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Sep 5, 2017 @ 9:28pm
why theres seems like nobody is playing the beta?
lets adress it in four points

1.To expensive for what it giving you,if cobalt was free,there would no fact if it were to be sell in 4.99 there would no problem.its not the game its the price.people see the trailer there surprise they check the price 19.99 and continue scrolling since its to expensive this is what cut the cummunity from new players.Im surprise to see how the commiunity page is the same from 1 YEAR ago.these is the only main reason why mojanj refuses to update cobalt.witch leads us to the other problem

2.mojanj doesnt seem to care about cobalt.Mojanj an expert in letting them games having a boom at the start but ending in wheres everybody or what happen here?they did this with scroll with cobalt and some may argue that with minecraft.what was the last time mojanj give a sh*t about cobalt?they didnt even care about people where playing their games their just care about we there or not minecraft was pouring money in to sickening tire of there cheap*ss way to sell games.the may never finish the beta jesus f*ck mojanj.which leaves to the 3 problem. many people leave or simply quit playing cobalt because they are tire of being forgotten.which let to even more people leaving that ended in a vicius circle of distruction.I dont give a flying f*ck if a youtuber leaves cobalt but if the most important part of the community leaves,the casuals.then we have a problem.because its the part that sustaing the game.when you remove then there are just of competitive assh*les who think they are the best so they just move to CS:GO,TF2,DOTA where the competitive part is more implemented.the part that more hurts its they are people out there who think this game is ever going to return,maybe return,but just when mojanj realises they need more money.the casual leaving and the indiferrence of mojanj is what kill this game.

4.if mojanj just stop making content,well the game was hand to us.and the few that are left are just indifrent to what happens to cobalt.for now the dream of oxeye and many others would remaing dead

and that is why you are going to by cobalt,you should keep this in mind
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Janeator Sep 8, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
Just now Cobalt is getting updated with online workshop maps + mods support, while at the same time Oxeye is developing the standalone/spinoff/total conversion mod "Cobalt WASD". I agree the game hasn't been updated for a long time but Oxeye hasn't stopped working.

Some of your points (like the pricing) have been talked about extensively in the forums before already. I agree with some and disagree with some others, but I do not want to discuss that now, so instead I'll drop an invite link to the Discord server the community currently uses so you may learn how to access the beta (Cobalt is currently released) version so you can try the new update on the works before it's released (at risk of encountering severe bugs, of course):
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