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Help: Computer is overheating when playing game, what to do?
Hey, so I just got the game, and I'm enjoying it a lot. However, after playing it for a bit, my laptop starts to overheat which is obviously a bad thing. What do I do to prevent this? I've turned off particle/weather effects and the rest of the togglable effects, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Is there anything I should do specifically to make the game run without overheating my computer?
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get a fan and cardboard boxes
!. put fan on its side
2. use boxes to support fan
3. place laptop on fan
4. laptop will overheat less now (provided you turn the fan on)
When I had that problem with Slime Rancher, it was because my computer didn't actually meet the minimum requirements. So, "get a non-potato laptop" is also theoretically an option (in practice, it's probably too expensive).
Morgan Jul 3 @ 3:44pm 
Originally posted by HeraldOfOpera:
When I had that problem with Slime Rancher, it was because my computer didn't actually meet the minimum requirements. So, "get a non-potato laptop" is also theoretically an option (in practice, it's probably too expensive).
I do actually have a gaming laptop that can run plenty of games fine (so long as I turn down the graphics settings), I'm just having trouble with CrossCode specifically because I can't find a graphics option to turn down.
Xanth™ Jul 3 @ 4:19pm 
I good gaming pc should never overheat, even if you use everything at the maximum. If it overheats it means the fans and cooling system inside are not enough and again, this shouldn't occur on any good setup. Overheating is very bad on the long run, since it hurts components. At some point wear and tear will let something break and in most laptops you cannot really repair something or change parts.
I'm playing on a gaming laptop and no matter what I try I can't seem to get the temperature (on cpu and gpu) above 82°C (and thats stuff like Total Warhammer 3). The fans start blasting like a starting aircraft to keep everything cool. Which is how it should be even if cpu and gpu gets used to 100%.

So how in the world can your pc overheat in a game like CrossCode?
Theoretically this could happen because your laptop doesn't think its a game and doesn't start the fans.
Solution would be to manually set fans up to the maximum if necessary. You could try Speedfan (though in my experience it won't work with most laptop fans). Other idea would be to try to find some software from your laptops manufacturer. Lenovo for example has software for their gaming laptops to control cooling and fans.

Do you have overheating problems in other games? Are the fans running when you play the game? If yes and it doesn't cool down, open up the pc and clean it properly. Dust is very effective in blocking the airflow inside a pc and thus letting it overheat. So cleaning is even more important in laptops since they tend to be cramped.

When all this doesn't help you should maybe thinking about getting a new pc (the most expensive option). If you're getting a new pc always try to get one which has a good cooling system. Again even if you use every single part of it (cpu, gpu, ram really everything) at 100% it shouldn't overheat. Thats ideal, since you can have such a system very likely for years to come. It doesn't always need to be the absolute high-end system (thats also expensive) but at least it should keep cool under all circumstances.
Morgan Jul 3 @ 5:46pm 
Okay, I tried playing the game again and I don't think the fans are running at all. So there's my problem. Thanks for your help.
123 Jul 8 @ 9:10pm 
Originally posted by Morgan:
Okay, I tried playing the game again and I don't think the fans are running at all. So there's my problem. Thanks for your help.
Fan control programs are quite nice, using MSI afterburner here. (Does not need a MSI card.)

I've got a fan profile that baselines at 40%, rises to 70% at 30-50C, then going to 60 raises it to 100%. Also monitoring, to give GPU and CPU temps in the notifications part of taskbar. Is nice.
Make sure to enforce V-sync so that your laptop does not attempt to produce 999fps and hence overheat. It does not need to go over 60fps. This can be done inside nvidia or AMD control panel. Do not know if intel iGPU offers the same thing, but you can probably run this game on the iGPU since it is 2d.
Pacing it like that makes the gpu work less (even if it's 2d) and the cpu work less since there's much less it needs to send to the video card (since it's less often).
Limiting to 30fps is more drastic, but can be done on battery to save power.
If your laptop overheats, the cooling in insufficient from the factory, or the cooling is clogged/dirty or just broken.
If your laptop overheats, it's recommended to make sure to fix it asap and not run things that encourage overheating until you do. It's best not to use it until it's repaired otherwise you could end up with heat-damaged components, and then a 60$ or less repair becomes a 300~500$ repair (or worse, parts unavailable, then it's a brick).
There are laptop coolers which are usually under 40$, which you can set your laptop upon for some game-time if some or all of the fans in your machine aren't up to task. That said, it's a band-aid vs a fix and not considered the best option compared to actually fixing the problem inside the laptop.
If you're going to game often at home then get a desktop; even one that's a few years old is fine if you don't do the latest ray-tracing stuff, just keep in mind prices have come back to 'sane' levels for most things. So don't get ripped off.
Often, a can of compressed air will blow out a LOT of dust in laptops and should be done every other month or so at bare-minimum, or every month if you live in a less-sealed environment such as one with pets or smokers.
Smoking is *REALLY* bad for PC's and covers them in a tacky, smeary, dust-attracting film. I know. I smoke. Don't smoke kids, trust me, it sucks; and your computer will thank you if you don't (n/m it's really expensive now and you could have bought games or GPUs with that money). Plus, now that many do not smoke, women will HATE that smell/habit.
Pet hair, well, should be obvious as you'll see it congregating near the vents of the unit on the intake areas, and can be really tough to remove without opening the unit up.
I have fancy filters on the front of my case and it's every few weeks I take those out and blast them out outside, give them a trip to the dishwasher every 4~6 months too.
Me, I hit 40 this year & have been fussing about with PC hardware since before the Pentium craze in the mid 90's. I hope sharing some of this knowledge helps someone.
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DaBa Jul 28 @ 6:19am 
Your computer should never overheat, even if it's under constant maximum load. Therefore any overheating problems are always on the hardware end, not the software. Sure, the software might be unoptimized or causing loads that are way too big due to a bug or something like that, but all the components are literally designed to withstand situations like these, so in a proper PC with a proper airflow and good cooling system overheating issues literally never happen.
Rodrick Aug 5 @ 8:34am 
to stop overheating go back to neutral :D
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