now capped at 5 per trapper)
  • Fixed Elven Arrow Traps sometimes not firing arrows

Version 0.33.0

  • Attempting to perform a skill while out of mana now defaults to the standard attack instead (LMB), rather than no action or a forced movement using click to move
  • Defensive (RMB) abilities like the Warden's Tumble or Berserker's Dodge Roll now takes priority over other skills and will interrupt those, so that you can quickly get away from hectic situations
  • Monsters will be dropped from sticky target if they move outside of the view
  • Corpses and dying enemies are now collision free
  • Most projectiles (ice shards, arrows, etc) now stick to walls for a short while instead of instantly disappearing
  • Companions respawn faster
  • Companions who fall behind and out of view either by being engaged in combat or for some reason getting stuck, will now teleport back to the player
  • Companions will now attempt to destroy any objects blocking their path when returning/following the player, so they are less likely to get stuck
Interface & Settings:
  • You can now toggle healthbars over your companions and yourself, check the Video & Interface options for the setting
  • Added new, better looking healthbars in the same style as the GUI ones
  • You can now unbind skills from the skill tree
  • You can now hit "Esc" to back all menus (changes to options are saved)
  • Added many new windowed resolution options for both 16:9 and 16:10
  • Added a fade in effect to menu
  • Cast speed of "Shield Throw" increased somewhat
  • All chests now drop crystals (rare chests drop more)
  • Shimmering chests has a new cool opening effect
  • Waypoints in most boss areas now spawn slightly to the sides to not block movement routes and interfere with click to move
  • Picking up an item of Unique or higher quality will save your character (just in case, since there have been some instability lately, I'd hate to see you lose progress)
  • Fixed potential crash on meteor spells
  • Fixed elite and champions that had the "minion" affix, after having it removed, putting their new affixes in the wrong order and therefore getting the wrong name rolled
  • Fixed "bomber" spell projectiles not moving and just bouncing on the monster
  • Fixed typo in "Seeker's Gambit" set bonus
  • Fixed unique item "Bat Bat" having super slow attack speed and granting you some negative 2 billion damage..
  • Fixed being able to get knocked into walls while using click to move
  • Fixed weird menu issues with 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Fixed Warden's Wolves taking very long to respawn
  • Fixed Warden's Wolves doing too much damage
  • Fixed Warden's Wolves having too long range on their pull effect (10x intended range)
  • Fixed Warden's Wolves spawning with a very fast animation speed
  • Fixed issue with player aim locking to the right
  • Fixed issue with player twitching and being unable to move in some cases when using click to move
  • Fixed returning companions getting stuck by repeatedly both trying to chase a nearby target and returning to the player
  • Fixed the delay in minimap getting refreshed when entering an area sometimes causing graphical errors (especially on Intel cards)
  • Fixed click to move causing the player to "rubberband" back and forth in some rare cases
  • Fixed rare crash on click to move where the character would mistake itself for an item and attempt to put itself in the inventory (silly huh)
  • Possibly fixed the game potentially eating your character in the same situation as above
  • Knockback now properly cancels movement while using click to move
  • Can now correctly perform Tumble and Dodge mid-walking using click to move as you can using WASD/gamepad

Version 0.32.0

  • Extra Ambient Light setting now has a greater effect so you might need to tweak that after updating (in Video & Interface options)
  • Added a Vsync option in the Video & Interface options
  • Added a Camera Smoothing option to the Video & Interface options (it is enabled by default - disable it if you experience stuttering with "click to move")
  • Added a Screenshake Intensity option in the Gameplay options
  • Added a new menu background
  • Added dark boxes behind text in the options and help menus to make it easier to read
  • Medella animates her teleport spells faster
  • Changed lighting of Shrine of Ayeela to something more subtle that won't take colors away from Medella
  • Removed the feature that puts random screenshoots as menu background
  • Minimap scale now scales more freely (20% per tick rather than a full 100%)
  • Players no longer collide with their companions and vice versa
  • Companions now match your movement speed so they don't fall behind as easily
  • Scroll of Challenge is now an Unique quality item so it's much easier to spot when dropped, and the droprate has been increased slightly
  • Picking up quest items related to an unobtained quest should now start that quest
  • Click to move controls updated to be more smooth
  • In-game update notes now list the more recent on top, and also has a scroll bar cause the list got too big
  • Fixed crash on hitting Esc while in certain sections of the pause menu
  • Fixed Champions in some rare cases getting a "minion" affix when they shouldn't
  • Fixed Elites not being properly saved and loaded if leaving and returning to a dungeon
  • Fixed Warden's Wolf Call ability not summoning the correct amount of wolves
  • Fixed being able to walk through walls with Warden's Tumble and Berserkers Dodge Roll abilities if using click to move
  • Fixed "+Crystal Find" stat affecting sell prices
  • Fixed act 2 "Keyholder" bosses dropping a quest item for act 1 along with their own
  • Fixed act 1 "Grieving Mother" dropping as many quest items as there are players in multiplayer, when only 1 is needed
  • Fixed some buffs not being removed from the interface when fading/being removed
  • Fixed getting your aim locked to the right sometimes if you were using sticky targeting
  • Fixed getting stuck on monsters when using Tumble or Dodge Roll in combination with click to move
  • Fixed inventory not correctly comparing with the secondary accessory slot when in vendors Sell menu
  • FINALLY fixed that weird crash happening in A Mysterious Garden
  • Resetting your skill points should now properly clear your aura effects from other players
  • Resetting your skill points now correctly removes companions granted by skills
  • Unequiping an item that grants or increases the companion amount now also correctly remove any granted companions

