Dungeon Warfare
Unique selling points?
I'm having a hard time determining what makes this game unique compared to other TD games?

I get that it must be very well made, so I'm mostly just curious if it offers any twist to the tried and true TD formula.
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Tomasz79 May 21 @ 12:09pm 
For me it definitely does offer a twist to tried, same'y TD formula. That is not to say that it's incredibly unique and unlike anything else, it is actually quite similar to a third person "tower defense" game Orcs Must Die. But what it does, does very good.

And in my experience, 2d crowd physics and situations this game can create are pretty unique (and hillarious sometimes). This, along with a pretty strong, punchy feel to some traps make it feel more satysfying than most other games.
To me, the game just feels, looks and sounds awesome, and is fun to play. Also rune system makes it easy to add dificulty in controlled way to gain more exp, needed to upgrade the traps more, abd more - and upgrades are also pretty satysfying and varied.

Add to this level editor, and you have a fun, well made playground that I personaly enjoy more than other TD games.
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Sylxeria May 21 @ 7:27pm 
As Tomasz mentioned, the 'crowd physics' can result in some humorous situations where the enemies are all piling into a narrow lane, held back by the front row being occupied by fighting a few demons or liches. They keep piling up there until they start pushing each other off a nearby cliff, with the (very satisfying) yells and screams that accompany it.

There's also the graphics and music, which are pretty nice together as well as the level editor!

If you haven't already gotten the game, right now's a great time to do so since it is on sale ^^

Upcoming is a sequel, which should be released soonish. They introduce procedurally generated maps to play on, enemies that can tunnel through certain types of walls, and moving walls that can push enemies off cliffs, crush them, as well as have traps built onto them!
pasa Jul 30 @ 3:51am 
The rune system to tweak difficulty and additional challenge.
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