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Is this game supposed to be exhausting?
Insane amount generic, mind numbing puzzles, puzzle based enemies.
Having 10% resistance, but still taking extra damage as if i have negative value of it.
Playing on "normal" feels like Dark Souls but with puzzles.
Is this supposed to be like that?
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Luvenben Jun 14 @ 6:33am 
you might be taking extra damage because being in elemental mode gives you 50%+ resistance to the element you are using but 50%- to the opposite element,
im assuming you are in the temple mine and yes i agree, the puzzles in that one are wayyy too annoying so ijust recommend using a guide to breeze through it because the temples DO get better mechanics later on, one thing that helps a TON is using the "ice-walkers" (which you can trade for in bergen village) as they completely remove ice physics,
as for the difficulty, just upgrade your gear, yepp, most of your stats will come from gear rather than levels
Luvenben Jun 14 @ 6:33am 
sorry for my long drawn out sentences lel
Zoku Jun 14 @ 8:54am 
Take breaks? It's a hard game.

Iunno what you mean by generic puzzles though. The puzzles require quite a bit of skill and logic to solve them.

I'm actually taking a small break right now after getting my butt handed to me by the Final(?) DLC boss.
Merim Jun 14 @ 12:55pm 
Well the game did warn you its going to be difficulty in both combat and difficulty, you did read it before proceeding right? Thats how the game is meant to be made, suppose to be hard.

On other news, I am pretty sure there are ways you can get better other than "Git gud". Just get stronger equipment, thats mainly important in terms of combat. Level ups is useful in terms of techniques, and dont bother farming also because the game will make it harder for you to farm. Plus, you only need 1000 exp for a level up, theres no increase for every level up.

Edit: Also for puzzles, I cant really give you an advice other than "Git Gud", but then there are walkthrough videos in case you are lost and cant seem to figure out the problem which is the only advice I have for you. The rest you'll have to do better.
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The thing that can make the game exhausting is that every map is a puzzle. Every single map, down to the towns and getting high up or out of reach chests. Compare that to a game like Zelda where you go through shrines or dungeons and then have somewhat of a cooldown making your way to the next. This game is throwing everything at you at all given times, and many of the overworld maps require you to find that one tiny spot that allows upward access to pretty much the rest of that area and perhaps surrounding areas. That said I think its a brilliant game that really sucks me in but it can get to be a bit much if I spend too much time at once.
If you're taking extra damage despite having resistance, it's because you're taking damage opposite to the element you're using. So for example, in the Temple Mine dungeon you unlock the Heat element. When using that element, you'll take extra damage from ice attacks (which the dungeon has in multitude since its an ice dungeon with ice based enemies).

When using Heat, you do bonus damage to Ice enemies and they do bonus damage to you. This holds true for the rest of the elements in the game.
Yeah, it's a pretty exhausting game in terms of time consumption and puzzle after puzzle. Boss fights are fine tbh, I just found myself taking a break from the game each dungeon I reached due to the sheer wall of puzzles.
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