Version 0.31.0

  • Monsters can now come in elite packs! These are special versions of regular monsters with increased health and abilities. Like mini-champions!
  • Increased loot, crystals, and experienced gained from Champions
  • Champions have increased health and a higher minimum amount of affixes rolled, and will now spawn alone instead of in the middle of packs
  • Champions now draw 3 Crowns over their heads, and Elites draw 1
  • Reduced health bonus from "Extra Health" and "Super Health" monster affixes
  • The Old Tunnels, Deepwood, and Rosewood now have their waypoints spawn near the entrance
  • Chests now burst out their loot quicker
  • Enchants have been given rarities instead of just being randomly selected from pools
  • Enchants now affect the value of items, more rare enchants are worth more
  • Epic (purple) and Enchanted (blue) items now roll a minimum of 1 enchant (up from 0)
  • Epic items now drop less frequently
  • Quest items now display a "!" on themselves in the world so you are less likely to miss them!
  • The light around your character now fades in relation to your health
  • When respawning, nearby enemies are now knocked away
  • Elves are now considered Fae creatures and uses their affix (resistances changed)
  • Saboteur and Spellbinder monsters now have updated affixes to reflect their abilities
  • Treants now have a lowered resistance towards Fire and Frost skills
  • Monsters with resistance affixes now ignores previous weaknesses (such as treants having a natural weakness to fire), setting the resistance to a minimum of 50%
  • Added better effects to all arrow based skills
  • Increased projectile speeds for all arrow skills
  • Updated particle effects for all fireball/firebomb skills
  • Fixed Champions having a very low chance to spawn in select areas where they should not spawn at all
  • Fixed Champions not always listing their default affixes when rolling additional ones
  • Fixed Giant monsters sometimes being shrunk when becoming Champions
  • Fixed Killstreak timer incrementing when player took damage. Now only increments when any enemy receives damage or dies (as intended)
  • Fixed skill "Falling Sword" being the wrong color
  • Fixed skill "Shield Throw" targeting dead monsters and repeatedly playing the hit sound while bouncing off larger enemies
  • Fixed auto-activated waypoints not animating
  • Fixed buff display timers not always counting down properly
  • Fixed buff display timers showing 0 seconds remaining
  • Fixed certain buff effects such as the Wraithlord transformation not being visually cleared if just idling
  • Fixed Elven Archers sometimes shooting Multishot and Vineshot to the right instead of at their targets
  • Fixed Cael'is using melee attacks in some cases
  • Fixed crash on Cael'is fight
  • Consuming the final potion of a stack via the belt slot can no longer bind an already bound stack of potions
  • Updated Subworld logo to HD awesomeness

