Dungeon Warfare
Pop up item description windows
Is there a way to turn off the "pop up windows" that describe the items during play that come up when you hover over an item? They block a good portion of the screen.
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Listege  [developer] Jun 28 @ 8:31pm 
Hello Timber, I don't know what "pop up windows" are. Can you show me the screenshot about it?
Mashee Jul 1 @ 12:30am 
Both the mouse-over-tooltips for your hotbar, and the mouse-over-tooltips at the top of the screen do exactly as the OP describes while playing an actual map.

They are overwhelming compared to literally every other itteration of tooltip ever imagined; be it in a game or a work application. The only thing mankind has ever experienced that is more obfuscating than those popups is a cat walking across your screen while playing. :steamsalty:

PS: many ppl don't realise you can zoom-out a little to alleviate some of the described problem.
PPS: still a great game.
PPPS: still going to buy DW2 regardless.
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a52 Jul 26 @ 8:17pm 
It would help a lot if you could just zoom out a bit more, especially on some of the bigger maps, or rotate the map so that the longer side matches the longer side of the screen.

A UI scale option would also be good, but would obviously take a bit more work than just changing the zoom limit.

EDIT: The achievements also block a lot of the screen as well.
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