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The Conclusion of Conveyence puzzle is so hard I don't think I'll play the game any more.
I was so happy the day I grinded the stuffs to get the Galaxy Spiral Drill that I went and scored a new armor set too. I kept playing looking for stuff to do until I hit that puzzle.

I can't be asked to invest this much energy in this freaking puzzle, I hate how coordinated you have to be. Not everyone can do stuff like this, devs, there has to be a way to make it easier. :facepunch:
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either turn down the puzzle speed or just watch a guide.
I'll turn it down to zero and report back. It's so infuriating holy crap.
git gud
5 day old post, but figured I'd weigh in.

For most of the later game puzzles, I usually did one of two things:

-Ran the puzzle from finish to start to see what I was going to be up against.

-Brought out the quickmenu to 'pause' the game while I mentally caught up with the next move I had to do.

When I started this game, I was definitely not expecting this level of puzzles. I decided I was going to play this game with a controller, and I half-regret it -- it's a little less carpal-tunnel inducing to spam fire with a controller, but the precision of a mouse would have made some of these bits much easier.
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