Version 0.30.2
  • High Priest boss colors changed, and uses some Blood spells to better fit the overall theme of the Fallen Temple
  • Void/holes are no longer considered line of sight blockers (like walls) for spells like Hellfire and Arrowhail
  • Fixed GUI saying "Sell" on the Buyback tab instead of "Buyback"
  • Fixed hotbar trying to draw an element color outline on unassigned slots
  • Fixed crash on High Priest fight
  • Fixed rare crash on monsters using the Blizzard mod
  • Fixed other players not being able to control menus on game pause even if they were the one who paused
  • Fixed not being able to finalize a name when using controller (it would skip the Save button and go straight to Back button)
  • Fixed Berserker's Explosive Punch being able to place you into void / walls if used against them repeatedly
  • Fixed party buffs not being correctly applied and in some cases constantly re-applied
  • Fixed pickup range, pickup strength, and buff duration sometimes being shown incorrectly in the stats screen
  • Fixed freeze / extremely long load time upon returning to Deepwood from Rosewood, or to Rosewood from A Mysterious Garden, without having visited the target zone in the current session
  • Fixed potential random crashes
  • Moving a stack of for example potions (or any stackable item) onto another one now stacks them as intended (mouse only, gamepad was fine)

Version 0.30.1
  • Fixed crash on applying certain debuffs (mainly burn effects) on targets
  • Fixed non-door exits (like stairs) not spawning in several areas, including the The Old Tunnels
  • Fixed old tileset being used for the Temple areas
  • Fixed chests spawning partially inside walls in The Rigged Vault
  • Fixed wrong tiles appearing in The Crumbling Reliquary
  • Fixed the lights having too short radius in The Arena of Death

Version 0.30.0

Because of many changes to existing areas and newly added areas, your world seeds will be re-rolled upon loading a character. This means that previously visited areas will look differently, but you'll keep your waypoints & progression. Things are just not located where you may remember them to be.

Item data system has been upgraded, all items and equipment should automatically be ported to the new system when you load an old character - you really shouldn't notice anything - but if any items are weird, let me know!

