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Controller or KB+M?
Just tried the demo, and it kinda feels like no matter which method I use, I am at a bit of a disadvantage.

A large part of this game's combat and puzzle solving (at least in the demo) appears to be aiming projectiles. Needless to say, this is significantly easier with a mouse than analog stick. I was having a hard time aiming until I switch to a mouse.

However, while this makes aiming so much easier.... it kinda makes everything else harder, or at the very least, more annoying to use.

I can't use analog movement, the left and right mouse buttons are more or less assigned to everything and you have to use them in different ways (such as putting the cursor on your character to melee) instead of having a dedicated button for many different actions like in gamepad mode...

I coulden't seem to get comfortable with either. When I was using a controller I kept wanting to put it down for my mouse so I could aim better... and when I was using the mouse and keyboard I kept wanting to pick up my controller again for the dedicated buttons and easier movement.

Curious what do most people here prefer?
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I mean I use keyboard, but that's because I suck at using controllers and I don't have a controller right now.

Honestly even if the game is "better" with controllers I would still control better with a keyboard. But that's just me, I don't know your kinks.

Keyboard just doesn't seem that hard to use to me.
I prefer Controller; as you say, it's a lot smoother overall. Once you get used to it the dual-stick aiming becomes rather fluid, and since you have to hold down Aim to get better accuracy it doesn't matter as much. For the most part you never NEED that extra accuracy in battle(hit boxes are pretty forgiving).

I do find myself switching to KBM for select puzzles that do ask for more accuracy, but actually getting sustained fire feels very awkward for me in that mode.
tℨopc Aug 30 @ 6:01pm 
The simple answer is use what you prefer/choose. I played it with k&m but would have no problem with controller if that was what I decided on.

You will only really stink with a controller for so long. Just stick with a game for 10 hours. By the end you should be doing quite well. Its no different really than learning to play a game. There are games that have a whole lot more to learn funny enough.
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lordatog Aug 31 @ 5:22pm 
Definitely controller. You have to aim for a moment before projectiles are effective anyway, and that gives you time to find your mark without losing efficiency. If you could just fire off a shot whenever, mouse would be far better for that, but you can't, so the main advantage of mouse is largely negated.
Mouse and Keyboard, though i will def switch to controller on some jumping puzzles. There IS a dedicated button for melee and block on keyboard if you don't like the context-sensitive mouse controls: C and V
Krag Sep 7 @ 2:42pm 
Both work extremely well.
I did a playthrough on each, KB+M is better for aiming and menus, controller is better for moving.
Speedrunners use both.
WiFiDi Sep 16 @ 3:41am 
ladies and gentlemn i present to you... THE FUTURE!!!

Analog Input Keyboards (steam didn't like my link)

but i still prefer the mouse for extra aiming control.
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Analog keyboards rely on key pressure, which is a pain to do correctly and easy to under/overshoot. Just play any of the PS2/PS3 games that actually made use of the pressure-sensitive buttons of the controller to see what I mean.
WiFiDi Sep 20 @ 10:03am 
Originally posted by Cyber Akuma:
Analog keyboards rely on key pressure, which is a pain to do correctly and easy to under/overshoot. Just play any of the PS2/PS3 games that actually made use of the pressure-sensitive buttons of the controller to see what I mean.

for the purposes of emulating a controller joystick using wasd (or whatever key combo you choose) i think it will be pretty good. heres someone actually using it (just the first video i found) that looks accurate enough to improve the expirence a pretty good margin. especially considering the thresholds were talking about.
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It's not device accuracy, it's user accuracy. Those games I mentioned, it was very hard for me to try to apply the right amount of pressure. Human fingers are not hyper-accurate actuators, you can't control the pressure with precision from a zero-reference point, and even then it's easy to lose control of that pressure when your mind is occupied with other things.

Also, from what I have seen, those keyboards apparently emulate having a controller plugged in for their analog input.... that will drive a lot of games crazy constantly switching between keyboard and controller mode/ui.
darkfyra Sep 27 @ 3:15pm 
I want to use a switch pro controller and while I am able to move just fine, nothing happen if I click on any other buttons and I'm incredibly confused as all my other games so far work amazingly well with it.
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