Dungeon Warfare
after lev 4
Dang this dev hates players getting though there games.

I have tried and tried and tired several maps after completing at least 4 levels, i have about 4 other levels i could play in the game but its HARD AS HECK and i would have at least expected to have an easy / hard mode selector on the levels to make it a little more fun for the player but hell i havent even gone half way on the map.

This game has great graphics i like the music till it gets hard to listen to since its the only sound track that plays as your playing the game.

The deaths of the char's are wonderful and the squish of the mobs are tasteful to say the least.

But the level progression has gone from a simi easy / hard mode wich you could term medium hardness has gone from that to extreme hard.

Im giving up, Love the game but the difficulty in this game is just over the top. Maybe next time and next game.
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Sabaoth Jul 27 @ 6:28pm 
The game is pretty hard at first, but I think the idea was that you have a reason to replay the older maps by leveling up your trap/dungeon level with the gems.

I just started playing this game a few days ago and I nearly quit aswell after failing repeatedly the same maps over and over. It doesn't help that this game seems to be virtually unknown to pretty much everyone (there is no actually useful guide out there, no decent walkthroughs on youtube, etc).

My advice would be to play without any runes (until you unlock the breeze rune) and level up your traps and try again. I'm still trying to figure out combos that work (harpoon seems absolutely useless imho)
yea i got up to the first level of harpoon and just totally forgot about it, there's just not enough incentive to continue when you keep on dieing, I mean even the traps the best one in the game is the ground trap but even that you can not make it go off quickly enough to get those desired actions to stop mobs rushing you.

The game is great its not about it being well known, I think its more about how the game plays, For me to make the comments i made about the game are those reasions why people read these before even attempting to buy.

Anyways thanks for the feedback, I might try again but it wont be streight away.
Delthea Jul 27 @ 11:49pm 
I got stuck early on, too.

My issue was that I left runes on. "It's only ____. how big of a difference could that possibly make?"

Spoiler: The answer is "A lot".

NGL, Breeze rune should be available by default, though.
You can beat the Harpoon level with just... harpoons. You literally don't have to build anything else, and you will beat it, assuming no runes. Try not to do the same thing every map, and vary up your traps/way you set them. Some traps can be great in certain levels, while being bad in others.
that doesnt help at all.
uktvuktv Jul 29 @ 4:33pm 
I put all my gems into harpoons and spikes, use the harpoons to drag them into holes, fire, grinders and water, and the spikes help with the fast movers.

Plus use the boxes or whatever they are called to change thier paths

if you are stuck on the game try replaying the levels you alredy finished and upgrade your traps with the gems you get from leveling up after 2 level ups or so try the level again i had the same issue at the firstlevel where you got 3 entrances
if you got 3 stars on a level and go back, the game shoudl count any win's as just a win, if its still giving gems on levels that you have already won then the game just means grind, interesting, Thanks.
So what map are you having difficulty with? I can show you how to beat any starters levels with lvl 1 traps/gold. It's really not that hard if you use what is given to you wisely.

This is literally all you have to do to beat the harpoon level. If this is too hard for you, maybe puzzle games aren't your forte. Notice, I have no levels in anything, don't use traps and don't do anything that isn't building lvl 1 harpoons.
I don't know the level in question, but most of the time the levels that give you new traps are designed to make extensive use of those traps in order to teach you how to use them effectively. The level that introduces the harpoon trap, for example, is built with a ton of great locations for harpoons to exploit.
Hi Lemon Head,

I want to clarify in advance that I don't want to make fun of you or critsize you or make you feel bad in any way.
Your profile states that you are not the youngest anymore so I will take you back into the 90s, which is the decade I grew up with playing various games and consoles (& PC with 200 MHz Processors :steamfacepalm: ).

Back then games were hard as fudge - you had no internet to look for solutions, maybe you had no friends who owned the same game to get advice or tipps from. You simply had to try to figure out the game by trial & error by yourself, which was time consuming, extremely frustrating and made you give up lots of times. Sometimes it took you days of thinking of a solution and as soon as you came home to try it out it simply didn't work out and you got even more frustrated.