  • Added a full new chapter - "The Elver War" - complete with a whole 18 new areas filled with new monsters, unique monsters, secrets, quests, and bosses!
  • The entire first chapter has received a large update too:
  • 5 new optional areas
  • A new main area
  • New monsters in the later areas
  • General layout & room design changes
  • Challenge areas have been updated:
    • Challenge areas are now spawned when using a special scroll that may drop from champions, instead of the champion spawning the portal on death.
    • Champion challenge: New layout and now instead picks 1 of 8 pre-defined unique monsters to fight rather than randomized champions. More monsters will be added!
    • Treasure Challenge: New layout and 4 shimmering chests guaranteed!
    • Horde Challenge: New layout.
    • Unstable dimensions now use the monster spawn pool from the area it spawned in.
  • Added 35 new achievements for quests, secrets, items, and misc progression!
  • Updated some achievement icons.
  • "Captain No Moore" is now earned from killing Captain Moore rather than completing the quest associated with him.
  • Improved difficulty settings further, it should now be more balanced in terms of damage outputs and health pools.. and also more challenging at max difficulty!
  • Added 55 new pieces of equipment!
  • Added set items! Many existing items have been made part of sets and this change works retroactively with old saves, although the edited item's names will be wrong. Set bonuses will apply either way!
  • Each class has been given two special sets of items, dropping at level 30+ and more will come soon!
  • Added 4 item sets that are for any class.
  • Added many new quest rewards and unique monster specific items.
  • Updated the default stats of many items and quest rewards.
  • Many items had their names and/or images updated.
  • Some Legendary and Unique items have had their special properties changed or removed due to being added to the new Item Sets.
  • All equipment now roll stats from the same pools, based on rarity and a randomized modifier. This is because many new items have been added that aren't locked to classes and they needed to provide equally useful base stats for all classes.
  • Warlocks and Wardens should find that you have almost as large healthpools as Berserkers and Templars with new items, but Berserkers and Templars will take less damage due to being close range, so it should even out! (Some polish may be needed)
  • Critical hit chance is now preset on weapons and not related to rarity or chance, but may still be rolled as enchants on most item types (and in this case related to rarity and chance).
  • Healing potions have been improved to fit the new health levels.
  • Misc:
    • Lightning & pull visual effects updated.
    • Aura-like effects now have a visual aura.
    • Some passive effects have also been give an aura-like visual effect, such as the Templar's "Retaliation" passive skill.
    • Wolf Call, Infernal Demon, and all other summon spells now have a small spawn effect on the Summoned creature.
    • Updated the 200 kill streak meteor spell to be more effective.
  • Warden:
    • Wolf Call spell wolf does no longer cast Intimidation and Warcry, but instead casts Provoke to taunt enemies.
    • Wolf Call is now a permanent companion - they will accompany for as long as the skill is in a skill slot, and the wolves will revive automatically.
    • Tumble (right click) now removes root spells (stuff that sticks you to the floor).
  • Berserker:
    • Reduced maximum charge distance of Explosive Punch.
    • Shockwave now leaps to the cursor if using mouse and leaping a shorter than max distance.
    • Dodge Roll (right click) now removes root spells (stuff that sticks you to the floor).
  • Warlock:
    • Teleport now places you at the cursor if using mouse and teleporting a shorter than max distance.
  • Monster:
    • Increased range of monster thunder spells.
    • Added a new set of skills, using slow moving projectiles fired in clusters. Used by select monsters and random champions.
    • Changed how monster healing works.
  • Added a "resist all" enchant that may be rolled on Unique or higher items (and some special items of lower quality may have them, such as quest rewards), providing a low resistance to all elements
  • Added an "elemental power" enchant that may be rolled on Unique or higher items, providing low power to all elements
  • Elemental resistance (single) enchants are now much more powerful and will roll in higher numbers but physical resistance remains in lower numbers
  • 2x of the same type of satellite enchant can no longer be rolled on one item, but two different satellites can be rolled (eg not 2x molten but 1x molten 1x frozen)
  • "Thorns" enchant is now much more powerful and worthwhile
  • Satellite enchant orbs has recieved new animations!
  • Waypoints in boss areas now instantly activate upon entry so you don't miss them.
  • Monsters now become gibbed if the final hit is very large in proportion to their maximum health! (can be disabled via the Gameplay options menu).
  • Updated the aim pointers below characters.
  • Added some more stats related to achievements to the stats screen, such as how many challenge areas you've entered, potions consumed, etc.
  • Removed the flashy white when getting hit. Might add something else that is more subtle instead, for now there is nothing.
Monsters & Bosses:
  • Captain More is now a full boss fight!
  • Medella is now much larger to fit her end boss status.
  • Monsters with extra resistances now have a visual indication of their elemental resistance(s), much like auras.
  • "Static" affix monsters now release lightning orbs on death.
  • Added a few new unique monsters to some of the new areas in chapter 1.
  • Monster now cast many special spells more frequently and regardless whether they are in striking range or not.
  • Certain monsters may now command their lesser to focus their attacks on a player/companion.
  • Knockback affix is no longer a 100% chance to cause knockback (cause that was really annoying).
  • Monsters will now get angry at objects and break them if they block their path even while idling.
  • Bosses who are capable of movement (such as the High Priest), and all champions, now use better pathfinding than the average monsters.
  • Added some new champion affixes that grant special spells & abilities.
  • Added more names to the champion name pool.
  • Me and a couple friends tried some voice acting and did some vocals for some bosses and monsters... turned out alright I think!
  • Added sound for monsters: Zombie, Wraith, Ranger, Druid
  • Added sound for bosses: High Priest, Captain Moore, Cael'is, Feren'el
  • Added some new sound effects for various spells, effects, objects, and misc environment details
  • Added a Gambler NPC to town! She will sell you uknown items that may be of any rarity, and you don't know what you get until after you've purchased it.
  • Sarek no longer sells keys.
  • Sarek now carries 99x of Scroll of Return (instead of 5).
  • All torches light up on entry now so its not as dark.
  • The optional quest to kill Captain Moore has been inserted into the main storyline and been adjusted somewhat.
  • Quest text and NPC speech has been updated.
  • Quest rewards have been imrpoved a bit.
  • Added a new character creation screen with additional info about each class!
  • The menu will now create a blurred background from your screenshots, or use a default image if you have no screenshots (no more orange-brown-ish horrible gradient, yay)
  • Cutscene "bars" made slightly thicker and transparent at edges.
  • Update speech bubbles to include speaker name.
  • Updated some skill descriptions to be more informative & accurate.
  • Waypoint interface now displays crowns on boss fight areas.
  • Waypoints, doors, portals, etc now have improved and more visible name tags.
  • Spells now use a colored outline on their icons depending on their base element, visible in the talent screen and HUD.
  • Minions now take 30% more physical damage instead of 3000% ... silly maths!
  • In super rare cases several entrance/exit portals could be placed on the same location, this has been fixed.
  • Fixed speech text being drawn incorrectly on large monsters.
  • Fixed issue with world collisions on large monsters.
  • Summoning any portal (return protals, challenge, portals, etc) will now properly remove other portals of the same type.
  • Animations would in some rare cases miss the last frame, this has been corrected.
  • Spell light effects now properly fades, rather than disappearing instantly.
  • Fixed crash when trying to generate an item for a specific class and none were found (it now also allows for the no-class items to be generated when targeting a class).
  • Fixed target compass and overhead target diamonds being drawn in the wrong spot.
  • Fixed items rolling 2x of non-stacking enchants like knockback immunity.
  • Fixed players spawning to the side of portals rather than infront or on, when possible.
  • Fixed debuffs and damage over times all playing the sword hit sound instead of their element sound.
  • Fixed sattelite enchants targeting dead foes.
  • Fixed chain lightning effects jumping to dead foes.
  • Fixed "chill damage" being called "cold damage" in the stat screen.
  • Embershield visual effect now properly gets removed after the buff expires.
  • Fixed some buffs incorrectly stacking infinitely.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when performing an on-cursor type spell (like the warlock's Hellfire) in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed waypoints annoyingly spawning you inside them so you glitch out.
  • Fixed hitboxes for large spiders.
  • Fixed too high damage output for beholders.
  • Monsters should now properly smash objects in their path again.
  • Fixed bug where monster's critrate wasn't properly applied to their spells.
  • Fixed temple doors being wrong height and looking weird.
  • Fixed a bug in Berserker's Shockwave skill, making it possible to end up isnide wall if used repeatedly against one.
  • Fixed a bug in Warden's Embershot skill, causing it to kill all players in some circumstances.
  • Fixed being able to slide super slow when rooted.
  • Fixed bug in co-op where lower level players could assign points in high level skills if player 1 met the level requirements.
  • Fixed bug in co-op where the game would crash when player 3 or 4 assigned skill points.
  • Fixed bug in co-op where you sometimes couldn't assign skillpoints.
  • Fixed potential crash on generating unstable dimensions (I guess they really were unstable (⌐■_■) ).

