Dungeon Warfare
Sylxeria Sep 25, 2017 @ 4:02pm
Drummers in Endless Mode
It's probably too late for this change to be implemented into DW1, but for DW2's Endless Mode can the Drummer units please not put a haste effect on waves RIGHT as they're coming out of the doors?

Currently in DW1, Wizards will spawn their golems before they even take a step out of the doors and any wave with Drummers will have that entire wave quickened right off the bat - which is especially frustrating with Veteran Warriors who are already a pain in the neck to kill without a haste effect.

What I'd like to see is the haste effect wear off over time or be removed entirely if they get chilled (If either of these things don't already happen), as well as Drummers not performing their Haste effect the second they spawn so you at least have a chance to kill them in Endless before they do so. It'd be tough to do on later waves and impossible after a while, but at least it wouldn't be a guaranteed auto-haste for an entire wave each time they show up :dw_warrior: