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Losing ships late game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HI, am so frustrated with this game, how is it possible for you to lose a single ship?

I am on turn 15 of the campaigne and have lost 1 ship, now i have a new ship at level 1 but I am already so far in the game I cant use it, if I dare put it on a mission it is a liability and will be destroyed immediately. How do you overcome this problem? Essentially losing any ships is an immediate deal breaker, how do you recover from a list ship as you have no way of upgrading the new ship by completing missions, its a rediculous position to be in which the game seems to have no solution for.

Can you gain experience with them on some other method like in the skirmish?

Am at a total loss and its really making me hate a game I want to love.

Any tips are much appreciated.
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Warboss Apr 4 @ 2:31pm 
uhhh well your best bet is bringing one ship that you want to level with the rest of your fleet but honestly man it shouldnt be that hard to win even with low level ships the game isnt that hard when played right. If you like I could show you the ropes
your lost ships repair over time
so you only suffer for a turn or two
and if you have some spare renown you can pay for a quick repair
worst case scenario if you cant you can keep it back for torpedo or nova support without having it in the middle of the brawl where its more vulnerable
tho you should be able to win most games with lvl1s
or lose a few planets for the turn you wait, tho thats heresy
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If you lost the ship you can wait 2 turns and it would be rebuilt by your forces or you can pay up and it would be instantly rebuilt. Sometimes it makes more sense to let your ship burn and rebuild it versus warp out and deal with the ship lost in warp for the whole turn.

Another option is to spread the love among the fleet and bring different ships on the missions so they can equally level up. Yes you would not have an uber ships in your fleet but loss of one ship would not bring your fleet down.
If you're just losing ships outright, even level 1 ships, you need to work on your micro. A little tip that might help is using escort ships to draw fire away from your most vulnerable capitals. The AI is dumb,; it will waste time trying to hit frigates that cost you nothing when destroyed as they race about like space go-karts.

That trick doesn't work on Convoy, Assassination, or Data Recovery missions. The AI will always try to go for the targets first, even if there's a fat-*** battleship or a line of light cruisers in the way. Punish them for it.

Finally, it sounds like you've made a mistake many players make - going for the big ships too early. I know the temptation well. The first time I played this game, I wanted the biggest ship I could get right away. I got two of them, IIRC, and yeah, losing one was really expensive, whether it was lost in the warp trying to retreat (which you should NEVER do) or just took a lot of damage.

The big battlewagons are a luxury, something you buy AFTER you've got a full line of light cruisers you can easily lose one or two of. They're cheaper to repair, and if one absolutely has to sit out a battle, just put two Firestorms or Widowmakers in its place, depending on your playstyle. Then you can use those to give the AI the runaround again.

Originally posted by Alex_x86:
If you lost the ship you can wait 2 turns....

Unless the ship has Kane on it. Kane lives in death, brother!
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