Version 0.23.3

  • Fixed crash on killing a monster with the "Explosive" affix
  • Fixed spawn locations of chests inside the Treasury
  • Fixed crash in Trap Challenge
  • Fixed some issues with the Challenge area generation sometimes causing minor errors
  • Fixed closing stash with B on gamepad causing shop to be treated as stash
  • Treasury Key is now consumed upon entering The Treasury
  • The chests in the various challenge areas are now unlocked
  • Increased likelyhood of Legendary & Unique drop from a Shimmering chest
  • Increased overall drop count from chests
  • Chests now always drop consumable items such as potions or keys
  • Reduced base damage of all ranged enemies
  • "Minion" monsters who become champions are no longer considered Minions and will yeild approprate loot and higher stats

Hotfix 0.23.2

  • Templar can now properly move again after using block
  • AE/location spells now properly get removed when you move away from them (out of view)
  • Fixed monster spell "Blizzard" sometimes causing a crash upon attempting to spawn the ice clusters outside the map
  • Fixed general monster & special spells like Kill Streak spells sometime causing a crash when trying to damage something
  • Fixed chain lightning enchant always appearing from the player when it is triggered by far away AE spells (should now appear from the spell's centre)
  • Fixed recursion depth crash with chain lightning (technically the chain lightning enchant could trigger another chain lightning which could trigger another.. etc)
  • Fixed crash caused by Thorns damage
  • Fixed Thorns damage calculation from Templar's Retaliation skill
  • Fixed "Pickup Range" stat not being correctly applied
  • Fixed Pickups (health, mana, and crystals) sometimes landing in unreachable areas
  • Fixed item descriptions sometimes having a blank line in them when the item was locked to a different class
  • Fixed locked skills on the skills page causing transparency
  • Damage numbers are now visible slightly shorter for less clutter
  • Updated animation of Templar's block
  • Idle animation speed increased a little for all but Warlock
  • Autosaves are now also triggered on completing a quest
  • Increased base Pickup Range and effectiveness of +Pickup Range enchants

