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After Update Game Slows to a Crawl in fights
I saved my game prior to the update at the top of the final DLC dungeon boss chain tower. I pick up CrossCode today, kinda surprised by the update but I let if finish. Launched my saved game, jumped off the tower to the first boss fight, and the landing from the leap slows to a crawl. Eventually picks back up to normal, then during the fight any time I use SP tiers it again slows to a crawl and becomes unplayable. Prior to the update I did not have this problem and was enjoying the new content. I can't roll it back so please help so I can finish this great game.
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In the game's properties in Steam, switch to the nwjs_old beta, then relaunch the game.
Switching provided a work around for the slowness as described. After completing the descent of the tower, no matter what version I use when I enter the final boss door the game crashes. I sent an email with bug report, I can post here too if it helps.
Yes please do. Before entering the room that crashes the game, press F10 and copy the text provided to pastebin or a similar service. That's your savefile, so we can check better what's happening.
Originally posted by animatorkennedy:
Here is the link...
I am very sorry, pastebin was down for the majority of the day yesterday and now it seems your paste has expired. Can you do it again and select to not have the link expire?
Very sorry can you try instead? Seems like the thing is being immediately deleted.
I cannot reproduce that error on my end.
Are you using any mods?

Right click CrossCode in your Steam Library, then navigate to "Manage" and "Browse Local Files". Then go to /assets/extension/post-game/data/maps/final-dng/b4/
Make a backup of the file corridor.json in that folder, then download this one, launch the game and see if the crash persists:
That's odd interesting that can't be recreated with my save file. Being in tech support though, I do understand what running into that situation is like on both sides of the communication. Both a little frustrating and head scratching. Good news is though, the file replacement worked.

No mods, I don't get into them most of the time. I don't want to have to worry about compatibility issues or anything if I update.

If you're interested I'm willing to provide my map file. Thanks for the help btw, now I hopefully it will be clear sailing to completion.
Glad this worked.

It's possible that something tampered with this file, maybe a virus scanner or the like.

In this case, replacing the file was an option that could have also been handled by "Verify Integrity of Game Files" when you right click the game in your library and select Properties -> Local Files.

Should an error like this pop up in the future and verifying integrity not work, feel free to provide the files in question. I'll subscribe to this topic so I'll get the notifications.
Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I wasn't aware of that feature on steam, up to this point I haven't had many issues with games crashing or corrupting files. If anything happens again I will definitely let you know.
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