Dungeon Warfare
X❤ May 24 @ 3:24pm
How is this better than Bloons TD5?
good reviews but is it worth it?
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Sylxeria May 24 @ 10:07pm 
It's on sale right now so there's not much to lose buying it and giving it a try for yourself :)
I think there's some youtube videos too of people playing it, though they may be out of date.

At the end of the day, "is it worth it?" is totally up to you. I'd say it is worth it, and at $5 on sale, you're not really losing much here except.... Well, $5 and some of your free time ^^

Also "better than X" is totally subjective haha, I can't speak for that part but I can say I feel it's worth giving a try~
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i think that bloons 5 has many more levels and difficulties, but this game seems more refined, and you are killing all sorts of different units intead of baloons and blimps.
Both are excelent and worth buys i think
daler7 May 27 @ 7:17pm 
Love both games, but I find that Bloons got repetitive. Save money for the Sun God and ride out the remaining levels. I prefer Dungeon Warfare, it's a fun challenge (especially with the runes) where many different strategies can be deployed to win.
At least 650,000 times better.
This game is a lot more like GemCraft than Bloons. All 3 are great TD games and each of them are worth your time and money.
JD Jul 8 @ 3:00pm 
I think Bloons is mindless. And once you work out a good build order, it works almost every time.
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