Version 0.23.0 - The Elemental Update

  • Added a shared stash! You can deposit or withdraw items to it, and share between save files.
  • Added elemental damage resistances and bonuses! All spells have also been set to certain elements, unless changed through specific equipment.
    Note: a future update will allow a much broader variety of elemental types on each class' spells - some elements are under-represented at this time
  • Added new enchants for the new stats, +Element power is considered Major and +Element resistance is considered Minor, so you can roll both on the same item
  • Monsters now have a type listed among their mods, for example "Undead" meaning certain base elemental resistance or weakness, in the case of Undead they are weak to Fire. The rest is for you to find out!
  • More types like these will be added over time.
  • Enemies now only scale after your equipment on Casual and Normal difficulties (instead of all, was too easy)
  • Difficulties above Normal have been adjusted and should prove more challenging
  • Difficulties above Normal now also set a minimum elemental resistance to all enemies (0,0,10,20,30)%
  • Champions have a base minimum of 10+difficultybonus% resistance
  • Chests are much more likely to become locked and require the keys (and hence award better loot)
  • Higher difficulties now increases experience gain by a set amount visible in your stats screen (0/0/10/20/35)%
  • Crystal gain is also increased in the same way with higher difficulties, now (0,0,15,25,50)%
  • The Experience required has been increased, especially on higher levels
  • Thorns/reflect damage can no longer crit
  • Damage over time effects now have their crit chance determined by their type; bleed 20%, burn 10%, misc 5%, poison 0%
  • It is now slightly harder to find Legendary and Unique equipment without increased +Magic find, overall item quality roll chances has been rebalanced a bit
  • Templar and Berserker have some base resistances to account for them being melee classes. (15% and 10% respectively, to all elements)
  • All accessory items have had their stats rebalanced and in general been made more useful
  • Slightly increased proc rates of some damage enchants (chain lightning etc)
  • Reduced item sell prices
  • Increased power of Mana potions, especially high level ones
  • Healing potions now heal half instantly and half over 5 seconds, but they heal the same total as before
  • Changed how experience gain from killstreaks are calculated, and reduced it a bit, but now you get more bonus exp per kill the longer the streak is
  • All Unique and Legendary items have changed or been granted additional enchants - Unique and Legendary items are now more powerful but also more rare
  • Robe of Corruption now causes poison damage to attackers, rather than just "damage"
  • Added 7 new Unique items found on Unique monsters spawning randomly in selected areas
  • All spells have had an "element" set - increasing the relative element power will increase the damage output of all spells of that element
  • Many passive skills that previously made certain skills deal more damage now instead grants elemental power in the relative element, stacking with any equipment enchants
  • Spells that appear on or over targets and now line of sight based - so if your character can't "see" them, eg behind a wall, you cannot cast at them. The spell will land at whatever is blocking the view instead.
    Note: this is primarily so that Warlock and Warden aren't able to cast spells on other sides of walls - you should still be able to reach enemies hiding behind single pillars (cause otherwise it would be annoying) - consider this feature experimental..
  • Infernal Demon is now more clever and does not use his abilites unless someone is in range for them
  • Templar's Barrier now grants elemental resistances instead of flat damage reduction
  • Monsters have gained base resistances to various elements
  • Champions may roll a resistance affix for further increased resistance
  • Champions have a minimum resistance of 10% to all (scales with difficulty), meaning weaker monsters like Bats aren't as easy to kill while as champions (but still easier than most other champions)
  • Monsters labelled "Minion" are much weaker and has now a reduced chance to drop loot
  • Medella (boss) will cast many of her spells more frequently
  • The Treasury now only spawns rare chests!
  • Checking an accessory item now points arrows to both slots, the one being compared to being opaque and the other transparent
  • Adjusted some more text color values
  • The difficulty select screen now display how much magic find, crystal find, and experience gained you get as bonus.
  • Health and Mana regeneration is now visible on health and mana bars (estimated value next second based on current regeneration)
  • "Minions" are renamed "companions"
  • Short duration companions are called "summon"
  • Collision checks updated, cannot get pushed around with big enemies ganging up on you any more, and you'll always slow down if you collide with something
  • Explosions now cause a large amount of light to burst
  • Added help index on the elements
  • Fixed a drawing depth issue with satellite enchants
  • Nova spells (monster's) no longer spawn all projectiles at dead centre, meaning you are less likely to take them all to the face (because that hurts)
  • Fixed issues with collision boxes and hit boxes on certain up-scaled enemies
  • Fixed spikes killing a player instantly when attempting to respawn on it
  • Fixed Templar's block not working as intended
  • Fixed Berserker's Fist of Fury getting stuck in animation if being knocked back mid-animation
  • Fixed Warlock's teleport getting stuck in animation if being knocked back on teleport end
  • Fixed passive effects not disappearing when using a respec elixir
  • Fixed chain lightning effects not being able to target the same base enemy
  • Fixed chain lightning enchant and orbs to properly jump 3 times as listed
  • Fixed bug with secret rooms being closed off and inaccessible after re-entering the zone
  • Pets now properly despawn when you die
  • Unique / quest monsters now guaranteed to spawn somewhere in each area - there was a miniscule chance they wouldn't earlier

Version 0.22.1:

Spawn hotfix
Can now properly spawn again.

