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Epilexia Jul 17, 2016 @ 6:01am
Bug with xinput devices, not detecting the down D-Pad/Stick in some situations.
Hello, I have find an annoying bug with the controls when you use a Xinput device.

A lot of times, there are enemies that require that you combine jumps to evade their bullets, or press down to squat and dodge other bullets while you are in the ground.

Well, the problem is that if while the character is in the air, you keep pressed the down button, expecting than once the ground is reached you will automatically squat, this button input is ignored by the game.

A lot of times this is problematic, because if you try to press the down button just in the same moment when a jump has ended, the game will ignore this button input.

This thing causes a lot of unfair situations where you get hit by bullets, but you tried to dodge the bulles by pushing the down button, only to see that the character doesn’t do the expected movement.

Also, not strictly a bug, but it’s absolute unintuitive that when you are suspended in a platform, you can’t press right or left to select in which direction you want to shoot.

This problems is relevant, because there are sections with a lot of flying enemies and platforms. A lot of times you will try to jump to other platform to reach a better position to destroy the enemies but then, the character grab the platform and you only can shoot in a direction.

I think that with these small but annoying problems with the controls fixed, the game will improve a lot.

Congratulations with your amazing work in the rest of departments. I’m very impressed with the universe of the game and its fun story about illuminati women and New World Order references. A superb pixel art, catching tunes… with a bit more of polish in the controls, Areannis should become a remarkable cult classic.
Aerannis > General Discussions > Topic Details