The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home

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HereticPriest Dec 8, 2019 @ 10:39am
Some Training
That is some Training. You either loose all your landerhealth even with repairing it or you loose all your fuel because the game doesnt teach you to get gas before you run out of it and then you have to start over. Who thought of this ?

Edit: I just saw the other angry post about this so this is actually an issue that has been there for some time ? No wonder people get a little angry.
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Wrzlprnft Dec 16, 2019 @ 8:26am 
I had a hard time crafting anything resembling a neutral statement, so the following will be
my personal opinion about why i think extended strategy tutorials is not what the game would have needed(which is not to say it would have needed anything else and is perfect):

I think the game does give you, or hint at all the tools and how to use them, so you can succeed. What it really doesn't tell you is how you succeed, it doesn't give you an immediate obvious strategy. Which then becomes the very core part of the gameplay of the first hours. I think it is not intended to be a ressource grinder at its core, i more believe that it is about juggling the ressources and the alien interactions in order to survive and right out claw your way home. So i conclude it really doesn't want to teach more indepth how to beat it's mechanics. Because once you figured out how to survive, it follows up with the truckload of background story weaved into the bits of it's harsh galaxy, so one goes from "how do i survive" to "how much do i want to survive".

It's that decision on how much you want/can/should/can take to explore versus how well you can survive that make and break a run for me.

Giving the player upfront all the info on how to survive best, it transfers more on the execution of those strategies, rather than finding them, and the game looses a whole lot of it's intended depth before the novel-length-backstory hunt can kick in.

It is not always telegraphed well to the player, and one can for sure play the game as a time grinder (which might be a bit shallow, compared what it has to offer otherwise, and what other grinder games have to offer in that way). I also think that e.g. a lot of the roleplay mechanics(as a counter to the ship that falls apart) that had to be cut would have helped the vision of the game, as currently, if a player makes mistakes, it is not necessarily punishing in that very moment, but only after accumulating many mistakes, and then having to rethink the entire idea on how to succeed is not for everybody.

This is in no way to invalidate other opinions, just an amalgamation of what i read and experienced. The game is good at what it wants to be good, but not much else.(wether that is enough is for everybody to decide on their own).

tl,dr: i personally don't think it would need more strategy oriented tutorials now(which would compromise the core premise), it needed a bit more time to hone in on what the game finally became(which is good at what it wants to be good, but not much else). It is not bad imho, but rather niche the way it is now.
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HereticPriest Dec 16, 2019 @ 10:48am 
I wouldnt want a more strategy oriented turtorial. Just the basics. Also i really think this was a first that playing a turtorial had the possibility of dying and then forcing you to invest a lot of time AGAIN because it doesnt aknowledge tasks that you already completed before. I was just a bit put off by the fact that you invest a lot of time to master a turtorial before even starting the real game. I ended up playing the real game before i even finished the turtorial as there wasnt even really a difference, you could die(run out of fuel/hullstrengh) in the turtorial as well with the difference that in the real game i would actually be able to accomplish anything/see the game. Having people grind in a turtorial already might just put them off is what i meant.
Wrzlprnft Dec 16, 2019 @ 12:24pm 
Oh, then i misunderstood.
Unfortunately, as far as i know there is no more creative work done on TLJH at this point.
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