Version 0.22:

  • You can now take Steam screenshots! I look forward to seeing your shots!
  • Sarek the vendor now sells Elixir of the Mind, allowing you to reset your skill allocations
  • Enemy difficulty is now not only scaled to your level, but also to your equipment - but only downwards. So if you have old / low quality equipment, enemies will not grow in strength as fast. This should grant a smoother difficulty cruve and overall better experience!
  • You now have a "gear score" calculated and displayed in the inventory to see how you're doing - it's just a rough calculation but you should try to keep the value as close to 100% as you can
  • Waypoints will spawn closer to the entrance in most areas
  • You can now hold control to buy 10x of stackable items
  • You can now quickly check up to 10 nearby items on the ground that are of Enchanted or higher quality by holding Alt or pressing the left stick on the gamepad (default - can be rebound in the options)
  • You are now less likely to find items for other classes than your own (about half the drops of epic or lower quality should now be guaranteed to suit you, higher quality always suits you)
  • Added an "Extra Ambient Light" option so you can make the overall lightning in the game stronger or weaker to better suit your monitor and room lighting
  • Added lighting check on first time startup (everyone will get it after the update) to configure the "Extra Ambient Light" right away
  • Removed the world scale option for now (causes some problems with low scaling and a massive performance impact if you got a high res monitor)
  • Slightly increased the range on many light sources
  • The way menu buttons (and the majority of the main menu in general) are handled internally was rewritten to better support large resolutions and uncommon aspect ratios (I have very limited testing options myself se please let me know if anything is weird!)
  • Update hero load screen to be fancier and also allow deleting of heroes
  • Collision system updated so you no longer get pushed around by enemies and minions, but you can still push them
  • The main menu now displays the load screen tips on a random rotation
  • A cancel button has been added to the difficulty select menu to exit back to the menu - this is temporary and a proper way to navigate back to a previous menu will be implemented (current system is a bit limited unfortunately, shame on me)
  • Some general touch up to the various interface screens
  • The Tunnels are now filled with spider eggs.. be careful
    Spiderlings no longer spawn in The Tunnels
  • Removed the Shrine from the High Priest Altar zone as the boss would sometimes go up and hide behind it (like the coward he is)
  • Spiderlings and bats have had their collision boxes reduced in size so they can flock better
  • The High Priest boss now has Thunder spells added to his attacks!
  • Medella (the blood queen) now has some more sound effects for her spells
  • Warlock: Infernal Demon now summons at mouse cursor instead of next to player
  • Enchants have been divided into Major and Minor enchants
  • Items can now roll up to 2 enchants depending on quality - one Major and one Minor
  • Items are also more likely to roll enchants
  • Most enchant descriptions had to be condensed to fit with item descriptions and other enchants - hopefully they still make sense
  • Added new enchant: "Anchoring" - makes you immune to knockback and pull effects. Can be rolled on armors and accessories and is considered a Major enchant

    Added new type of enchant type called "satellites":
    • "Thunderous" - a lightning orb circles the player and casts Chain Lightning at nearby enemies, once per second
    • "Frozen" - a frozen orb circles the player and casts a single Ice Shard at nearby enemies, once per second
    • "Molten" - a molten orb circles the player and casts Firebomb at nearby enemies, once per second
    • "Voodoo" - a poison orb circles the player and poisons enemies that are within ~4 meters for 10 seconds, twice per second
    • "Angelic" - a holy orb circles the player and casts Holy Bolt at nearby enemies, twice per second
      These satellite enchants are available on helms, armors, and accessories of epic quality or higher and are considered Major enchants
  • Accessories are no longer locked to certain qualities, and only have a minimum quality set. They can now be rolled between their minimum and Epic quality, making many early items more useful later in the game
  • Items with "The" in the name got weird with enchants, so those names have been changed to exclude the "The"
  • Many item descriptions had to be condensed to fit the new double enchant texts
  • Power Ring now rolls movement speed instead of crit rating

