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A list of things that would make the game perfect-ish
I Would like to list some things that would make the game even better then it already is.
Note these are in no particular order. and i no the game devs have forgotten this game and are supposedly making a sequal this is just a list of things ideas or improvements i could make to the game. and of corse let me know if you have any other ideas or you think i am wrong about all of this.

Number 1: More islands and cities. Now when i created an large adventure universe i expected it to be larger with more islands, Cites, and higher difficulty but instead it was the same amount of islands just more spread out and the islands themselves were larger.

Number 2: Dungeon islands. the idea of this is that in adventure mode you could come across islands that were claimed by enemies like say an island that the rorac had built a village on or an island were the hollow knights destroying stuff. each of these would have challenge on them like "Defeat the leader" A miniboss fight or somthing an npc at a city island would hand out these quests giving you a cool reward.

Number 3: Less glitchy multiplayer. I Dont know about you but when i create a host or join a multiplayer game it is so buggy like chat reapeting itself over and over or loading screens taking forever or just random crashes and just so many bugs. (Now i mean just joining random peoples islands not actual servers)

Number 4: More npcs, enimes, and the ability to change world icons in creative mode. As someone who spends most of the game in creative mode i build quite alot and i could add most npcs with like a limit of say 100 or 50 npcs that would be cool and make a city feel more lived in instead of having to use "Manaquins" excuse me "Mana- oh forget it. and spawning more enimes such as Hollow Knights or bosses would be kind of cool. and finally editing world icons, now this is quite a minor thing but it would still be cool is to edit world icons. like say having a desert with a tropical icon or if i am trying to build a city having that tower icon thing on the island.

Number 5: Editable workship items. my final complaint is that why arent workship items editable if i download a world i would like the ability to edit it place blocks npcs or just general creative mode within downloaded items or community content.