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ShadyHashtag Sep 30, 2017 @ 9:14am
Please unpin this as it's probably not important anymore.
Removed - Reason because I feel the direction the OOG is going is neglecting the players. And with neglecting the players I don't feel obligated to make things easier for players with my guides / compendiums since there are so few players playing anymore.
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Lootie Sep 30, 2017 @ 11:16am 
Good job !
Can you link the Tol Excel Crafting Calculator also?
CM_Cerus Oct 5, 2017 @ 10:23am 
Shady, Malinko and those who are contributing to the content of this compendium: Thanks a lot for those great creations! We might feature some of the Community-made guides and tools on our Social Media Channels.
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StaticExtasy Oct 5, 2017 @ 10:24am 
If you're going to link patch notes... please update them...
ShadyHashtag Oct 5, 2017 @ 6:20pm 
Was thinking of adding patch notes but patch notes are right there on the "All" tab almost 100% of the time. If you want them added I have no problem updating the compendium as more information comes out. Also, the New's tab have maint / updates as well.

Let me know if you want them in the compendium or not.

ShadyHashtag Oct 16, 2017 @ 6:02am 
Official Discord updated to the list
Big Black Clock Oct 25, 2017 @ 7:29pm 
All we need is a updated ToF wikipedia! :D
ShadyHashtag Oct 26, 2017 @ 1:11am 
Originally posted by Skydance:
All we need is a updated ToF wikipedia! :D

Chances of that happen is slim to none.
ShadyHashtag Oct 27, 2017 @ 10:12pm 
Originally posted by Commander Kris:
Tree of Life DLC page

Sorry posted this here cuz it my steam page redirects me from ToL store page (And this post is pinned :P)

Added to the list.
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Tree of Life > General Discussions > Topic Details
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