    Added new items:
    • Stormforce - accessory, Unique, always rolls the Thunderous enchant
    • Wintertale - accessory, Unique, always rolls the Frozen enchant
    • Demon's Guile - accessory, Unique, always rolls the Molten enchant
    • Bad Voodoo - accessory, Unique, always rolls the Voodoo enchant
    • Ring of Hope - accessory, Unique, always rolls the Angelic enchant
    • Elixir of the Mind - consumable, Unique, resets your skill points on use
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur in the vendor inventory
  • Fixed some minor steam API issues
  • Fixed Warden being able to have two sets of pets granted by the Wolf Call spell in combination with the Druid's Scroll item
  • Fixed being pushed into walls by minions and enemies
  • Fixed minions sometimes being angry at you and targeting you for no good reason
  • Fixed class bio in the new hero screen overlapping buttons and characters in 16:10 resolutions
  • Fixed avatar displaying incorrect timer just upon death
  • Fixed music being disabled by default
  • Fixed issue with gamepad option being toggled by default, making certain features not work as intended if a gamepad wasn't used - the gamepad option should automatically be disabled if no gamepads are connected on startup
  • Fixed not being able to throw out equipment if you had hovered the item over your inventory first
  • Fixed the marker on the currently selected quest in the quest log causing a hole or transparency in the interface
  • Fixed being stuck in animation after knockback (hopefully for good this time!)
  • Portals should now be cleared from the minimap when they despawn
  • Quest reward items should now always be your level, "random" rewards follow the loot scheme (+-2 levels) but will always fit your class
  • The High Priest boss should now be immune to knockback and pull effects as intended

Version 0.21:

  • Bonus experience enchant now uses prefix "Teaching" instead of "Learning"
  • The "Thunder" enchant (+ chain lightning damage) is now called Lightning and uses the prefix "Electrifying" instead of "Thunderous"
  • Some enchants are now locked to higher qualities: special damages (like burn, chill, poison etc) are locked to Epic and higher quality items
    Note: Items generated in previous versions will keep the old prefixes and enchants that are outside of the new rules - the changes affect only items created as of this update
  • Health and Mana potions are more likely to drop
  • Items of higher quality now has a higher chance of rolling enchants, instead of relying on magic find chance to determine if an enchant should be rolled
  • Keys and Elixirs are less likely to drop
  • Stacks now go to 30, increased from 10
  • Most projectile spells have had their world collision boxes made smaller so they can move closer to walls. This does not affect hitboxes and enemy/breakable collisions
  • Skullblast now poisons for 10 seconds instead of 3
  • Added waypoints to the following areas: Servant Dormitory, Guard Barracks, Storage Area
  • Added an update notes button to the main menu so you can read what's changed
  • Added some new tips to loading screens
  • Bleed effects tick damage more frequently
  • Default configuration of gamepad keys has been changed to be more user-friendly, yours will remain as you've set them though.
  • Locked chests now inform you that they are locked if you don't have any keys on you
  • Most poison effects have had their durations increased (poison enchanted weapons tooltips will not be updated if the item was generated in earlier versions, but the effect is updated)
  • Poison effects tick damage much less frequently
  • Sarek should no longer sell items of higher than Epic quality
  • Spike traps now react slightly slower, giving you a more time to dodge them
  • You can now close the interface with the Esc key for convenience
  • You now respawn much faster
  • All chests in the Treasure challange now properly explode on time up
  • Dying while performing a Berserker dodge roll or Warden backflip no longer causes the player's corpse to slide away
  • Enemies dying from reflected/thorns damage will now properly use their "on death" mods, such as Explosive
  • Exiting a challenge area upon death should now properly do so rather than restart it
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when dragging an item from the inventory into equipment and then dropping it instead of equipping it in a slot
  • Fixed the spawn countdown in some cases not starting, leaving the player dead
  • Fixed crash upon saving and exiting while in the vendors inventory and then re-entering the game
  • Fixed gamepad keybinds being mapped to the wrong players (all rebinds should now work)
  • Fixed getting stuck in attack animation after being knocked away
  • Fixed getting stuck / twitching after closing interface menu
  • Fixed evasive abilities (Berserker's dodge roll, Warden's backflip, Warlock's teleport) moving you weirdly or based on targets when using sticky targeting and mouse controls - should now aim with mouse cursor
  • Fixed Warden's wolf companions seemingly not taking damage - turns out they just had massive health pools. Their health has been adjusted
  • Fixed typo in Templar description and some GUI elements
  • Fixed typo in several quests and NPC texts
  • Fixed tiling errors in challenge areas
  • Fixed some weird aiming behaviour with sticky targeting
  • Keys are now being properly consumed when opening locked containers
  • Return portals now properly spawn after finishing a challenge area
  • Spawning at the dungeon entry no longer clones you
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