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RPG Maker MV Ver.1.3.0 Upgrade to Pixi4, Encryption, Workshop release and more
  • Your sound file is greater than 2-3 mb. If your sound file is higher than that, decrease it.
  • Your sound card settings is wrong. Please follow this video or do something similar to it:
  • If you are OK on the above two, then it means it's our problem. We're aware of the problem and finally found a fix thanks to orlando. However this is not something we can fix in 1.3.0 so we're still working on it.

《New Features》
  • Graphics library upgraded to pixi4.
    • ShaderTilemap is implemented. It renders WebGL tiles very fast. It means that animation doesn't run on script and depends on the user's video processor problem now, like in fancy 3d games.
    • Video Memory Leaks are fixed.Fix for original RPG Maker tilemap, use _image instead of _canvas in Bitmap.bltImage, which takes away terrible canvas performance by 5x. 

  • Steam Workshop Official Release!

  • Simple Encryption added.

  • Splash Screen plugin added. (ON by default in new projects).

  • You can change the "Object Selector" in [Tool]/[Option], with Extended/ Smart for better support of huge lists of objects.

  • Now possible to copy the Event Editor content either as text or HTML
  • New Plugin: "ConfigureRootElement.js" to setup the DOM element of a game (dlc/KadokawaPlugins)
  • (optional) Additional Fantasy sample database (English: NewData_FantasyEN, Japanese: NewData_FantasyJP)

Steam Free Weekend plus Steam Workshop Beta Now Live!
RPG Maker MV Steam Workshop Beta!

The latest addition to RPG Maker MV is now live! The beta is for Windows only. We will set up a Mac version as soon as possible. To access Steam Workshop, you need to do the following:

1.) Close RPG Maker MV.

2.) Go to your Steam Client -> RPG Maker MV -> Properties -> Betas -> Select workshopbeta. Let it download the update!

3.) Download the update.

4.) Your Steam Client should be displaying this:

5.) Open RPG Maker MV and open a Project.

6.) Go to File -> Steam Management:

7.) Now you can upload files to Workshop!
Since this is a beta, there are some functions that aren't working yet. We will elaborate how each function works.

A.) The title of your game
B.) Description of your game.
C.) The square thumbnail that will display in the workshop page.
> Category settings isn't working yet.
> Visibility works and is the setting if you want the workshop item to be visible to the Public, Friends Only or Private.
> You must read and agree to Steam Workshop agreement before uploading to the workshop.
> Share on Workshop will upload your project. Progress Bar shows if it's being updated.
E.) Save Path isn't working yet.
F.) Workshop items that you subscribed to or made will be displayed here.
G.) Load the current selected project from the workshop item window.
H.) Update a workshop item file you own.
I.) Update Title/Description of the workshop file you own.
J.) Close the Steam Management window.

Here is a sample setup:

Congratulations! Now your game is in Workshop!