Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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MAJOR new bugs
Huge new bugs introduced this season

Audio is reversed.
Audio reflects off surfaces incorrectly, making people sound a lot closer than they are.
When entering game you get stuck with a random view on the map. - or

And this is how many I encountered in just 3 games. There are so many more bugs as well. Is there NOONE in quality checking this game?
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+ Australian servers are down
Originally posted by Sheevpalps:
+ Australian servers are down

and it'll take them a week to fix zzzz
And client side debis is a major problem too -
Clipping Bug, how this got past EVERYONE at ubisoft ill never be sure -
New bug makes you able to dropshot again (not complaining)
Recticles are still missing - 3 seasons after that bug arrived. -
This ones a bit hard to see and isnt a major bug, but the spelling of 'Australian' is wrong (I think, i need a higher res image to confirm) -
Burnt Horizon bundle is displayed as 'owned' even when its not. You guys probably already know about this one though.
New bugs with the bandit batteries through walls perpendicular to the electrified wall.
Is ubisoft not going to respond or........
They've responded to discussions from less than 12 hours ago, yet this post is from 5 days ago. Really puts my huge confidence in ubi at question xd
New bug causes two thirds of players games to crash -
It wasent just rage quit, i was in a 4 man and they all crashed at the same time, other team was a 5 man, same thing happened to them. Ubi pls hurry up and at least respond that you've seen it as the bugs are occuring more frequently and with worse effects.
Ubi-Bandicoot  [developer] Mar 14 @ 3:09am 
Hey there,

I'd recommend to start using as this is a site designed to make reports like this :)

Going forward it's easier for us to track reports and it's also less effort on your side if you go through there

Thank you!

- Ubisoft Support
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