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Malthus Aug 1, 2015 @ 8:17am
Battle deployment phase
Everyone surely has already experienced this: You go into battle against whatever foes and end up sitting in a trench with high terrain all around you or in a place with many obstacle which leads to a widely scattered battleline.

Right now it is as it is. But how could it be?

I imagine a deployment phase before the first round of the battle begins. At first your mercs are automatically positioned as it is now. So you could start the battle without further delay if you are ok with the positions.
If you are not and want to change the positions of your mercs, then now is the right time. You should have the possibility to freely place them inside a very limited area (maybe +1 hex in any direction where a brother stands after the computer placed them automatically).

This way you could place your mercs where they could fully use the potential of there weapons and the terrain and get a decent battleline into place like any real troop of mercs would form when faced by enemies.

EDIT: Right now the automatic placement depends on drawn weapons (first or second line) and position in the merc roster -> order in which mercs are placed in their line (on which we have no influence)

If we could get a template screen that shows in which order the automatic placement places the mercs and then would be able to change the position of our mercs in this placing progress the need for a manual placement in battle would be smaller (apart from the terrain problems which I mentioned above)
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Mimer Aug 2, 2015 @ 11:39am 
One of my main concerns so far. Of course you should be able to edit the lineup. And yeah, a deployment phase should be added.

I think that the best way is to give you time to set up depending on how the battle is initiated. If you are standing still on the world map and see the enemy approaching, you get a lot of time to prepare. If you are trying to run away you get less time. If you are attacking you get no or very little time to prepare. Perhaps a skill or perk (or both) that increases how much time you get. And with time I mean AP to move around.
Overhype Studios  [developer] Aug 3, 2015 @ 12:27am 
ITs on the planned feature list for w hile now. Can't give you an ETA though as there are other, very pressing features and issues to be handled first.
Kill Your Masters Aug 7, 2015 @ 11:11am 

First : Great job, I love you, sorry for my english, and all that kind of stuff.

I would like to give my point of view on this possible feature. I know it may not be a popular point of view and I'm fine with that.

I think that I would enjoy "a template screen that shows in which order the automatic placement places the mercs and then would be able to change the position of our mercs in this placing progress". I see it as a management tool. That would be great with some different formations. For example, you chose between formation A, B, C (which might be customed ?) and then you choose where to place each brother. You basically choose between a 4-4-2 (football formation) or 3-4-3 or create a 8-1-1 and then you place your players before the game.

But, I think that it would be a better fit to the spirit of the game if we could only do this in the inventory (stash, company or whatever this menu is named). When the game starts, it's too late to change the formation, or at least, you have to do it during the game. When the battle begins, the brothers deploy in the formation that they planned before (they don't magically arrange to take the perfect formation in 10 seconds). Then, this is your job as a commander to adapt this formation to the specitifies of the battle. For me, a battle deployement phase would be a little too arcade and could get extremely boring (because most of the time, you start the battle without knowing where the enemies are and most players wouldn't change their battle deployment very often).

Summary => 1) formation management in the company menu would be awesome and realistic 2) instant battle deployment wouldn't be so awesome and could taste as cheating (for me) and get boring when you fight an orc army for the 500th time.

I think that preparing a generic battle formation (or a few ?) without being able to insta-change it fits the spirit of the game which seems to turn around "realism" and risk anticipation (not in risk removal). In my mind, it is not a game about getting the perfect circumstances but about trying to get through whatever happens (I can't wait for the Iron Man mode by the way).

Love you guys.
Malthus Aug 7, 2015 @ 1:42pm 
You have some valid points. As I already said, if we got those templates I mentioned in my EDIT the need for the above written mechanic would be much smaller and could even be ignored.
Yep, very similar point indeed, but I wanted to focus the cons (according to me) of battle deployment at the start of the battle. Maybe I'm wrong andI would enjoy the game better with that. It's also about execution of the idea. I'm confident that the choices of the dev team will be good anyway since getting things done in an elegant way is clearly one of their strengths (that's why I try to contribute by the way, cause they clearly deserve a community feedback - as yours - matching the quality of their work).
Malthus Aug 7, 2015 @ 2:32pm 
Oh I hope you didn´t get me wrong. with the above written mechanic to be ignored I meant the one I wrote first in my starting post, not yours.
Yours I see as a good further development of the template idea.
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Don't worry that wasn't the case. And I take the opportunity to add that differente templates (or customisation) are not that important in my opinion, and should only engage a significant amount of work if it pratically increases game diversity or fun in anyway (which is hard to imagine without further projections). As long as I am concerned a template such as the one you described would do the trick (if I want to have my tank wearing a javelin in the first line as example). I guess it will also depend from the new weapons incremented in the game with the next huge update (which I want to play so bad).
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