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Feedback after a short Xen session (incl. a few bugs)
Keep in mind I'm playing on Linux (R9 fury with Mesa, Arch). Most of these issues probably aren't related to that.

So far I'm very impressed with your work. Keep it up, it was worth the wait!

First, bugs:
Also, attacking trees aren't dead anymore when reloading a save, it seems. This is annoying when reloading a quick/autosave made with low health.

Then, a few requests for improvements:
The shotgun crosshair could use some anti-aliasing (see the coffee machine below).
Sharks just look bad. The way they move, attack, look, etc. Their movement seems very unnatural when seen from above, outside the water. I think HL1 got away with this by not really making them visible from the surface.
It would be nice to assign name to the zombies on their HEV suits. Yeah, probably complex to do:


Possible Linux-related issues:
Including some texture pop-in:
No animation for this one?

Also, the game crash when I apply graphics settings, even if I haven't changed anything...

I will follow along with more, but I saw a whiteboard saying that they intended to use a portable propane tank to capture the gonarch, so I've been carrying it along with me, it's slowing me down a bit ^^"

Not quite sure what to do with that one:
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Black Mesa > General Discussions > Topic Details