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Groquest  [developer] Jun 12 @ 1:03pm
Map Contest Submission
Post your link to the map to enter the contest.
Only one entry per person.
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Map Name: Cave In

Flavor Text: Once great halls, turned to ruin from the mountain's wrath.

(Starting gold and waves are not accurate, all obstacles 'should' be boulders or rubble)
Sylxeria Jun 13 @ 1:19am 
Oh boy!

I have a lot of maps just sitting on my computer, most of them made for amusement or to pass the time, but there's two I was honestly trying to make a good complete map... And picking between which to submit since we're only allowed one, was very tough.

In the end I think I have to go with this one:

Flavor Text: "A direct assault on the Dungeon Overlord's fortress..."

It was either this map or 'Pools of Despair', which I also spent a long amount of time tweaking, but I felt I enjoyed making 'Ramparts' more so it's the one i'm going with :IEA_Phredrick:
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I like Echoing Screams a lot.
Flavor text: Be careful not to ruin all that metal with all the invaders you push into it. Or, you know, don't.
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DarkVexon Jun 13 @ 11:57pm 

A map made entirely out of Tetris shapes. Pretty easy, some minor pits and such, a few barricade spots. I don't recall making too many waves for this - mainly played it on Endless. If waves are needed, I'll add them. Good luck to everyone!
Demimind Jun 14 @ 1:40am 

Flavor Text: "You've shown them a face, and therefore, a target. Now show them your true power."

Short, simple, humble, to the point, meant for endless. Enjoy.
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"Look to the east! Complete with secret side entrance for (consensual) dwarf tossing!"

This map was fun to work on regardless of the outcome.

[ I don't profit from this so I think the name is fair use at the moment? Can change the name if necessary.]
Valiver Jun 16 @ 8:20pm 

Flavor Text: "The Invaders seek to divert your attention. Will you allow them to?"
Drarkyel Jun 17 @ 5:02pm 

Flavor Text: "Adventurers try to master the summit. Drop them downstairs!"

Flavor Text: Try to stop the Army of Eternia and defend Castle Grayskull.
Groquest  [developer] Jun 28 @ 10:37am 
Thank you for participating in the map contest!
Here are the entries and the number of received upvotes.

"Castle Grayskull" by Tschilumbu - 5
"Ramparts" by Sylxeria - 3
"The Forge" by Zinogre - 3
"The Hornburg" by Satan's Stern Yet Loving Gaze - 3
"Split" by Valiver - 1
"Cave In" by - 0
"Tetris Trouble" by DarkVexon - 0
"The Face of Evil" by Demimind - 0
"Ascension" by Drarkyel - 0

The authors of the top four entries - Tschilumbu, Sylxeria, Zinogre, Satan's Stern Yet Loving Gaze -
Please send an email to valsargames@gmail.com and we will send you the Steam key of Dungeon Warfare 2 when it becomes available.

All entries will be included in Dungeon Warfare 2 as unique Map item drops.
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