Curious Expedition

Curious Expedition

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erichermit Jan 16, 2018 @ 1:52pm
The Mission's Secret
Having been surprised by the first time the mission's monk turned into a cleric, ive since made the "correct every time" decision to simply ignore him when I hear that he has transformed, at no penalty to myself. This could be an interesting option, but it isnt. Fighting the abomination is basically never worthwhile.

I would like to propose that some interesting options are used here instead.

For one, neglecting the inspect the disturbance should give a low chance of getting ambushed by the abomination instead. Something like 25% maybe.

The other is that inspecting the missionary, while holding at least 2 raw meat, should give a 50% chance option to recruit the abomination instead.

Under this situation, hearing that the missionary has transformed into an abomination gives the player something to think about, instead of a mistake to only make once.