The way of thinking that I personally adapted during that period was: "Ok, so what the hell does the game developer want me to do here? Is there any feature of the game I'm still not aware of? Whats the damn problem and why am I stuck at this certain stage .... etc etc."

Today's games are mostly not about the challenge - they are mostly there to entertain you and to make you feel good if you master everything on the first try, which is something I personally find a disgrace - but I don't want to wander from the subject.

What I am trying to say is - hang in there buddy! Start thinking and analyzing.

Regarding this game:

Do some test runs, as in try to upgrade one certain trap, choose a level which favors the trap and get to know the pros and cons of the trap. Try different mixes of traps, use blockades to divert the path of certain entrances so that the minions of different entrances move along the same path. That way you don't have to build traps on different locations - you can build traps on one certain location where all minions of all entrances merge, which makes your financial aspect a lot more effective.

I personally love this game because it makes you think and analyze, which I like a lot.

If you have any questions regarding this game you can ask me anytime. I am certainly not a pro, but I am confident that I got the hang of it - which makes the game very enjoyable.

Have a good one mate!

Greetings from Austria which btw everyone outside of Europe mixes up with Australia :steamhappy::steamhappy:
Dennis Thank you for your kind words,

Yes im 40 years old, might still be young in many older peoples sight but to many i should be a family man with wife and kids but life has all but made that a null event so i just take things as they come.

If you look at the time spent in this game you will see that i have well and truely had a good go at what i believe was a great attempt at playing. Hearing that the game allows you to still upgrade your gear after you completed a level and are allowed to complete it even more than once and keep upgrading was something in a game that i disagree with in games as 90% of those games in this type are that you can play through these maps as much as you want.

But as soon as you win and get all stars on a level thats IT. NO MORE extras,.

I do not see the push brackets that push enemys away from said spot much good and only good if you could hold outa lot of mobs in one spot. It does happen that mobs can run into a spot quite a lot but the slowness of that one tool is just not really worth using.

The Arrow that grabs ONE enemy and pulls them back into what water / space / nothingness can be fun if you do not have alot of enemys running down a small corrador at you.

Lets say i played around at least 40 times maybe even more on say the ICE LEVEL where mobs come out run into a big barracade door and then split off into two directions before running down an interesting alley.

I have set up traps mostly the gun / spike traps because i would not say any other trap would be best in that level.

But setting up traps before the MOBS AND MOBS of enemys that just drive you to do anything you can to stop them becomes unbearable when even the spikes in the game the most USEFUL TOOL in the ENTIRE GAME still can not kill the enemys quick enough and using abilitys do not help as i have heard i should not be using at all.

I could make videos of how hard i have found this game, and its hard as heck like i have stated, Finding out keys and then finding out how to actually play the game was fun, DO NOT GET ME WRONG. many games i have played though my life required me to have keys such as a,z,o,p / q,x,j,l / and many other bad key combos with verious degree's of play.

I might come back to this game and see if i can do some major upgrades to the tools i have but if what i hear about levels and gem collection are true i suppose it will depend on how much i can have before i even progress and that is why I STATED that it would be a MASSIVE GRIND to get past those levels im currently having trouble on.

Anyways the game is uninstalled right now, Just so my frustration with it doesnt go compeltly overboard but i have heard what others have said and im very happy to hear.

Ill see what i want to do but i do wish the game was slightly easier.

Hi Lemon head,

I will tell you some things now that might surprise you :).

For example: I stopped using spike traps after level 5 or 6 because I personally didn't consider them useful. Never used them since . They were too slow in order to hold up big mobs, or they just made the mobs run over it as if nothing was there. Next surprise: My favourite traps during mid game were Harpoons :steammocking:

One thing important to know is:

If you master one stage you get a certain amount of XP. If you replay the same stage and get more XP than on your previous attempt, the additional XP is added to your account. How do you get more XP on a certain stage that you've beaten before? Well ... activate some runes before starting the stage.

