Dungeon Warfare
(Update) Wave 2050 & 110 million XP (Endless mode)

Map: Echoing Screams
Runes: 11
Wave: 2050
XP: 111 million (12million * 8.78)

I just finished my 100 million xp challenge.
It took about 14 hours.
Thanks for the comments, Tomasz79, ADV!


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What I achieved:

I got 67 million xp (1600+ wave) in the Echoing Screams (with 10 runes),
and 32 million xp (600+ wave) in the Aerial Assault (with 11 runes).
No cheat or anything was used. Just a decent tactic and hours of focus were enough.
It took me over 12 hours to do so, and I intentionally lost at the end to finish the game.
So I think I could achieve unlimited xp, as long as I could stay focused.

Why was it impossible?:

As you know, it's almost impossible to kill enemies after wave 150+,
because (1) their HP get too high, so ‘damaging traps’ (lightning, grinder...) become meaningless, (at the wave 1500, a single enemy had 5 million+ hp)
and (2) their weights also get too heavy, so ‘kinetic traps’ (push, spring, harpoon...) have no effect on them either.

So, how was it possible?:

In short, I made them collide with each other on bridges or cliffs.
As the enemies get heavier and faster, they become more lethal to each other in a certain situation. So I laid out spin blade traps on the bridges/cliffs and kept juggling the enemies to make them collide.
In high waves, a spin blade trap does meaningless damage to the enemies and can’t push them at all. But it slows them down for a moment, and the enemies behind rush into those slowed enemies, they collide, and some of them fall.
I kept this happening by juggling them on two lanes of bridges/cliffs.
I believe this is the only practical way to kill enemies after wave 200.

I may try 100,000,000 xp this weekend, and if I do, I’ll update with more in-game screen shots.
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Tomasz79 May 11 @ 9:35am 
Awesome and crazy at the same time, while having much less experience on such far endless waves, I too noticed that when things get tough, there's nothing like a narrow ledge and big crowds :)

Make a video if you can, I'd watch that. Good luck.
ADV May 11 @ 3:21pm 
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