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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online

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Lumos  [developer] May 4, 2016 @ 12:50pm
[FEEDBACK] Underground Base - Prototype Testing
Greetings, Operatives!

In this patch, we have added a prototype map for Terminal Conquest Mode called Underground. We are in the process of creating this map due to the community’s need for a new map in the TC cycle. In addition, the goal of 1 million kills was met throughout our free weekend on Steam, which unlocked the map ahead of schedule!

Your feedback during the prototype phase is crucial and we would like to hear your thoughts as you play and explore the map. For the next two weeks, please leave your feedback in this thread, focusing on 3 areas:
• Fun element
• Map size
• Balance of each terminal

Here are some screenshots to help guide you as you play through the map. Feel free to mark and repost as necessary to convey your feedback:


There are routes to get to the capture area of Terminal A from above! This is a great way to ambush your enemies.

Terminal B is centered on the train tracks. The capture area includes up to the area below the train tracks. This mean you can capture the terminal without being exposed to the enemy.

Use the second floor to get to the terminal easily!

Terminal C is comprised of heaps of sand, so there are various spaces to take cover. Proactively infiltrating into those spaces and occupying the advantageous spots will be beneficial in leading the conquest!

Please stay on topic and keep the conversation about Underground feedback. Please note that the map is a work in progress, but not all feedback/suggestions can or will be implemented. Any changes made to the map will be announced in this thread.

Be sure to report any bugs in this thread:

We will be actively checking in on this thread to answer any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and dedication, we are looking forward to hearing all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions!

-The First Assault Team-
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black7coat May 4, 2016 @ 1:42pm 
im pleased for FFA (Free for All) which is a classic standard in all kind of this games

im also pleased for more maps in general

I love this game and i wish deep you create fast a very good development without too much pay2win

thank you
Qc_La_Racaille May 4, 2016 @ 2:35pm 
I played it a few times and i find it is hard to get the other team off the B terminal. Mostly because of that container. The guy capturing only has to watch the inside while his team covers the open. It's hard to get him out of there because you have to jump between the two containers to get to him, and suffer an accuracy penalty when you engage him. I will probably find a way to reliably assault that position but so far it is challenging. I also tried to use the second floor to quickly get to the terminal but it was instant suicide most of the time. But i am curious to know how well you can use this path with super sprint. I would love to see a litle bit more cover in the hallways between the terminal, nothing big, just a few crates or debries that would provide half cover. What i like so far is that there is a lot of places to ambush the other team if they capture B and make it easier to defend the last terminal. I only managed to capture it once so far. Games last longer on this map because of the constant back and forth and it's less likely to be a 3-0 wich is nice too.
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Salapass May 4, 2016 @ 2:57pm 
To be honset, I'm a little conflicted on how I feel about this map.

-Snipers are somewhat viable
-3 terminals make for shorter games
-The addition of a second floor adds new and creative ways to approach the terminals
-The size of the map and how open the terminals are encourage players to hold more than just the terminal (as opposed to the other maps where I find that players most of the time just group up and all sit on the terminal)

-The sites are so wide open that instead of spamming grenades to clear the terminal, people can throw grenades AND shoot you six ways from sunday (you may think six ways is an exaggeration, but I have literally been shot from six different directions while sitting on terminal B)
-The only choke points on the map are between the terminals. I find that this encourages players (mostly me) to push past the objectives to hold those choke points (and basically spawn camp).
-At terminal B, I find that there are a so many ways to flank the enemy team that most people are too busy shooting each other to play the objective.

As pessimistic as I may sound, I really do like this map. This map could use more suitable cover around terminal B because it is far too open. The areas between sites could be widened or more tunnels could be added to compensate for how small that part of the map feels. However, I think the addition of a second floor is incredibly fun. There is nothing quite like dropping down on your enemies or using the back stairs to flank your opponents. The large size makes strategy and coordinating more crucial, which is so much more fun that just running and sitting on the terminal until you die. If this map had some tunnels between A anc C, this map would also be amazing for TDM. This map has great potential and could use some refining. I can't wait to see the final version of this map!
Chenzho May 4, 2016 @ 3:24pm 
I have to say, this map is actually a breath of fresh air for me.

Reminds me of the large, open structures seen in games like Halo: Combat Evolved. Makes the player feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. The size of the map is nothing bad to me.

The points themselves seem fair to defend and capture. Plenty of windows to snipe and cover from, but plenty of opportunities to get flanked while camping up there.

This map gets a thumbs up from me.
CrusaderF8 May 4, 2016 @ 6:14pm 
It's not bad, but I have to bring up what I like to call "The BS Boxcar", which is the boxcar with an open end right next to point B.

It is far, FAR easier for the one team to gain access to that boxcar, and said boxcar provides a fairly large advantage to whoever holds it.

