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Does the story get better eventually?
So, I'm enjoying the game so far and the only question I've got is whether or not the story eventually picks up? The premise is very interesting and I have no problem with the gameplay, but the story seems to progress VERY slowly.

(Kinda) Minor spoilers below

I'm about to enter the Faj'ro temple and thus far the story progression seems to be:

You do a thing, you 'log out for the day', watch a tiny cut-scene, then Sergei asks about whether or not you remember anything. Lea shakes her head, whereupon Sergei says something like 'well, it will come back eventually I guess. Meanwhile, let's just play more' and that's pretty much it so far?

I mean, it's not awful or anything, but I'm wondering when the story is going to pick up? Or do I have to finish ALL of the dungeons before that happens?

Thanks :)
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Luvenben Jul 22 @ 10:59am 
yeah progression go kinda like
-tutorial and two long dungeons
-exposition dump
-three short dungeons
-best area in the game
-final chapter
ShTuRm Jul 22 @ 11:00am 
Right, so just gotta wait a bit longer then. That's encouraging. Thanks!
Merim Jul 23 @ 12:23pm 
Yeah, the story start to feel more personal later on.
Rodrick Aug 5 @ 8:33am 
So? did you keep on going? is your jaw on the floor yet?
if not, please go back to playing. The first half of it is getting you to the world and setting the stakes.
Then it all goes balls to the wall insane and I found myself screaming at the tv. its good mate
I will say the game maybe withholds too much info for the end. I would have preferred a slower drip of info and reveals rather than what happened with most of it being dumped in the last few hours. This is especially the case for one of the antagonists who isn't revealed until very makes it hard to care about the character at all. They do so many things right with the plot (Lea is the best) but the ending could have been handled a little better for me.
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