Dungeon Warfare
Koener Dec 29, 2017 @ 11:46am
General tips
I bought this game about 2 days ago and I'm really liking this game. I am not foreign to tower defence games so i made it pretty easily through the first stages. But i am getting a little stuck at the moment. At the moment my farthest level is "race of death" and a lot of branching past are very difficult. I was wondering for some tips on how to spend gems wisely, set your traps up so they can give you maximum profit and other stuff like that.

As an example: Placing a demon altar after a spring trap is very usefull because most enemies (not enemies like thief and horseman) fight the demons and then get flung thanks to the spring trap

I would like it if someone could give me new ideas for laying the perfect dungeon and beating some of the harder levels.
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Sylxeria Dec 29, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
When it comes to gem spending, that feels to me to be mostly up to personal preference - what traps or consumables you like using most or if a certain strategy calls for a certain setup... To me there's not really any right or wrong way to approach it, except maybe putting bundles of gems into upgrading the Slot Machine trap or consumables like Midas Touch or Snare. Maybe there's a good way to use Midas Touch, but since it only affects one unit at a time and Trap Booster, Repair, Frost Bomb, and Fear Totem are so much more useful I rarely ever use it.

I like putting a few summoning traps just ahead of Inferno and Frost traps for similar reasons you pointed out. There's a lot of heavy units as time goes by and those always affect them. Finding any way to clog up a path with enemies then deal continuous damage to the folks in the middle and back of the pileup is great.

Another fun thing to do is put a Corrosive Slime trap before a Spinblade trap and then one or two summoning traps past that. Spinblades are expensive, but they stall enemies quite nicely.

If you have the gems to spare, stick 50 into the Dart Trap and then dump some into Starting Gold (and of course, Barricades. Always have Barricades at 15 minimum.) The Dart Trap is surprisingly effective when it's at Tier 2 or 3 when at max level, and combined with a Trap Booster it's almost like a machine gun, it just shoots so fast. While the Dart Trap is a trap you'd expect to just dump the moment you get newer more expensive traps, it can still find some use later in the game - Heavy Darts upgrade is pretty nice if the trap's leveled enough.

Pairing a T4 Hex Trap with summoning traps or with any setup intended to stall enemies is a wonderful thing. Not only will it outright kill most units, but it turns them into a Demon to fight for you, further hampering their progress (It doesn't actually kill them, just does a large amount of damage. Noticeable in Endless mode. Don't think it can kill Midas Minions in one trigger either)

Lastly and this has little to do with trap setup or anything but.... Go do a few runs of Endless on maps like Boulder Cavern and Echoing Screams. Try and build up more EXP and levels so you can spend more gems on upgrades (Don't forget the lifepoint upgrades!). Having the levels to deal with almost unfair maps like The Mountain and Shallow Grave helps wonders.

There's a few posts about The Mountain somewhere in the forums that shows a good setup for approaching the map - and that one's quite a doozy to be sure.
Koener Dec 30, 2017 @ 4:00am 
thanks for replying :)
I think this will help me get even better at the game.
Sylxeria Dec 30, 2017 @ 7:39am 
Originally posted by Koener:
thanks for replying :)
I think this will help me get even better at the game.

There's a lot of room for experimenting with this game, something I quite like.

Here's a couple threads that might also help:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/355980/discussions/0/412446292763497908/ This one goes over Endless mode, so you'll see a lot of Tier 4 traps being used (Endless grants an additional usage of them every ten waves) but you can still get ideas from it - or do it yourself when you play Endless for EXP

http://steamcommunity.com/app/355980/discussions/0/618463106383141674/ a thread covering The Mountain specifically. It's a very tricky map.

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