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Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition

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I'm doing my second run of Liberation Day. The first one was on captain difficulty, the second one on admiral, next time I'll try space whale and I think I'll succeed, especially because of one game breaking thing.

Paladin's Draw their fire ability. In my first run I almost never used it. For me the Paladin was not tough enough to sustain heavy fire from enemies, and so I decided to use the Phoenix as my main dodging tank, just like in MoA / FA. Anyway, more enemies and more fire power, meant that the poor Phoenix was clearly bad in such role now.

During my second run I decided to give Kryska a try as my main tank.... And then I realized that Draw their Fire was giving a huge buff of someting like +70 armor. After that, the game in admiral difficulty was no more a problem. The only thing that can threaten kryska is a torpedo. Once every enemy already fired it, it's okay, Kryska's now invincible. Combining 90 armor, 90% of shielding, and multiple flak covering her, makes her almost impossible to kill. Missiles, when they pass through the flaks, only deals 1 damage (90 armor). Lasers are doing the same (90% shields then armor). Even kinetics are not that much dangerous. They can hit her, but with 180 armor against these, and her evasion stat, most will fail and the few that will hit her would deal at max 300 damages. Easy to repair with the Liberty.

I think, if you want to make the game harder (as is, it is not really hard), Draw their fire should be reworked a bit. At least by reducing the armor boost. Because right now, with an invincible tank, people have all the time they need to destroy the enemy fleet, and so the malus in higher difficulty, and the boost enemy got are meaningless. Afterall they're firing at something they can't destroy, who cares if they can do 800+ damages with missile volleys to the sunrider, if they're forced to hit kryska and do only 10 damages.

Thanks for reading.

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Drathnar1 Mar 9, 2016 @ 6:02am 
Thanks for the input on Drawfire. The armor increase is a little high as you say. The original implementation for armor increase by Vaendryl was only a twofold increase with an extra 5 added, which is IMHO no means unbalanced. It was later increased to stupidly high values in beta10 as the devs felt it wasn't strong enough. The testers later tried to dial it back to more reasonable values (my personal suggestion was armor*3 +5) but apparently the devs decided they would like to have more. Current implementation is armor*3 + 30. I will suggest to them to get it dialed back to the original armor*2 + 5

What the main problem here is, is the increase in hate value, which makes everything target Paladin. Original implementation for hate increase by Vaendryl is hate*3, which is again very reasonable and I doubt that will be unbalancing. Later on it was increased to crazy high values in beta10. The testers suggested to get this nerfed too (my personal suggestion was no more than hate*4) but I think the message got lost somehow so while the crazy armor values from beta 10 were nerfed, the crazy hate values weren't (kinda slipped through the cracks as we had quite a number of things to look at), so the current hate increase for Drawfire remains at a dizzying (hate+500)*8 - very, very much in excess of what it should be.

I suggest you consider Drawfire broken for now and not use it for a serious playthrough. Will try to get the devs to address this in v2.00. Probably get Vaen to reinstate original implementation or just very slightly stronger. Once again thanks for the input. /thumbsup!

P/S - Armor gain from upgrades for Paladin may be a little excessive as well, though I don't think we should nerf it too much as the general goal in Liberation Day is to encourage using different playstyles and experimentation. In the past, players used to complain that kinetics used to be the best way to deal with threats and other measures (energy weapons, playing defensively) weren't as effective, so the general goal was to make other approaches viable as well.
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