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Credit Grinding
While the grinding required to get the tradeable equipment in the game is just within the serviceable range, I do think the excessive amount of credits that you have to grind is a bit of a turnoff. The tradeable items simply cost way too much and I think, now that the game is console-spread, you should reduce the prices for new players coming in, to make the game just a touch more accessible. Even with 15% additional credits from the Thief's Band, I'm playing it over once again from the very beginning (To completely experience the game as it was intended), and the amount of Credits I have to grind is just... insane. Please lower the prices?
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Honestly, I wound up with 100-200k excess credits by end game in my first playthrough after getting end game equipment, and I almost never sell anything in my inventory, or use income enhancing equipment. Personally, I find the credit balancing to be pretty spot on.
I'm curious about your playstyle in which you would be faced with such a situation; were you rushing through areas by chance, or avoiding fighting altogether?
Make no mistake, I'm not trying to discredit you in any way. Just genuinely curious.
Fancore Jul 15 @ 6:13pm 
can i interest you in a loan of a mil credits?

honestly, sell off low tier gear.
sell off low tier food
I'm not rushing at all. As this is my second (And going for a *full* 100% playthrough), I'm grinding the Hell out of things, and refusing to sell stuff because you never know what might be a component of something later. I'm looking to collect just about everything (I know having one of each piece of equipment is impossible in a single playthrough), and have a 100% completed Record. I've broken through Rookie Harbor, Bergen Village, and Baki'Kum.
I've just reached Basin Keep, and the prices just get jacked from there. Each piece of Tradeable Equipment asks for about 30 minutes of grinding.
wervyn Jul 15 @ 9:55pm 
If you're going for 100% collection I'd definitely recommend waiting on trying to buy every single thing until the endgame when you have boosters to work with. With those active, farming specific equipment like Infinity Drill and Burglar's Rope, and selling drops, I found that I could make around 200k roughly every 5 minutes on a loop in Sapphire Ridge, which is enough for any given piece of Rhombus trade gear. You need to raise well over 6 million though to buy everything, so 100% is a serious grind, the game doesn't really expect you to do it.

The other thing you can do is exploit some NG+ perks like the credit multiplier and GOML, you will very, very quickly max out your credits to 9,999,999 that way.

That said, GFluegel was looking at the credit curve in response to this and has said that some of the numbers definitely seem off given relative enemy difficulty, so this may get adjusted even so.
I was tempted to use NG+ perks because of how many Trophies I've already gotten, but part of this playthrough was meant to determine how accessible is 100% Record Collection on a first-time playthrough without any specific perks (Kind of like playing a Tales game a second time without using the Grade Store).

I wonder what loop you use in Sapphire Ridge to make that kind of money, because I remember doing some of that in my first playthrough with the Boosters enabled. Still, I suppose my struggles might be premature, given that I haven't even gotten Wave or Shock yet. But the credit demand does appear to spike rather hard between Baki'Kum and Basin Keep.
Ernsteen Jul 16 @ 11:24am 
There was an update at some point that dramatically reduced respawn times if you reach S combat rank, so you'll likely find it a lot easier to farm this time around.
Fancore Jul 16 @ 1:52pm 
for me the only achievements out of reach on a 1st playthrough are the races and pvp. (which tbh should not be a thing)
For me, I always found that I had to fight through a new area for a bit before i could afford any new gear. Whenever I got to a new area, I saw the prices and I was like 0.0
But after fighting some enemies in the new area and doing a few quests in which the scaled rewards help to make that new gear affordable, I as always able to fully gear up before heading into the next zone. Plus you typically get some neat pieces of gear along the way, reducing the cost for new equipment needs even further.
It definitely can, but the jungles surrounding Basin Keep contain a lot of treasures that require the Wave Element in order to reach. And those dungeons, at least for me, is where things *really* get hard.
Spike_Bop Jul 20 @ 12:20pm 
me has 200000 credits (no joke)
That's worth about 4 traded items in Basin Keep. :D
Spike_Bop Jul 23 @ 10:20am 
Originally posted by Ultimortal Nanomaster:
That's worth about 4 traded items in Basin Keep. :D
The weapons and armor in Basin Keep run more than 50k a pop on average from traders. You have 200k, as you say.
Spike_Bop Jul 23 @ 11:40am 
Originally posted by Ultimortal Nanomaster:
The weapons and armor in Basin Keep run more than 50k a pop on average from traders. You have 200k, as you say.
That's exactly what I was griping about in my original post. The credit demand just spikes really hard.
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