Dungeon Warfare
Borrowing a save from another Steam user
Hey there,
I've been playing to this game on another steam account (family) and reached lvl30.
The game is so good that I decided to buy it for my Steam account.

Now I'm facing an issue to 'transfert' the save file from the old account to mine.
I see that the save file is

So I copied the old save to my account and renamed it with my own SteamID.
Indeed the game reads it, but I have a black title screen, and the map screen is empty. The lvl becomes also 999.
Looks like the save is "broken" or does not qualify for this steam user id

From what I see, and feel (as a tech guy), I'd say the save file is somehow encrypted using the SteamID of the user. This would prevent users from using someone else save.

Is this assuption correct?
Is there any way to bypass this?
Do I have to start the game all over again?
Can I hack my save to make it work?

Thanks :csdsmile:
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Sylxeria May 27 @ 1:52pm 
I think the easiest thing to do would to just start over. It won't be as hard since you'll have had some experience with the game already, and it's very likely that this also means you haven't reached The Mountain yet so it's not like you have to do THAT map a second time or anything :IEA_Phredrick: Or worse, having done it 6-Rune for the Domination achivement THEN needing to start over oof...

To speed things along there's always the Breeze Rune too.
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Yep, you are 100% correct.
I just started all over again, I'm already at lvl 11.
It's much faster now since I know the traps and the maps.
I haven't reached The Mountain level. I keep hearing about it but I don't want no spoiler ahah.

This game is really good. I was kinda mad that I had to restart.
But even as I breeze through the 1st levels, I'm like not bored at all.

As for the save thing, I've been thinking about it.
I don't see why the devs would enforce such a thing as to make sure a save from a Steam user can't be shared/used for another user. Maybe they wanted to prevent sharing a save with 100% completion. But... I don't see why they'd take dev time to code this.

In the end I'm leaning towards the devs simply using a save library which encrypts stuff as a side feature. And they were like, "oh cool, let's use that feature!" And they did.
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Sylxeria May 27 @ 4:54pm 
The Mountain is pretty brutal, I'll leave it at that xD

I actually had to restart just to remain interested. After 250 hours and being level 200+, I could only replay the same maps with maxed out traps and huge gold/lives bonuses so many times before it got old - so starting over fresh and everything's fun again...... Minus needing to re-do The Mountain and Shallow Grave hah, but at least I retained my achievements~

THAT I'd be pretty mad if I had to re-do.

DW's a pretty fun game like that, yes! Really looking forward to the sequel - it's so close I can almost feel it ;v;

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