Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

fps dorp
every time comes any update to siege something broken this game. i got a good pc but i got a lot of fps drop just fix the stupid bug
Originally posted by Ubi Milky:
Hello everyone thank you for getting in touch and letting us know whether the steps in this YouTube video worked for you, for the freezes mid-match >

We have passed this workaround on to our Siege QA team. In the meantime, they asked us to gather the following information from affected players >

- Your Steam & Ubisoft ID
- The Match ID of the game affected
- Exact Windows OS and update version used (You can check this by pressing the Windows key and typing 'Windows' to bring up the update information)
- Any videos or a description of what happened in-game, just before the freeze occurred?

If you would like to help us with this investigation, please answer the questions above, or get in touch with us privately with this information over the following link >

-Ubisoft Support
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Rampo Aug 9 @ 9:58am 
after today pach or something that steam downloaded(275.5 mb) my game freez randomly for 1-3 seconds. its unplayable.Is it only me?
same here. super annoying -_-
I fixed it by restarting and capping my fps (at 60(
Allenon Aug 9 @ 11:01am 
My game has been crashing and force closing randomly since the last update...
RICHI Aug 9 @ 12:22pm 
same here,random closing when I start a match
oh god not again
yes that also happens to me. Any solution for this?
same for me
one_sec Aug 9 @ 1:11pm 
yeah man same 4 me and my good friend jamjo dickrüssel. super annoying. 1050ti graphics card 4 me. franky buy me new PC pls, thx
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1060 gtx card for me
Same here, freezing, i thought the new nvidia driver, but it seems r6 thing.
Freezing since update.
I randomly freeze for about 3s since today update anyone ?
EDIT: Freezing normal mode too.
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Me to
Originally posted by gasedunet:
Me to
Can you play like a match or 2 normally, then you freeze randomly ?
I didn't test the normal mode, but in the event mode i freeze.
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