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SPOILERS - Beat the game but I have a question about the endings.
Background: I was basically a couple hours away from beating the game but took a couple months to play other things because I'm weird like that.

Anyway, I got the bad ending first and then went to the past to get the good ending. My question is: Was there any hint in the game about finding and talking to Albert in Rhombus Square, and eventually Ivan to get the good ending? Just wondering since it's been a couple months and I took a passing glance at the dialogue logs in game and didn't see any hints in there when returning to the past (probably due to the passing glance at the logs).

Also, that bad ending is pretty depressing, but I'm glad in the good ending that they'll be able to see Lea again shortly :).

(Also, what's the deal with Tronny? I'm guessing postgame content might explain what's been up with him?)
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Tronny? No idea.
For the good ending, the only hint I found was to contact Albert, where he says he's talking with a friend (also Albert's comment about said friend in the "bad" credits can lead on to this)
Frick Apr 4 @ 3:22am 
The ending scenes where Lea spends the last few days with the crew have a hint, where Albert says he would have liked to show you his friend. Then when you choose to go back to the past, you spawn essentially right in front of Hlin, who tells you that Albert is meeting with a friend.
Since I continued right away, I found it just on the nose enough.
Well, I just remembered that Albert had a higher-up friend (which he did talk about during some previous cutscenes), and when Hlin said that Albert is meeting up with his friend I just kinda connected the dots. I don't remember if I did search out him specifically, or just stumbled on him during my Rhombus Square exploration, but I quicky understood what is going on and managed to get good ending at first try
Hlin gives you a hint by telling you about Albert meeting with a friend over in Rhombus square. Since she's annoyed by it and Lea's reaction is coy, it is a decent hint that you should go find him.

As for Tronny? Spoiler alert:
C'tron is Sidwell. Someone had a thread wondering if Tronny was somehow related to Sidwell. A dev said that him actually being Sidwell is a simpler explanation.
It's how he knows where to conveniently run into you several times. It's how he "heard about" another raid and pushed to have Lea join, so Gautham could pull her out again. It's why he has a few identical quotes. You'll also notice they have similar reaction faces. Finally, it's why C'tron wasn't around for the final event. Sidwell knew they would be coming for him.
Thanks all. It's a shame I can't play the game fresh again but if/when a New Game+ option gets added I'll play through again with or without it and make sure to actually read that part this time.
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Lumino Jun 11 @ 7:53pm 
Sorry for the necropost, just finished the game myself.

I suspected Sidwell was Tronny for a while, but the real clincher to me is in your final conversation with Sidwell, he notes that it was fun watching you go through the Playground. No way he could do that unless he was there.
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