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Rig 2019年1月24日下午8:03
Controller or Keyboard?
This game looks super cool, and I defienlty want to get the switch version. However, judging from the trailer, it looks very keyboard and mouse oriented, which the switch doesnt exactly offer. Is using a controller a lot harder than using a keyboard and mouse?
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I used the controller the entire time and had no troubles. Very smooth responsive controls, it was great.
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wervyn 2019年1月24日下午8:08 
There are people who will speak for both control schemes, and plenty who swear by the gamepad. When using a controller it'll operate a lot like a twin-stick shooter, so you shouldn't have too much trouble if you're used to that.
Mirby 2019年1月24日下午8:11 
I used the controller the entire time and had no troubles. Very smooth responsive controls, it was great.
megaolix 2019年1月24日下午9:18 
Dunno. Never tried controller myself. On one hand, switching elements would certainly be easier. On the other, controller aiming for balls cannot possibly be more swift than on a mouse.
Mirby 2019年1月24日下午9:30 
It's actually pretty swift since it's mapped to the right joystick. Didn't have much of an issue at all, and I found making minute adjustments quite simple to do with it.
Knee ни 2019年1月24日下午9:35 
It’s a little challenging with the steam controller with the right stick being a touch pad but precise movements with the left stick helps for platforming.
Mirby 2019年1月24日下午9:40 
I've been playing with a Wii U Pro Controller, so using an actual joystick for the aiming is great.
Sera 2019年1月24日下午11:36 
I suppose there are people used to it but it might be weird for puzzles though who knows. I know I don't want to trade keyboard and mouse for controller myself BUT controller is also a viable way of playing so... Why not both? I'd say mouse for precision but some people are fine with joystick.
Mirby 2019年1月25日上午12:25 
I mean I'm just explaining how I had no issues with controllers because OP said they were interested in the Switch version which I'm reasonably certain would be limited to controllers. Everything works wonderfully, and I didn't find it weird at all for puzzles.Does the mouse aiming give a full dotted line showing the path the balls would take even accounting for ricochets?
lachsen  [开发者] 2019年1月25日上午5:43 
There are a lot of people playing the game with gamepad including most speedrunners that I know of (in particular those currently holding the record).

So you can definitely play the game effectively using gamepads.
I think both controls work, but each has advantages and downsides.

Gamepad is better for precise movement and dashing since you are not limited to 8 directions.

Mouse is easier to aim with. I wouldn't really say "more precise" since you get sufficient precision with gamepad as well. It's just that it's much easier to aim with the mouse pointer, since you have a larger physical movement area compared to an analog stick.
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STAR GLADIATOR 2019年11月16日下午6:15 
I'm using arcade stick for movement and mouse for aiming
noredine 2019年12月1日上午8:22 
I'm using arcade stick for movement and mouse for aiming
You're playing chess while they're playing checkers
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