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D13_Michael  [developer] Oct 26, 2018 @ 7:05am
Assist Mode: An Info Post
Greetings everyone,

We knew that the newly introduced Assist Mode would cause some loaded discussions. And since answering the same requests / questions in every thread multiple times can become quite time consuming, we decided to make this sticky thread for a while (locked), so that our point of view does not get lost in the page-limbo the posts tend to become at some point.

First of all: We will definitely not remove the Assist Mode. It will stay in the game, as we think it is an enrichment for CrossCode. We may or may not adjust the sliders a bit, but overall we're super happy with how they work.

We have read the arguments which speak against the sliders, but since CrossCode is in the end a singleplayer experience, it is up to each player to use the sliders or just ignore the Assist Mode. We have created CrossCode with a certain idea in mind, as a certain experience, defined by us. However, if players do not enjoy this experience, the Assist Mode gives them the option to adjust the experience for them for whatever reason. We are not here to judge anyones skills or feelings and if someone wants a different experience, that is absolutely fine for us. We are not dictating a certain experience although we'd love everyone to play the game as we designed it. But love means that at some point to let go as well. And who are we to forbid players to enjoy certain parts just because they dislike (or can't complete) other parts?

We also will not lock Achievements for players who use the Sliders. If you, as a player, have the feeling that we minor the value of you completing the game with not touching the sliders at all, we are truly sorry. But in that case we have a different view on Achievements in general. And that is fine. We will most likely include a certain stat which will show how long you have used the sliders. We might even bind that to a Steam Achievement but we won't promise that here, as our discussions here are still ongoing.

Please note: You can continue discussing the topic. But we won't answer within the threads anymore as with this post our point of view should be very clear. We will however keep moderating the discussions, so please mind the language within the threads, don't threaten others and don't rage in there - otherwise we'll have to... well... moderate the threads (this includes also locking threads or banning people if they overdo it).
Date Posted: Oct 26, 2018 @ 7:05am
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