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Conquintor  [developer] Apr 5 @ 1:07pm
Patch notes for Interstellar Rift BETA EXPERIMENTAL e0.2.7.00

- added new device: Private Ship Storage
  • Resource Cost 2500 Steel, 1250 Tungsten, 500 Silicon, 1500 Crystal Vectronium
  • Can store one ship up to 250k mass
  • Mass of stored ship is added to the parent ship's mass
  • Mass 10,000 to 260,000, depending on the mass of the ship stored

- store o tron now has a mass limit of 10,000,000
  • Previously stored ships can still be retrieved when over the mass limit, just no new ones can be stored
  • This limit is per location, so you will be able to store more ships in different storage locations

- players can now salvage and modify other peoples ships if they have manage rights

- ship access user list can now be searched and will show all players instead of only the ones on the ship

- added check so the S3 Hydrogen Mining Facility does not spawn in systems without nitrogen or water.


- cache more scenes & models on load, should decrease hiccup when encountering drones, celestial objects & ad boards for the first time


- station shield power consumption now scales up to 10,000,000 mass from 2,500,000, with a minimum power usage of 150 and a maximum of 5000 per tick

- small power cell capacity from 10k to 50k

- medium power cell capacity from 100k to 300k


- game will correctly eject players from their seats when they die or disconnect

- offline players on a ship are now moved to the upgraded ship upon modification, so they no longer die

- better description for batteries & enhancement cartridges

- added several performance enhancements in the engine

- removed hover text from item locker that asked player to open it, as it only opens on proximity

- fix player store buying resources from player

- add more feedback to player store

- fix trade drones disregarding player store settings

- query steam RSS off thread, to avoid hanging main menu

- game now disallows multiple saves at the same time

- game now shows system saving progress in console


- to enable the experimental branch, right click on Interstellar Rift in Steam, go to the beta tab, and select the "experimental IR beta patches" option

- please note that galaxy files opened in the experimental build, may turn out broken in the regular build. It is recommended to start a new save file when trying the experimental build
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Johnno Apr 5 @ 2:22pm 
Do NOT try the experimental. It shut down my gpu/monitors, troubleshooted for 15 min before I got them back, wanted to confirm it was IR, my monitors are down again.

Come on guys, 10pm experimental that shuts down gpus?
Johnno Apr 5 @ 2:42pm 
So if anyone's reading this, the way *my* computer behaved, screens were dead, leaving the PC running did nothing. Had to unplug my monitors and leave the PC running for a while after a hard reboot, then plug them in again.

Log just shows
2019-04-05 21:16:07,488 [Aluna] : Johnno INFO - invalid texture , could not convert.

after Display settings that looked ok (apart from "Index: 0" , if that's any concern).

So, unless someone else says they got it running fine, I'm not touching this experimental for now.
Conquintor  [developer] Apr 5 @ 2:59pm 
Hmm, we didn't encounter this on any of our machines which have different kinds of AMD and Nvidia GPUs. So not sure what it might be, although we did make changes to the rendering.

Did the game also crash? Or did it keep running after this happened.
Johnno Apr 5 @ 3:22pm 
Originally posted by Conquintor:
Did the game also crash? Or did it keep running after this happened.

My monitors froze black (with some blocky patterns), I couldn't exit in any way whatsoever so had to hit my power switch. No telling if game stayed up or not, but my log literally only shows one login/run, no crash, no disconnect, and I fired it twice.
I do not have this problem.
Also, the medium cell capacity was 50k, not 100k.
i only have that issue with modified bios gpu's/ have not tested if its also mobo bios/. if this might be the case, i recomend retesting hardware with different gpu. just to rule out any other issues. burned up a gt550 that way. (some option im not sure where/what)(does this for other games in development stages but works well in any main market app.) hope this might save you a gpu from overheating
Sentir342  [developer] Apr 8 @ 4:28am 
@Johnno do you have a dump from around that time in the
folder? If so could you send it to us?
Johnno Apr 8 @ 5:53am 
Nope, no dump file from that time.
Sentir342  [developer] Apr 10 @ 6:12am 
Odd, can you try to run the game with
-rendererDebug RDF_All
as an argument?
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