I find that the second floor area with the window covering the objective isn't nearly as beneficial to whomever holds it, since it's far easier to shoot into that second floor area than it is into that boxcar, and that second floor area doesn't provide a direct line of sight onto the point.
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cherryberry May 4, 2016 @ 7:34pm 
boxcar is a death trap
Xinfo May 4, 2016 @ 7:55pm 
I love the verticallity of the map, the game was missing something like that. Though and as multiple said already, the box car is a bit ridiculous and terminal B is so open that when defending it you get blasted by either grenades, sniper positions, frontal assalts, the box of death and so on. Quite frankly terminal B is so cluttered that just sending two seekers can clear out most people.

The first time I played the map, I legit thought that we would lose because the other team had B sealed tight. But through sheer luck and or skill we perserved and won capturing all the points. I guess what I'm saying is that B stands for brutality.

Midir May 4, 2016 @ 8:08pm 
Like most others I thought that B was way too open, but you can get some excellent flanking going by jumping up the broken ladders. The general largeness of the map is as above pretty great since most of the other maps in the game are only large by appearance and are pretty corridor-based.

If I had one bad thing to say it would be that the final cap point for Ghost B is a bit too easy to defend as the openness doesn't lend itself well to a sustained assault and the only solid vantage point is in the vents, whereas Ghost A can be dropped in on from directly above with grenades or seekers, allowing the attackers to swamp the point easily.
more cover on the B terminal

preferably overhead cover to prevent nade spam
Mahou May 5, 2016 @ 2:25am 
After playing about 3-4 matches of Terminal Conquest on this map I am ready to give my opinion.

- The Centre of the map is designed nicely with nice placement of the trucks as cover and a good vantage point from above in the open window.
- The map seems to be quite fun with it's tight combat and blind corners ensuring you need to be ready for what is around a corner when you move in.
- Terminal A has a nice feel to the combat above the Terminal along with the windows peering into the Terminal itself.

- The corridors around the centre are very open and should include some extra cover for those who tend to stick to closed up environments, rather than in the open.
- The final Terminals seemed to be very easy to either be trapped or get trapped by enemies, meaning a large amount of time would be spent trying to fend off the opposition or intrude on the enemy's Terminal. This could be solved by opening up the areas slightly.

Overall a nice map design but, with a few adjustments, the map could become something really incredible. This would also be a good map for DM type game modes.
techie4242 May 5, 2016 @ 2:36am 
I like this map. It would be interesting to introduce even higher levels / platforms to help snipers, as well as more random crates to hide behind. Some sort of extra long link between points A and C would also be useful as the only way at the moment to move between them is via B which can be almost impossible to pass through at times. There are moments where one team has a *much* easier time to hold a point which gives them a distinct advantage.

Overall though, this map is fun and frustrating at the same time - thanks :D
Diplomacy May 5, 2016 @ 4:07am 
I guess I am interested to know if it is going to stay at 3 terminals or grow to the typical 5. I have not formed an opinion on there only being 3, but I am curious.

The map seems to have some good potential for other game modes as well.
Wolf Man Dan May 5, 2016 @ 4:15am 
Map Size:
A bit too small, 2 games played and both games 1 win / 1 loss both ended under 3 minutes. It seems a little easy to rush forward and wait for spawns. If every capture was B, and there was no A/CC it could be interesting but unless A/C have a large advantage for their respective sides I dont think many games will last longer than 5 minutes.

Fun Element:
The layout is amazing and different to other maps with lots of ways to go to get anywhere, Look forward to seeing it textured.

A - is nice, having to make sure you keep moving with an open area above however I believe its too easy for a few players to control entry points from spawn
B - is great, lots of vantage points and areas to shoot from, plenty of cover and corners etc
C - may need some work, if defending C is very hard to maintain, I feel its too close to B (Same with A)

Overall, I believe the map design is great, the size is more appropriate for a demolition game (or TC with just capturing B again and again)
Aeriel May 5, 2016 @ 7:57am 
Played some 8 matches as Ghost A, lost all of them.

In my opinion, terminal A is mostly alright, if more confined than the other ones. Also, I had a feeling that it takes a bit more time for Ghost A to come to the terminal A to defend it, than to come to terminals B&C, which gives slight advantage to the attackers. I might be wrong about this though.

Terminal B is pretty good.

Terminal C is way difficult for the attackers. Large open space that can be observed and defended from several different points at once is in a contrast to site A where usually there's the main entrance and the window (the floor above is most oftenly under constant combat and it's rare that somebody drops in from that way).

Haven't tried yet playing as Ghost B so this opinion is incomplete, and I'd like hearing other people's opinions too.

EDIT: forgot to say, I do love the map and wish there were more like it. How about the nuclear reactor map from the end of the 2GIG, where there's a vertical shaft through which people can drop?
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Muscarine May 5, 2016 @ 9:38am 
Haven't played on it extensively yet but so far so good.
General feeling :
It's much more opened but there are both opportunities for CQC and long range fights granted you know how to position yourself depending on your weapon.
The hallways maybe lack just a tiny bit more cover opportunities, although i like that it gives the upper hand to long range for once.
The map as a whole is kinda short, why did you dismiss the third terminals ? When you get mid point you tend to snowball into the second point before the losing team has enough time to recollect.
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