These (sometimes little) amounts of extra XP may give you the chance to level up and upgrade a certain trap, which again gives you a better chance of beating a stage.

You can upgrade your traps, but its also important to know, that you can downgrade them anytime and use those gems to upgrade other traps. That way you are able to individually design your traps of need for every certain level. If you only need harpoons and spring traps for a level, upgrade those traps ONLY. Wasted gems on traps not in use are ... well ... wasted :steamsalty:

After you beat a stage with 4 runes activated, endless mode is made available. If you play endless mode, no matter how many XP you get, all of the experience is added to your account . Those XP don't interfere with XP on normal mode. This is a really great opportunity for leveling up. (e.g. I got over 750k of experience on one endless mode stage). That's a huuuuge boost of XP and makes more gems available to be used.

There is no need to beat every stage perfectly in the beginning. It's totally okay if you get through with - let's say 1 life left. Why? Because after beating certain stages you unlock new traps which again may help you beat the early stages perfectly.

Considering the harpoon traps you apparentaly hate :steamsad: :

Those are only effective if they pull a monster into a hole. So if you can place like 5-6 harpoon traps next to each other (and each pulling a monster into a pit/hole), the traps afterwards have a lot less to deal with. Also, harpoon traps are very cheap and their cost-effectiveness ratio is phenomenal in my opinion.
If the harpoons don't manage to pull a monster into a pit, at least they slowed down that monster.
Harpoons are extremely effective in combination with spring traps. Harpoons slow down the enemies and the spring trap throws them into the pit. Upgrade harpoons to also pull heavy enemies into pits. Upgrade spring traps so the cooldown is reduced.

An even greater combination is harpoons + spring traps + any trap that slows down enemies like e.g. slime traps. First the monsters are slowed down on the slime traps which results in a higher accumulation of monsters per area. Then this big blob steps onto a spring trap and boom, instead of 1-2 monsters at a time the spring trap suddenly throws 5-6 monsters into the pit upon activation. Now imagine a path with 4 slime traps and 5 spring traps + 5 harpoons thereafter. Try it out, you will hopefully be surprised. Somewhere mid game you will unlock the black hole trap, which soaks in around 10-25 monsters (depending on the trap level). And there you go ... this time you will have 10-25 monsters stepping onto the spring traps. This way most of them are thrown into the pits at once.

You mentioned those pushy traps which are supposed to push enemies into pits. I tried those traps only once before never using them again.

When you unlock the demon portal, it can bring enemy hordes to a temporary standstill. While the blob is fighting your demons, make sure that a trap is right underneath the blob to inflict heavy damage. Thats the only reason I would use spike traps for. There's 15-20 monsters trying to get past your defensive demons and again ... the enemies are accumulating per area. So having a spike trap right beneath that huge accumulation, will inflict ultra heavy damage.

I personally didn't use dart traps or spike traps. I liked grinders, but it's pretty dangerous to use them because of the long cooldown. And of course, everyone has his preferences. Some like these traps, some like others - which is cool because it adds diversity to the game and it also shows that there are different tactics which may lead to success.

Right now I'm stuck at a level called "The Mountain", it surely is one of the last ones that I need to beat. Tried over 50 times, with all kinds of combinations and still didn't make it. So I decided to beat all the previous levels with 9-10 runes activated and beating them again in endless mode so I get enough gems to try "The Mountain" with far better traps than before.

Hope I could motivate you to reinstall the game and try it out again. You can also always look up youtube in order to get ideas on how to beat certain stages.

Best regards and good luck :steamhappy:

Edit: Don't forget to use the right consumable for every stage. My personal favorite is the bomb which inflicts heavy area damage! And also if you have some spare gems left, upgrade additional starting gold and additional starting lives. Those may save your a** at certain stages as well!.

And concerning shortcuts, I don't use any at all, only in 1 game out of around 80. It's totally manageable without them.
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Games hard, I know... But I find it easy since ive been through hell and back. Trust me, you gotta know tower defence games before you play this one
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