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Some thoughts
Firtstly, I'd like to congratulate you for the game. It's at the same time a tense and relaxing experience, and this two-sided feeling is really rare to find. Also, the cyberpunk theme was well-built, being very raw and cold, but also funny and ironic. However, there are some small things that bother me, and others that I didn't quite get.
This one is kind of silly, but I think it would make a difference at the level of visual experience: the billboards only differ in size and position of the buildings. I'd really like to see a neon effect on the neon one, a gif-like on the video one, and so one. I think it would contribute to the chaotic landscape that you expect to emerge. The same goes to the flyers technologies, maybe some missiles and robots popping up would be nice.

Now regarding the gameplay, I think that at a certain point, after paying the initial debt and when I have my dogecoin smoothly flowing, it gets way too mechanical the advertisement routine. Maybe some macro mechanic could be available, i. e. customizing certain technologies for certain kinds of buildings and/or corporations. As well, maybe selecting multiple buildings to buy them at once. Since it's a ciberpunk setting, I think that the flow of dogecoins should escalate beyond a linear progression, as it looks like to be at the moment. I write this because (unless I'm missing something) the game becomes too grindy after a couple of hours.
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VoxelStorm  [developer] Apr 18, 2016 @ 8:27am 
Thanks for the kind words, and the detailed suggestions!

We've previously discussed the idea of allowing the player to partially automate some of their advertising methods, but we've never managed to settle on a scheme that would work well without risking accidentally spending all the player's money on unwanted adverts rapidly.

It's something we'd definitely like to consider in more depth, we've just not yet found a solution for it that works. The macro system you suggest, could you tell us a bit more about what you envisage that involving? What options would be available, and the player workflow for using the system?
Cletus Van Damme Apr 19, 2016 @ 3:02pm 
For example: select multiple low, but populated buildings, hold ctrl and click five times times at hand delivered flyers and three times at colossal blimps, so I would queue these market campaigns. The burnout of the residents nearby (due to the same marketing method, or the same brand over and over) would decrease the profit, making it impractical spamming the exact same thing in the long run. Maybe a separate tech three that unlocks different macro methods, or even an exclusive perk of some corporation, such as 256 shades with hacking

Another possibility: implement in the UI a way to start market campaigns for specific buildings (i. e. only buildings between 200 and 2k residents; or between 200 and 1k tall). This could be as well part of a second tech tree, or something like it.

Such a macro system would add another layer for the scope of the game, since the player would make some macro moves, but would have to manually adjust market campaigns for single buildings. But of course, I might be missing something regarding the mechanics in this point.

Regarding the risk to lose all the money, I think it makes things more interesting, since a well-executed macro would return massive profits. Also, I think it's more akin to the theme, I mean, the free flow of capital, the information-money that sustains billions of lives in one second, and evaporates in the other.

One last thing, what do you think about a spreadsheet with information of previous marketing campaigns like cost/gains, technology used, corporation, highlight the building? The log is ok in the short run, but it gets hard to keep track of things in the long run, especially when I have plenty of money to invest.
GiantPipeWrench Apr 20, 2016 @ 8:05pm 
I agree with your review, and have been thinking almost the exact same thing for the later game changes. I think perhaps a simple implementation would be selecting multiple buildings at once, maybe with a large circle as a cursor, or 'paintbrush'.

Thanks for continuing to work on this game, I think its worth it! Its got a real unique feel that I want to keep coming back for.
Cletus Van Damme Apr 20, 2016 @ 9:48pm 
Yeah, I think that the challenge lies in finding a balance between giving more tools to leverage the income flow and keep it simple and clean. Although I agree that other ways to directly select the buildings would be good, I think that selecting them indirectly through parameters would be full-corporate style hahaha
VoxelStorm  [developer] Apr 21, 2016 @ 7:12am 
These are all good suggestions. The reason we never implemented drag-select previously is because it's always been difficult to accurately choose which buildings you're targeting, but perhaps that's acceptable when you have enough money to throw around that you can afford some mistakes.

There's been a proposal for that feature on the issue tracker for quite some time, in fact:

Selecting by parameters is a good idea too, perhaps implementing a special "select" menu with a variety of options would do the job.

I've added that proposal to our tracker as well now:
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Cletus Van Damme Apr 21, 2016 @ 7:42pm 
Looking forward for the next updates!
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